Young Master Qin Keeps Coveting Me After I Beat Him Up

Chapter 757 - 757 You’re Quick-Witted

Chapter 757: You’re Quick-Witted

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“This time, it’s mainly because the unexpected situation with Zhang Qiyao. Otherwise, we might have succeeded,” Shixian said.

Speaking of Qiyao, Luqi’s thoughts drifted further away.

She heard Shixian say, “But now that I understand Ji Junjie’s temper, he won’t be swayed by persuasion or force. If you anger him this time, I’m worried that your cooperation with Feng Videos will really be in trouble in the future. We can’t afford to offend a platform as big as Feng Videos. You can make use of this entire season to perform well and cooperate well. Try to redeem the bad impression you left with Ji Junjie today.”

Seeing Luqi’s unwillingness, Shixian advised, “This isn’t to please Ji Junjie, but for the long-term cooperation between you and Feng Videos. However, Feng Videos is such a big platform, and it is already showing signs of becoming the number one platform. We can’t afford to offend them.”

Although Luqi was very unwilling, Shixian’s words made sense, so she had no choice but to agree.

Shixian let out a sigh of relief.

Luqi thought for a while and whispered to Shixian, “I can’t turn around, but is Tan Jingsheng is still looking over here?”

Shixian found it strange. Why was Luqi paying so much attention to Jingsheng?

However, Shixian still sneaked a glance at her before saying to Luqi, “No, he’s looking up with his eyes closed.”

Luqi turned around and looked at him.

However, with her previous experience, she didn’t dare to look too long this time. She only glanced at him once before she withdrew her gaze and whispered to Shixian, “What’s going on between Tan Jingsheng and Zhang Qiyao? Why does it feel like there’s something going on between the two of them?”

‘What could it be?” Shixian did not react.

There were only a handful of people in the music industry who dared to hold a concert in such a large venue. Two of them were even Jingsheng’s seniors.

“I didn’t expect his concert to be sold out immediately. Only his two senior brothers had done this before. Even though other artists may hold concerts in large stadiums, the tickets are not as difficult to obtain,” Luqi said. “I know my own situation. I may have a lot of fans, but if I were to hold a concert in a big stadium like him, I would be lucky if half of the tickets are sold.”

Even in terms of endorsements, he had more sales than other male celebrities of the same status.

“That’s why I thought of pairing up with Tan Jingsheng,” Luqi said in a low voice. “Moreover, he is really suitable as a partner. He is doing well in the entertainment industry and is also the son of a wealthy family. It’s not just me.

There are too many people who want to develop their relationship with him. It’s just that he doesn’t usually attend many events, so there are even fewer opportunities to meet him. Singers are not like actors, who spend a lot of time acting and spend a few months with the production team and easily develop feelings. Tan Jingsheng occasionally attends events. Before this show, he had only participated in the show ‘My Other Half.’ It’s too difficult to develop a relationship with him through work. It’s not easy to even come into contact with him during normal activities. That’s why no one had succeeded in pursuing him so far.”

Luqi whispered, “It’s rare to participate in the same variety show as him this time. I want to give it a try. But first, I want to be a guest at his concert.”

“This way, when he’s preparing for the concert, I’ll definitely have to go to the rehearsal as a guest, right? Will I still be afraid that I would lack time to spend with him? Besides, with his concert garnering so much attention, as his guest, I’ll definitely receive some attention too. When the time comes, I can work on creating rumors about us…” Luqi didn’t finish her sentence.

Shixian knew what to do.

Sure enough, Shixian’s eyes lit up. “You’re quick-witted.”

The two of them stopped talking. It was not appropriate to talk too much here. On the stage, the students went from the preparation room to the competition area.

Spectator seats were prepared for the students.

The students greeted the audience as they came out.

Although some students had not officially debuted, the company had already arranged for them to debut.

Therefore, before they debuted, they had already used various methods to make them appear in front of the public..

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