Chapter 1039 I Want To See Him Fight

Chapter 1039 I Want To See Him Fight

Some time later.

Void came out of the building and after sensing Grey's aura, he disappeared.


In a building in the town.

Grey was seated, beside him were the duo among the triplet, Arya was playing with an ice animal Grey made for her.

"Still nothing?" He asked as he looked in the direction of one of the rooms.

Arya's elder brother was in this room.

"No, Lord. Courtney is the one searching now, there has been no news from him, yet." One of the triplet said.

Grey nodded and thought for a while before saying, "Stay here, I'll try to see if I can get someone to help, if I can, I'll come back with him."

The duo nodded.

Grey looked at Arya who was still playing, on his way to meet her, Void appeared on his shoulder, a proud expression on his face.

"You beat him?" Grey asked.

"Of course, with master cat's strength, it was a piece of cake." Void said proudly.

Grey was impressed, but he didn't say anything further. Unknown to him, Void used his new ability to its fullest and frustrated the old man. No matter where the old man wanted to go, hundreds of golden spots would appear there, forcing the man to go back. He used that method to torture the man until his death.

Void felt a bit annoyed when he saw Grey shrugging off his battle with the old man.

Grey stayed with Arya a while longer, playing with her and after Arya and Void's pestering, he cooked a meal for all of them.

He didn't stay for too long and after an hour or so, they left. He still needed to head to the Dawson Family and ask if his Father could help.


A few weeks later.

Grey and Void appeared in the Upoya Region, the place where the Dawson Family was situated.

He didn't head to the Dawson compound, instead, he walked to the place he was kept the last time. It was located in a very secluded area in the forest close to the City the Dawson manor was located.


"I wonder if they still come here?" Grey thought as he looked around in the cave.

"Why don't you just head to the Dawson manor, they should be there." Void suggested with a sharp glint flashing through his eyes.

Since Grey was the only son of the Family's strongest expert, his status would be high, and with a high status, no one would bother with his cat after he took a few things.

Void was planning about these while Grey on the other hand had zero interest in his status in the family. Originally, he thought he only had his parents, but now, he had cousins.

They didn't stay for too long before a figure appeared beside him.

"You're back." The figure said slowly.

"Yes, Father." Grey turned to look at the man standing behind him, Lucas Dawson. This was the second time he was seeing his father.

Lucas stared at him for a while before nodding, "Peak, not bad."

On the way here, Grey was able to successfully break through to the Peak of the Sage Plane, now all he needed was to meet the certain requirements and break through to the Elemental Venerable Plane.

What Lucas found the most impressive was the fact that it only took Grey a little over five months to go from the Sixth stage to the Peak of the Sage Plane, it was almost like he was breaking through a stage every two months. In lower Planes like Arcane, Fusion, and Collection Plane, all these were possible, but after getting to the Origin Plane, cultivation speed reduces. With the increase of Planes, it was harder for an Elementalist to break through.

But Grey was cultivating with a speed that was even insane for some in the Arcane Plane.

'He's only twenty-three, and since he started cultivating after he was fifteen, it means it took him eight years to go from a normal person to the Peak of the Sage Plane, this was shocking. It must be the result of that orb, I wonder who made such a cultivation style.' Lucas thought to himself as he looked at Grey.

Grey on the other hand didn't know what was going through his head as he looked around, searching for his mother.

Lucas noticed him before smiling, "She won't be able to come right now."


Grey stopped trying to look for his mother and turned to look at his father curiously.

Lucas chuckled and asked, "How did your trip in the secret realm go? I can see you've improved a lot."

Seeing his father show some interest in the secret realm, he told him of what happened.

Lucas heard that Grey exchanged blows with a genius from the Gnome race who was in the Elemental Venerable Plane, he couldn't hide his shock. Even though Grey didn't beat up his opponent, he still won in the end. In that situation, Grey didn't really need to win, he just had to make sure that he survived the attack, and after some time, he would naturally win.

"Do you know of the kill order?" Lucas asked after some time.

Grey nodded his head, he was made aware of it by the Head of the Burchard Family when he went there the last time.

Lucas squinted his eyes and asked, "What do you plan to do?"

"I don't know for now. As long we the person who comes isn't in the Late stages of the Elemental Venerable Plane, I have no issues." Grey replied.

With Void beside him, he was safe. It would be almost impossible for the necromancers or those in the cohootd with the Gnome race to send an Elemental Sovereign after him. Elemental Sovereigns aren't people that would move so easily. Against a Sage Plane Elementalist, they wouldn't even spare him a glance. Very few Elemental Venerables could enter their eye.

Lucas looked at him for some time before staring at Void, "Hmm, there's something strange about you cat, it's different from before." He squinted his eyes to take a closer look at Void, "Seventh Rank."

Grey and Void were both stunned, Void could hide his aura from those far stronger than himself, but his father was able to easily sense it.

Grey nodded.

Lucas seemed to fall into thoughts, after some time he said, "You'll have to continue training, I'll send you to the Dawson Family's secret realm to break through to the Elemental Venerable Plane. Once you step out, you can leave."

Grey nodded, he also knew that he couldn't be too certain that they wouldn't send a Peak Elemental Venerable or even a Sovereign might take action. Against an Elemental Sovereign, he stood no chance. He also wanted to increase his strength.

Lucas was satisfied with Grey's decision making. They stayed there for a while longer before Grey's mother appeared.

After hugging Grey, she turned to look at Lucas, "He's dead."

"Hmm, did they notice you?" Lucas asked.

Martha shook her head before saying, "Even if they did, so what? Their Family guardian was working with the Gnomes, a traitor to humanity, of course he deserved to die."

Lucas didn't say anything else about it, "I'll take him to father later."


The trio stayed there for a while before they left, heading to the Dawson manor.


In the Dawson manor.

In one of the buildings in the manor, Lucas, Martha, Grey, and an old man could be seen in a room.

"Peak, I'm impressed." The old man said.

After speaking with Grey for some time he said, "Send him to the battlefield."

Grey froze when he heard this, not just him, Martha and Lucas had a surprised expression on their faces.

'Your grandfather is something.' Void commented with a laugh.

Grey didn't know what to say.

"Father, he just arrived, wouldn't it be strange if he headed to the battlefield?" Lucas tried to speak with his father.

"No, I have my reasons. There's a battle going on now. Send him there, I want to see his performance." The old man said.

Lucas nodded, turned to Martha seemingly seeking her approval, she nodded, and when they turned to Grey he nodded as well.

Since his grandfather wanted him to help the family in the war, he would. Besides, he enjoyed fighting.

The old man smiled when he saw this, Grey agreeing to this showed that he was bold and confident of his strength. He had heard of Grey, but he hadn't seen him fight. If he was on the same level or even better than his father when his father was his stage, then he would be more than impressed.

They soon got to the battlefield, when Grey arrived, he didn't wait and rushed to the battlefield.

Grey immediately started to fight and before anyone even noticed the new arrival, a Peak Sage Plane general from the warriors fell. They were stunned, shocked by the person who just arrived.

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