Chapter 1040 That Grey Dawson?

Chapter 1040 That Grey Dawson?

"Oh, he's powerful. Come, let's go watch from the side." The old man was a little surprised by Grey's strength. He had already heard of him, but seeing him in action was different.

Lucas and Martha nodded and left. As long as an Elemental Venerable doesn't fight against Grey, then he had no problems.

"It's good he's here, we're short in terms of numbers." Lucas muttered as they went back to the city wall.

The place where the battle was taking place was located some kilometers away from the Dawson manor. They already placed a camp there since a town was located at the place. Even walls were built there, with high-leveled Earth Elementalists, it was very easy to make these.

They stood on the wall and watched Grey. Previously, their opponents had the complete advantage when it came to the Sage Plane battlefield, but with Grey's sudden involvement, the pressure on the other Peak Sage Plane Elementalists from the Dawson Family was reduced.

Those fighting against two people or more felt even more relieved since most of those they were fighting against rushed to where Grey was located. The fact that Grey could kill someone in such a short time showed that he was not someone that two people would be able to deal with.

In no time, Grey was surrounded by eight Peak stage Sage Plane Elementalists.


On the city wall.

Martha looked on, a little worried, "Will he be able to deal with them?"

They knew against a single opponent, Grey was terrifying, but they didn't know how he would fare against multiple people. Although his guardian had told them of how Grey was even more fearsome against multiple opponents, it was still hard when he was fighting against multiple people in the same stage, well, they were even a level higher than him.

Grey's aura soon spiked and his aura was well above the Peak of the Sage Plane, but it wasn't in the Elemental Venerable Plane.

"What technique is that?" The old man couldn't help but ask, a little curious.

Grey's strength was definitely above the Sage Plane, and from the looks of it, against a weaker First stage Elemental Venerable, he might even stand a chance to kill his opponent.

"I don't know." Lucas replied with a shake of his head.

He truly didn't know the technique, other than Grey, no one else knew of it. He took a glance at Martha, but she also shook her head.

The old man looked on, intrigued, "He's quite powerful."

Even when besieged by eight Peak Sage Plane Elementalists, he was not showing any signs of losing, he even seemed to have the edge.

He fell deep in thought as he watched Grey fight.


On the battlefield, Grey was not surprised by the sudden besiegement, if anything, he was even excited by it. It had been a while since he got to fight to his heart's content.

All eight Peak Sage Plane Elementalists attacked, he vanished from where he was standing, appearing beside one of them, attacking ruthlessly.

The person he appeared close to reacted quickly, blocking Grey's attack. Only after being hit by the attack did he understand that he had underestimated Grey's strength.

The attack sent the Peak Sage Plane Elementalist flying. Unfortunately, Grey couldn't capitalize on it since there were others attacking him the moment he attacked the general.

Grey was blocked by one of the generals as he wanted to move forward. Of all eight people, he had already accessed their strength and knew which of them was stronger. He decided to pick out the weaker ones first, once they were out, he would focus on the stronger ones.

The general who blocked his path was one of the stronger ones, so he didn't want to engage in a battle with him. This general was not only stronger than the others, but he also had two elements.

He moved on to another one, dodging the Dual Elementalist general, his next target was a man who had a scar on his right arm. The man was frightened when he saw Grey appearing in front of him and quickly retreated.

Grey didn't let him go, with a step, he shot through the air and appeared behind the man, throwing a punch at his back. The punch connected cleanly with the man's back and he was sent crashing to the ground.

Of eight Peak Sage Plane Elementalists, two of them had been injured with only one attack, although they could still fight, their strength was no longer a hundred percent.

Grey short performance was starting to draw the attention of others on the battlefield, even though he killed a Peak Sage Elementalist the first time he attacked, they felt it was thanks to the other Peak Sage Elementalist from the Dawson Family that was fighting against the man, but now that Grey was fighting against eight people and managed to not only escape their encirclement but also injured two of them, they knew that he was not someone that should be neglected.

On the enemy camp.

"Who's that?" A middle-aged man asked the person on his side.

"I think that's Lucas' son, Grey Dawson. He's a genius who rose to fame some time ago, it wasn't even confirmed that he was part of the Dawson Family until only recently when Lucas announced it." The man on the side said.

"That Grey Dawson?" The man seemed to recall hearing something about a kill order from the Gnome race. Most powerhouses at the top of the Continent knew of the kill order.

The man on the side nodded his head. He couldn't help but look at Grey with a deep look, he smiled, but stopped speaking.

"Tell them to kill him, it's not bad if we can get some benefits from the Gnomes while we try to take this territory." The middle-aged man said after a while.

The man nodded and disappeared. He relayed the order to the battlefield, Grey should be killed. Of course they wouldn't try to send Elemental Venerables after him since that would provoke Lucas.

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