Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 14 - 13: First Quest Part 1

The next day, two hours after the first bell rang, a figure could be seen in the Adventurer guild. Naturally, it was Alex, today he came to take his first quest.

Yesterday, there were only a few requests pasted on the Adventurers Guild board when Alex checked and few people, the number of people drinking in the bar now was much greater. Although it was busy, it wasn't too crowded.

Alex saw a considerable number of people who were standing in front of the board, eagerly receiving quests for their rank. It was a little unexpected, that the Adventurers Guild was busiest in the morning.

However, it's natural if when he thought about it, quests received in the morning are carried out during the day, they returned in the evening and the reward was received. This was because the city is the best place to live in.

Alex heard there are people who specialize in receiving night quests, though they are a minority, though.

Alex advanced towards the request board, he looked at the F and E Rank quests:

The contents of the requests entered Alex's eyes, F rank quests are: deliver the meat of a Horned Rabbit, collect medicinal herbs to make potions. Gathering materials for anesthetics in case of serious injuries. The rest were all similar quests. Hornet rabbit, like the name suggests, a rabbit with a horn on its forehead. Personally, Alex has never seen one, but he bet they are bigger than Earth's rabbit.

Next, Alex moved to the E rank board to look at the requests. Goblin subjugation, delivery of slime magic stones, Poison Toad subjugation, most of the quests were monster subjugation quests for weak monsters or delivery quests.

"Well, at least they've got some over here. Talking about fantasies, goblins are a must."

Alex mumbled, remembering the fantasy stories he often read on W..novel back on Earth.

Alex started to read the goblin subjugation request. Goblins subjugation quest is a regularly requested quest, the proof of subjugation is the right ear of the Goblins.

The minimum subjugation number was 5 ears. The written exchange rate is 3 copper coins for 1 ear. Even if it was a quest for low-ranking adventurers, the reward was cheap. Alex unintentionally knitted his eyebrows, 5 ears were equal to 15 copper coins, in other words, it's equal to 1 silver and 5 copper coins.

Staying at the [Moonlight] Inn cost 3 silver a night, this was because it was a high-quality inn in the Eria's city. As for beginners who just registered with the guild, they usually stay in cheap inns that cost 5 coppers a night, because of this, it was common for people to form parties with others in similar situations.

Alex tore off the paper for the goblin subjugation request and brought it to Leena, the Elf receptionist.

Some of the surrounding adventurers watched with a surprised expression. That understandable, because normally for his first quest Alex should take F rank quest, a quest like hunting a Hornet rabbit for its meat, however, he chose a goblin subjugation quest. Well, goblins are weak monsters, they are mob monsters. They may be weak but to F rank Adventurer is too much to handle, it was what they were thinking.

Personally, Alex chose this quest for the simple reason that he could level up faster and also individually goblin are weak, they are dangerous only in a group. If he were careful not enough to fight with them in a group, he would be fine.

Suddenly, Alex thinks about the past. Back when he was still at the Temple of Gods, Alex had read some information on a few monsters. Goblin was among them.

『Goblin』Is said to be a race of monsters with the stature of a human child. They have green skin, an angular forehead, and short fingers. Weak as an individual, they can easily be defeated by a human accustomed to fights.

However, they have the habit of gathering together and like to act in groups.

In addition, while they have primitive intelligence, they can arm themselves with weapons they pick up or steal. While passing the quest paper to Leena, Alex thought back to that famous novel on earth called Goblin Sl...., Goblins are really ruthless creatures. Alex needed to be cautious when dealing with them.

"You chose the goblin subjugation quest. Normally, I wouldn't recommend that, but maybe you can achieve it. Still, please be careful not to let your guard down," Leena warned him.

"Don't worry, I will be careful. Where is the goblin's location?" Alex asked.

"Well, about that, they seem to appear frequently near the forest along the highway to Eria town. Recently, they have attacked merchants and travelers who were coming to Eria in groups." Leena explained.

The forest she was talking about is one located at the Northside of Eria town, the temple of God's forest where Alex came from was located in the opposite direction.

"Do the goblins there have any intelligence?" Alex asked suddenly.

"No, usually not. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that a rare species has been born." Leena explained.

Rare species are individuals who were born with some kind of mutation. In the case of rare species, they boast a higher intelligence than the normal monster and are one rank higher than the monster information published by the guild.

In other words, because the goblin's rank is E, a rare species goblin would be the equivalent of a rank D monster if it appeared.

Having accepted the quest accepted by the receptionist, the Elf girl Leena, Alex exited out of the guild. His direction of course was the forest located in the North part of Eria town. Alex was looking forward with anticipation at his first level up.

Soon, he would be able to unseal his sealed Gift and his adventures would truly start.

'I wonder what surprise my sealed gift will give me after being unsealed. I'm waiting with anticipation. While thinking about that, he moved past Eria's city North gate. Alex checked all my equipment, Black Betty's was fastened around his right leg and left respectively, while Razor was fastened around his waist.

"I'm ready, let's start leveling up." Alex declared, ready for his first quest.

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