Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 15 - 14: First Quest Part 2

While walking toward Eria town's northern gate, Alex unsheathed Razor, his custom-made Knife, and used his skill appraisal on it, quietly muttering Appraisal in his head, a window containing a short piece of information was shown.

? Hunting Knife

Name: Razor

Materials: Silver iron steel mixed with Mithril

Ultra sharp and durable?

Alex did the same thing with one of his throwing knives.

?Throwing Knife

Name: Black Betty's

Materials: Black Iron steel mixed with a little Mithril

Sharp and durable?

Alex did not manage to see a lot of information, this was probably due to the grade and level of his Appraisal skill. He wondered what kind of information would appear if his appraisal grade was advanced?

While thinking about such a thing, the forest along the highway that Leena had told Alex about came into view. The forest stretched as far as the eyes could see. Alex saw some merchants and travelers along the highway, they were going toward the city. Alex decided to enter the forest, so he started walking.

He walked for about an hour after entering the forest. Suddenly, he stopped walking because his skill Presence Detection caught something. Like the name suggested, this skill enables him to know if there's an enemy or someone not too far from his current position. However, because this skill is Level 1, the range of detection is limited to five (5) meters.

Because his skill had detected something, Alex watched the surroundings with caution.

As expected, even though it was beside the highway, the trees with large trunks blocked the sunlight from coming in with their leaves and branches. The surroundings were dim even though it was day time. The surrounding temperature had increased considerably, Alex was feeling a little cold

'I need to ask Smith to create some defensive clothes.' Alex had this sudden thought.

Alex closed his eyes and sensed where the signal was coming from. Finally, having identified the location of the signal, Alex unfastened his left leg strap and selected one of his throwing knives (Black Betty's) before throwing it in the direction of the signal.


An unpleasant scream was heard from the bushes, 5 goblins revealed themselves nearby.

Alex nearly broke into a cold sweat, he had never expected to face five goblins this earlier one.

"An ambush?no, it's unlikely. Would they lay an ambush so far into the forest? In that case, I probably ran into this group of goblins by chance."

Alex muttered while holding two Black Betty's in his hands. His eyes quickly observed the goblins. Two between the five had rusted swords in their hands, while another held a club in their hands, as for the remaining one he had a stone in his hand, that one was dangerous.

Suddenly, the goblin at the back(the one holding a stone) hurled a stone in a preemptive strike toward him. Alex quickly rolled on the ground dodging the stone, he didn't forget to throw the two Black Betty's who were in his hands towards the five goblins.

*Foosh* *Foosh*

The two throwing knives pierced two goblins, one pierced a goblin in the throat, the goblin held his throat wanting to stop the blood, alas it didn't work, after struggling for a while, the goblin died.

[Level up]

Suddenly, Alex heard a sound inside his head announcing his Level up.

Although Alex was happy to have leveled up, now was not the time to check his status, he needs to end this fight quickly, so he did not stop, Alex unsheathed Razor and sprinted toward the goblin near him, he slashed at its neck, the goblin wanted to block his strike, however, its reaction was a bit slower because he was injured by his throwing knife that pierced his right hand which was holding the rusted sword, Alex's knife passed through its neck without too much resistance, soon the goblin head was dancing in the air. The headless corpse fell onto the ground with a thud sound, and the severed head followed suit. Another goblin had died.

Suddenly, Alex felt a chill running down his spine, so without thinking he leaped back, Alex barely managed to avoid another stone thrown at him. The three goblins remaining became restless, they started emitting some kind of cry, as if they were talking.

"Gyi~!" "Gyi~!" "Gyi~!" "Gigyi~!"

The three charged at him, Alex threw his remaining knives towards them, two were deflected, while the remaining two pierced one goblin killing it, the remaining two goblins continued without stopping.

Alex clashed head-on with the goblin holding the rusted sword, as their blades clashed the rusted sword was cut in two, while his knife continued and sliced the chest of that goblin, it leaves a deep wound on its chest. The goblin started rolling on the ground, crying in pain. He won't be getting up for a while, Alex used this chance to finish the last goblin standing.

He rolled on the ground dodging the last goblin club, Alex took the half rusted sword dropped by the other goblin and threw it toward the last goblin, he hastily used his club to block the incoming sword. Alex used this chance to appear behind him and he stabbed through its chest, he struggled for a while before dropping dead. Alex quickly advanced towards the remaining goblin who was still rolling on the ground and stabbed through its head, thus killing it.

Finally, the five goblins were killed, suddenly Alex felt totally drained, he was sure that his face was looking pale, he had difficulty breathing, his hands were shaking, Alex dropped Razor and kneeled down and started puking. He felt scared, his emotions were chaotic.

After a few minutes, Alex managed to calm down his emotions. It was to be expected, he had never killed before, not even a chicken, so it was natural that he would react like this after his first kill, even though the things he had killed was a monster, still it was a living thing. If he had not reacted like this, he would have felt scared of himself, thinking that maybe after his reincarnation he had changed somehow. Thankfully, he had not. Soon, he would adapt, he would have to if he wants to become strongest.

Alex stood up and collected his weapons, before cutting off the goblin's ears that would serve as proof to the completion of this mission. Alex sat down and said status in his head. A blue screen panel appeared in front of him.


[Alexander Kael Touch]

Class: None

Age: 17


Level 3

Experience Value:0/400

Magic Power: 1000 +30 1030/1030

Magic: None

Attack: 70 +30 (100)

Defense: 50 +30 (80)

Agility: 85 +30 (115)

Intelligence: 100 +30(130)

Luck: 50 + 30 (80)

BP: 40

Gift: Two Guns *Sealed*

Skills: [Normal Appraisal Level 1] [Language Comprehension] [Item box Level 1] [Swift Fingers Max] [Presence Detection Level 1] [Throwing knife Level 3]

Titles: [Otherworlder] [The one who can't use Magic] [The one whose fingers are faster than Flash] 』

After analyzing his status, Alex finally understood, it seemed that he gained ten points on every level. To Level 1 from to Level 2 he needs 100XP, from 2 to 3 it's 200XP, and so on. Each Level increases by a hundred points (100). To put it simply, to level up from Level 1 to Level 3 he had used 600 XP. It means that the five goblins he had killed each gave him 120XP.

Alex distributed his newly gained BP to his Attack, Defense, and Agility stats.


[Alexander Kael Touch]

Class: None

Age: 17


Level 3

Experience Value:0/400

Magic Power: 1030/1030

Magic: None

Attack: 100 +10 (110)

Defense: 80 +15 (95)

Agility: 115 +15 (130)

Intelligence: 130

Luck: 80

BP: 0

Gift: Two Guns *Sealed*

Skills: [Normal Appraisal Level 1] [Language Comprehension] [Item box Level 1] [Swift Fingers Max] [Presence Detection Level 1] [Throwing knife Level 3]

Titles: [Otherworlder] [The one who can't use Magic] [The one whose fingers are faster than Flash] 』

After finishing Alex decided to continue, he walked deeper into the forest, one hour later he encountered another group of goblins, this time they were only four he killed them easily. His level went up, he was now level 4. Alex decided to go back, he was tired mentally.

Unfortunately, Alex didn't manage to unseal his gift today, maybe tomorrow. On his way back he encountered a lone goblin, he easily eliminated it.

Back at the guild, Leena, the Elf receptionist, was astonished looking at the five pairs of goblins ears, it means that Alex killed ten goblins on his first subjugation quest. It was not bad, she said.

Leena paid Alex three silver coins for five pairs of goblins ears. Alex left the guild late in the afternoon after drinking with some seniors adventurers, they said it was to congratulate him so, he was obliged to accept. Alex was happy because it was not him who paid for it.

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