Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 1472 1319: Gluttony Sin’s Technique true use

Chapter 1472 1319: Gluttony Sin's Technique true use

Alex who had now unleashed his Gluttony Sin's Technique The King of Beasts and turned into his black dragon form casually circled around in the air, spreading frost to improve the power of the barrier.

This way, the few monsters that managed to enter the city received no reinforcements and were swiftly dispatched by the soldiers within the city.

"A dragon!"

"A legendary dragon!"

"A dragon had arrived to help us against the monsters!"

The soldiers cheered.

Suddenly, a malicious voice resounded from inside the black fog:

「 Dragon! I suggest you do not interfere where you are not needed unless you wish to fall to destruction following this world 」

Hearing this, Alex became focused.

And loudly questioned: 「 Who are you? Anonymous bastard who conceals himself, someone without even a name doesn't deserve to talk to this great one! 」

The black fog remained silent for a while.

The voice finally spoke up again: 「 I am the Lord of all things in the void, the Judge of Living Beings' Fate! Dragon, you have one last chance to retreat, or I shall have you endure the fate of eternal suffering! 」

Alex thought this thing must be suffering from midgrade school's syndrome, a Chuunibyo like the Japanese likes to call it.

While Alex was wondering if this monster was suffering from Chuunibyo's syndrome he heard Silveria's warning.

〖Alex, you better not underestimate this thing and you must not forget that your transformation can be eternal.〗

Alex nodded, he must make a better of the situation. Like Silveria have said his transformation could only last for a moment because it consume not only his Spiritual Force but also his stamina and both things weren't endless.

Alex focus his attention elsewhere. He was circling around in the sky as a black dragon.

He no longer paid any heed to the monster's faraway shouting, instead opted to silently wait.

He decided to observe first as well use this time to prepare for the incoming clash. Alex have the feeling that the true meaning of this Sin's Technique is not to transform into the King of Beasts, there's a more to this Sin's Technique and he shall research it.

He pondered in the silence in the air before arriving at the conclusion that he could transform into any form of monsters he had had seen. He immediately put it to test. He disappeared.


On the other side.

The black dragon's sky-eclipsing form entered the black fog, then instantly turned into an black cat and flickered in the air, suddenly disappearing.

Like he had thought it was possible to turn into a different form with the Gluttony's Sin technique: The King of Beasts.

The reason for Alex to turn into this form was because he wished to investigate. He erased his tracks in this form by combining multiple skills, [Shadow Walk] [Void Steps]...

The black cat swiftly landed on the ground and instantly began charging forward.

The power fluctuations from the battle were so obvious that they couldn't hide from its perception at all.

In the black fog, numerous monsters stood up from their tombstones, slowly making their way towards the city.

"Destroy… everything… chaos shall devour everything..."

They all muttered at the ends of their breaths.

The black cat ran into these monsters, then continued past them, rapidly running in their direction.

At this point, he didn't care about these chaos monsters.

—–he wanted to find the Judge of Living Beings' Fate, then kill it!

The black cat moved like a blurred shadow, moving through a large distance in a short period of time, leaving all the monsters behind him.

Suddenly, the sky ahead of him became clear!

The black cat had made it through the black fog to reach the vast desolate field.

The black cat looked around.

The monster filled with brutal spikes were standing on top of a high tombstone——-

It was the Judge of Living Beings' Fate!

Across from it, the monsters of the great tomb were mostly defeated, quite a few of them already laying as motionless corpses on the ground.

A big monster stood in front of all the monsters, holding the Judge of Living Beings' Fate off.

There seems to be a conflict between the monsters and Kade and the 20 special soldiers were nowhere to be seen, maybe they were dead without leaving a single bones behind, Alex was not too concerned.

The black cat raised his tail, silently moving into the center of the battle.

He climbed onto a tombstone, silently crouching behind the void monster, and waited.

——–as soon as there was a chance, he would deliver the killing blow.

A humanoid monster whose entire body was covered in a grey carapace full of spikes stood on top of a tombstone, holding off against the attacks from a big humanoid monster.

——–Chaos monster: Judge of Living Beings' Fate.

As for the humanoid monster leading the other monsters. Two glassy eyes survey their surroundings from their large sockets. A barely existing nose rests below, but it's the long mouth below that takes all the attention. A gentle smile reveals rows upon rows of teeth and a very long tongue.

Wide bony ears sit on each side of its massive, broad head, which itself is covered in tiny hairs and has two small horns protruding from the top.

Its short stout body stands straight. Two thin almost branch-like arms dangle at its sides and end in huge hands with sharp nailed fingers, of which it has 12 in total.

Its legs are short and are bent, each ending in broad feet.

Its body is covered in fluffy fur and its shoulders are broader than its pelvis.

The black cat sat crouched behind it, not in a hurry to attack, simply listening with interest.

After all, one side was a chaos monster while the other side was a group of monsters that appeared to have been sealed here, he'd surely be able to find out a few secrets while listening to their conversation.

The humanoid monster's eyes flickered a bit, then said: "I know about all of you—– you're nothing but empty shell that sold your soul to the devil.''

The humanoid monster's voice was filled with scorn when said those words.

The Judge of Living Beings' Fate replied:

「 How would a bunch of sealed weaklings like yourselves possibly know our plight? 」

The humanoid monster sneered at the Judge of Living Beings Fate.

The black opened its obsidian-like eyes wide open, silently crouching on the tombstone while falling into thought.

'So these monsters were originally together before one of them switched sides, joining the chaos' side.'

Alex didn't have the time to focus on his thoughts because of the Judge of Living Beings' Fate.

The Judge of Living Beings' Fate spat out a few words in conclusion:

「 A crowd of garbage 」

At this point, there was no longer anything left to bargain or discuss.

The humanoid monster furiously shouted: "Attack!"

Instantly, all of its subordinates unleashed their techniques.

But right before the humanoid monster gave its order, a man wearing a flashy armor appeared and had already acted first.

Both of his wrists were cut open by sharp air, each causing a small incision.

He then crouched down, pressing both hands on the ground, and shouted:



Dirt and sand were kicked up in every direction, only to be blown away by the intense wind.

The area around the Humanoid monster became unclear and warped.

As if another world was about to descend upon this area!

The Judge of Living Beings' Fate was about to act, but stopped as it saw this and smirked: 「 Wow! Another weakling but slightly stronger. How interesting 」

It silently stopped to observe.

Within the descended illusion, numerous soldiers had completely surrounded the Humanoid monster's group.

The power and presence these soldiers gave off were not too much weaker compared to the Humanoid monster's side.

This man was none other than Kade with his men.

"All troops, charge!" he abruptly shouted

"Yes, general!" the special soldiers all uttered a resounding shout in response.

Immediately, the humanoid monster's group was surrounded by countless special soliders.

Just as Kade was about to attack something unexpected happened.


The illusory world abruptly vanished together with everything else.

The field of tombstones returned to silence.

All the special soldiers, the Humanoid monster, as well as his group were no longer here.

Only the Judge of Living Beings' Fate stood alone in this vast graveyard.

The black cat silently sat on top of a tombstone, focusing his gaze on him.

He waited for a moment as if waiting for the perfect opportunity, he didn't have to wait for too long.

At the very next moment.

A black cat appeared behind the Judge of Living Beings' Fate.

He leapt onto its shoulder.

A faint golden light mixed with a resounding silver glow overlapped, manifesting in the form of a small chains to freeze the monster, then followed the cat's paw into the Judge of Living Beings' Fate's body.

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