Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 16 - 15: Awakening Part 1

The next day morning, the gentle rays of the rising sun peered their way through the light curtains and provided a serene light in the room; Alex woke up feeling refreshed. He took a bath and changed into a new set of clothes.

After eating his breakfast made by Ms. Lana, Alex left the [Moonlight] Inn, going toward the Adventurer Guild.

When he arrived at the Adventurer Guild, he pushed the door open and entered; because it was the morning, there were many adventurers present checking the request board. After selecting another goblin subjugation quest and exchanging a few words with Leena, Alex left the guild, the Elf receptionist.

Half of an hour later, he was already in front of the same forest where he killed ten goblins yesterday. Today, Alex decided to advance deeper inside the forest. While walking, he checked his status.

Presently, he was Level 4, and he had 100Xp; he needs another 400Xp to level up to the next level, which means if he kills four goblins, he will level up.

Suddenly, Alex spotted two goblins; he quickly hurled two Black Betty's towards the two goblins, killing them; after collecting their ears, he looked at the XP bar.

The two goblins have earned him 200XP, which means that 100XP per Goblin. Alex was a little disappointed because yesterday, he had earned 120XP per Goblin killed. It seems that the amount of XP he would earn will diminish if he continued to kill the same monster. So, must he try to take another quest besides goblin subjugation? Maybe a poison frog subjugation?

While thinking about what kind of quest he would add on top of the goblin subjugation quest to level up, Alex saw another goblin; however, this time, it was a lone goblin.

Alex sprinted toward the surprised Goblin and slashed at its neck; he felt a slight resistance before Razor cut through the goblin neck; the goblin head fell onto the ground with a thud sound.

Suddenly, Alex sensed something with his presence detection skill; however, soon, the presence he felt disappeared. Alex did not let his guard down because he was feeling chill running down his spine, as though something was lurking in the dark wood waiting for him to let his guard down before striking.

Alex took a defensive posture; he held Razor in his right hand while in his left hand, he held one of his Black Betty's while patiently waiting for the hidden enemy to make a move.

Soon, something small flew sharply out from the bushes nearby.

Alex reflexively brought his two blades in front of him; he managed to cut the flying object with his two crisscrossed blades.

The cut object flew through the sky and slammed into a tree trunk with a thud sound.

Alex looked at the tree trunk in an instant to see what had attacked him; there was a long strip of flesh with a dark red color.

''What is that? It is a kind of snake?''

''No, that not a snake; it kinda looks like tongue? I'm not sure. Maybe it is a snake tongue?''

Alex muttered; his doubt was settled by the existence that sprung out of a bush the next moment.

A huge frog, up to his knees, appeared. Its skin was covered in a dark red viscous liquid similar to the tongue he had cut earlier; it looked at him with an emotionless gaze.

(Fuck, what bad luck. A frog in this forest…there was an F rank subjugation quest on a monster called Poison Frog. I'm sure it's this fellow) Alex muttered silently.

Earlier, he was planning to take this quest next time, however, to think that he would encounter one here. What bad luck, he didn't have any potion on him; it would be the end if he got poisoned. It was said that this monster has a strong jumping capability.

When Alex recalled the information he had read on the monster, the frog kicked against the ground and used its jumping ability to attack him silently. Alex leaped back, dodging the poison it spit out from its mouth.

Alex smiled at the monster that was still in the air while muttering.

''It is now my turn.''

After saying that, he hurled all his six Black Betty's consecutively towards the Poison frog still in the air.


Because it was jumped into the air, the Poison Frog couldn't change its trajectory. Five of Alex's throwing knives pierced its belly; it started bleeding, the last knife pierced its right eye. The Poison frog fell to the ground and started thrashing. Alex sprinted forward and arrived behind the still convulsing monster; he plunged his knife deep inside its head, directly piercing its brain. The monster convulsed for a few seconds before stopped moving. It became a corpse.

Suddenly, Alex heard the notification announcing to him that he had leveled up.

Alex felt a little exhausted. He was a Level 5 now.

Suddenly, Alex starting to feel drowsy. He did his best to fight his drowsiness. Alex stood up and approached the Poison Frog body, and start dismantling it.

If he were to remember correctly, the material that can be taken are the tongue, a poison sac in the body, and the two hind legs. Alex started to remove these materials while fighting his drowsiness.

What's wrong with me? Alex asked himself while shaking his head to stay concentrate.

Suddenly, Alex's hand touched something; it was a magic stone; he had never expected this monster magic stone to be bigger than the Goblin's magic stone he had killed. He removed the magic stone. Every monster has a magic stone. Alex continued removing the materials. Finally, he cut off the two rear legs.

To be accurate, it should be noted that the purchasing of the rear legs was for food rather than materials. The poison is removed by butchers who deal with monster meat and sold over the counter. It was possible to sell it at a surprisingly high price as it was an expensive ingredient.

As for the poison sac, it could be used by pharmacists to create an antidote for the monster's poison.

'I think I'll buy a lot of antidotes next time before doing the Poison Frogs quest.' Alex decided.

The tongue of the Poison frog was generally used as part of a bow. Alex recovered the tongue that had fallen to the base of the tree.

The proof of subjugation of the Poison Frog was the webbed right forefoot. Alex removed it.

After storing everything inside his item box (including the goblin ears and magic stone).

Alex decided to go back because he started to have a hard time fighting against his drowsiness. He strolled until the entrance of the city before falling not too far from the guards.

'I'm sleepy. I can't take it anymore,' Alex muttered before closing his eyes letting himself go toward the dreamland.

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