Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 17 - 16: Awakening Part 2

After Alex had fallen unconscious onto the ground in front of the guards guarding the northern gate of Eria city.

One of the guards approached him and checked his pulses. The guard noticed that Alex was still breathing, he had only fallen unconscious. After they noticed that he was an adventurer by seeing his guild card, one among the guards chose to bring him to the Adventurer guild.

When Leena, the Elf receptionist saw the unconscious Alex, she asked one of the adventurers presents to bring Alex to the second floor. She let him sleep in one of the rooms on the second floor.


The sun fell and evening arrived yet Alex was still sleeping, it seemed that he won't be waking up soon.


He had a dream and in this dream, Alex saw a big world, this world was really beautiful, with a lot of continents and floating continents, it can be said that these continents looked like some small and medium-size worlds.

In this world, Civilization was advanced, a mixture of technology and magic. There were a lot of races present in this world.

Suddenly, the scene changed to a young man, he had long black hair, handsome facial feature, and beautiful red eyes. This young man started walking. No, to be more accurate Alex started to see things from this young man's perspective. As if he was inside his body, Alex tried to control the body, however, he didn't work. It seemed that he was just a mere spectator who could only watch not interfere. So, Alex decided to continue watching.

Soon, the black-haired young entered a big hall and in the middle of was something looking like a temple. There were a lot of people present inside the hall.

Suddenly, a golden-haired young man saw the black-haired, so he approached him and asked ''... you're here. Today is a big day. The ceremony will start soon. I'm eager to know what kind of divine weapon I'll get contracted with.''

''Hahaha, I'm also eager to know....., let's wait.'' the black-haired young man replied.

The two seemed to be friends. Soon, a priest came and the ceremony started. Everybody passed and contracted a weapon. Soon, it was the turn of the golden-haired boy. His contracted divine weapon was a golden longsword.

Finally, it was the turn of the black-haired young man, his contracted divine weapon was strangely two guns, one black, and the other silver in color.

Everybody present was astonished, even the priest was also stunned, nobody had ever contracted this kind of divine weapon. It was either a sword, spear, bow, or other types of medieval weapons. Not a gun, there are different kinds of grades between divine weapon, the golden-haired young man divine weapon, the golden longsword was a high-grade divine weapon.

However, the black-haired young man divine weapon, the two guns grade were unknown.

The years went by, the black-haired young man was trained himself to better use his divine weapon, he killed a lot of ch*** beasts. His peculiar divine weapon-grade was still unknown, nonetheless, people believed that his two guns were at least high-grade divine.

However, there was something, nobody saw the black-haired young man use his black gun even facing a horde of ch*** beasts, everybody was curious about it, so one day someone challenged the black-haired young man, it was his best friend, the golden-haired man.

The two fought, at the start, it was a draw, however soon the black-haired man started losing. The spectators present on that day were astonished, nobody thought that the black-haired young man will fight Arthuro (it was how the golden-haired man was named.) to draw for some time only using one of his divine weapons.

However, if the black-haired young man want6s to win against Arthuro, he would be forced to use his black that he had never used until now. Everybody was eager to know the outcome of the fight once he used his black gun, even Alex the spectator inside his body wanted to know.

When the black-haired young man wanted to use his black gun, everything became dark and Alex was ejected out of the body. His dream came to an end and before leaving the dream world he heard the black-haired young man muttered something while looking at his leaving figure as if he knew Alex was there since the start.

'Take care of her from now on. Sorry, but you are not strong enough to know about the second gun. See you soon'

Alex finally understood this wasn't a dream but something like memories of the previous owner of his Gift. While thinking that, Alex woke up, his head hurts, he sat in the bed and took a deep breath to calm himself.

Suddenly, Alex heard a voice.

? Finally, I've been awakened, albeit not totally. How are you feeling, Master??

Alex jumped from his bed and took a defensive posture while looking around, he asked ''Who are you? What do you want? Who is your master?"

?Oh! So, many questions, Master. I'm your weapon, your contracted weapon which made you my Master. I just wanted to talk with you, to explain a few things to you.?

The mysterious voice proclaimed to be his contracted weapon answered. This voice sounds like a female voice.

'It was not like he minds, I'd rather hear the voice of a woman than the voice of a man.' Alex thought.

Suddenly, Alex's silver gun summoned itself, appearing in front of him. The silver gun fell into his hand.

?This is me, your contracted weapon.? The female voice said. As he thought, it was one of his weapons talking to me.

?It's exactly as you thought, Master ?

''You, do you just read my mind?'' Alex asked vigilantly.

?I'm not you, Master. Ah! come to think I don't have a name yet, so give me one, Master?

Alex contemplated for a while before deciding,

''You will be called Silveria from now. Silveria because of your beautiful silver color and you're obviously a female.''

There was a long silence before his contracted weapon replied ?Silveria, it's then. Take care of me from now on, Master ?

Immediately after Silveria accepted the name Alex had just given to her, the silver gun shined brightly and Alex felt a sudden pain on his left arm as if something was being drawn on it. After some time, the pain subsisted.

Alex checked his left arm and he saw a cross-shaped tattoo there, the same one that was on the hand of his silver gun, however, his tattoo was a small version.

''Silveria, we need to talk,'' Alex declared.

?Understood, Master.?

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