Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 18 - 17: Discussion With Silveria Part 1

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?So, Master what do you want to know? ?

? Oh! Let's me warn you first, I have not totally awakened, so there will some question I can't answer because I don't remember them.?

''What? You are saying that you have not totally awakened. Why is that?" Alex asked.

?Simply because your level is too low, Master and most importantly there are some questions I can't answer even I wanted to because of the seals placed on me by the previous Master for safety purpose.?Silveria explained.

"I see. You partially awaken to help me. You are fearing that I may die without my gift. Am I right?" Alex explained before asking her a confirmation of his speculation.

?Bingo! As expected of my Master, you're at least a little smart?Silveria replied in a playful tone.

"Is that a sarcasm? Because I don't like your tone." Alex asked with a frown.

?Not all, Master, I was just praising you. Nothing else. Gotta go, Master, see you soon?

Silveria replied before vanishing, disappearing from his hand, and because Alex was startled he shouted "What are you saying?"

"Eh? I just asked how are you feeling after sleeping for more than seven hours."

Suddenly, Alex heard the Elf receptionist, Leena's voice. It seems that she had misunderstood his earlier question to be directed at her.

After calming down, Alex faced her. He didn't even notice when she entered the room, he was busy chatting with Silveria. The latter knew Leena was coming, that mischievous weapon didn't warn him and left like that.

'If you had a physical body, I would have spanked your bottom.' Alex thought.

?Oh! What a naughty master you are. Unfortunately, I don't have a physical body.?Silveria replies.


Alex was so astonished that he unconsciously blurted. Leena looked at him strangely. Alex coughed before answering Leena's previous question.

"Thank you, Leena. I'm fine now."

"I see. That's reassuring then." Leena replied with a smile.

While Leena and Alexander were chatting, Alexander didn't hear what his weapon quietly muttered in his head. ?I don't have a body, at least for now?

Suddenly, Leena asked Alex a question, after she noticed that he had a cross-shaped tattoo on his left arm, something he previously didn't have.

"Alex, did you have that tattoo previously on your arm? I didn't notice it, even when I was cleaning your upper body. Your body was hot back then, so I cleaned your upper body with cold water to help you regulate your body temperature."

Finally, Alex understood the reason why his upper body was shirtless.

Obviously, Alex couldn't say that this tattoo was drawn on his arm a few minutes ago after naming his gift. So, he decided to lie. "It was there, you didn't pay attention, reason why you didn't saw it."

Leena looked at him suspiciously, probably because she doesn't buy his crap, still, she knew he must have his reason for lying to her.

So, she decided to let it go, not pursue the matter any longer, he won't answer even she continued.

"I see. Now, that you woke up, you should leave. It's not too good to stay in an unmarried lady room, you know." Leena teased him.

Now that she said it, previously he had not noticed, but this is obviously a girl room.

The room itself was fairly simple, with no decoration, a simple table with two chairs, one bed. The one Alex was sitting on, Leena was sitting on a chair not too far from him.

When he looked closely, there was a flower vase contained a White flower on the table. Maybe, it is a White Lilly? Well, he doesn't know. The room was emitting a natural aura as if this room was in the middle of a forest. It's probably due to her racial feature, she is an Elf after all.

Now it was Alex's turn to tease her, he smiled while looking at her and he said "I'm planning to sleep here tonight because even though I said that I'm feeling well, I was lying. The truth is I'm still feeling a little unwell. So, let me sleep here tonight. I can sleep on the floor if you want. I promise I won't do anything."

Leena stood frozen in place, she was not expecting Alex to say something like that. Her instinct was telling her that he was probably lying, however she was not totally sure. Leena was put in a dilemma. She was debating whether to let him sleep here or not.

When Alex saw her like that, he couldn't control himself any longer, So, he burst in laughter. After laughing for a while he said "I got you. You're not the only that knows how to tease someone."

Having finally understood that Alex was teasing her, Leena smiled before asking "Oh! so, you know how to tease your big sister?"

Alex smiled not answering her question. The two chatted for few minutes before Alex stood up and get dressed in another shirt that he took from his item box while pretending that he had taken it from his spacial ring (Only wealthy merchant, nobles, and high-class adventurers could own one).

Alex and Leena, descended to the first floor, Alex followed to her receptionist desk and he gave her the material of monsters he had killed. Alex had killed four goblins, meaning 4 goblins= 1 silver coins and 2 copper coins, plus the 4 monster cores (4 copper coins per goblin core), the four cores= 1 silver coin and 6 copper coins. The total amount of money earned with today's goblin subjugation quest is 2 Silver coins and 8 Copper coins.

Alex remembered that last time he had killed 10 goblins, he had earned 3 Silver coins for the ears and 4 Silver coins for the monster cores, his total earnings on that day was 7 Silver coins.

Finally, Leena paid him 10 Silver coins for the Poison Frog (All materials: the rears legs are 6 Silver coins, 1 Silver coin for the tongue, 2 Silver coins for the Poison sac, and lastly 1 Silver coin for the Core).

Today, Alex had earned 13 Silver coins, after Alex bid farewell to Leena and the other receptionists, he left the Adventurer guild going back to his Inn.

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