Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 19 - 18: Discussion With Silveria Part 2

Night. The round moon was hanging high and stars filled the sky.

By now, Alex had already returned to [The Moonlight Inn]. He saw Ms. Lana, he greeted and chatted with her for a while, before asking her if she had something ready to be eaten. He was hungry.

Ms. Lana asked him to wait. A few minutes later, her daughter brought his dinner.

By the way, dinner was a steak of a monster called Kelpie and a stew made from its offal.

After finishing eating, Alex drunk a little wine before leaving, going back to his room. He took a bath and after he finished he sat on his bed.

"Silveria, come out we need to continue our earlier discussion,'' Alex says.

?Master, there is no need to shout like that you know. Just talk to me in your head. If you continue shouting like that with no people around, people may take you for being crazy. Well, that would fun.?Silveria replies. Alex was really sure that if she had a body, she would have a mischievous smile on her face.

? Joke aside. What do want to talk about, Master??Silveria asked.

''What are you?" Alex asked.

?As you've seen it in that dream, I'm a divine weapon, but using this world standard I'm called Gift. Also, let me correct you, don't go thinking that all gifts are divine weapons. There may be some exceptions. You and your friend's gifts are all divine weapons. The grade of your divine weapon is different, though?Silveria explained.

Alex took a deep breath, digesting the information she just told him. Truth be told, after coming back from that mysterious dream, he mistakenly thought that all gifts were divine weapons. It seems he was wrong. Alex decided to ask Silveria another question.

''I see. What the grade of my divine weapons? Is it above other's weapons?"

?Sorry, Master, I can't answer this question.?Silveria replied flatly.

Personally, Alex was expecting something like that, he was just trying to see if he could squeeze some information out of her. Unfortunately, it had failed.

''The dream I had. It's the memory of the previous owner of my gift isn't it?"

There was an extremely long silence before Silveria answered. Her voice was not cheerful as it was a moment ago, her voice turned a little cold.

?You are right. However, do not ask anything about him or about the world you have seen. You're too weak to know some things right now. So, weak that only my basic functions are usable for now after I forcedly unsealed myself. Once you reach a certain level, I'll tell you what you want to know.?Silveria explained with a plain tone. She didn't even call Alex master as she does usually.

'Sigh! I'll spank you one day.'

Although Alex was a little pissed off for being called weak, there was nothing he could do about it at least now, as he said he will spanks this girl one day, do not ask him why but he had the feeling that it's possible.

Letting out another sigh, Alex decided to quickly become stronger as he has the feeling that things won't be too peaceful for him in the future. As if he has been dragged into a storm and to leave through this storm what's he needed the most is strength, if he was powerful enough, he will not fear anybody.

After experiencing that dream, Alex absolutely sure that his gift was no ordinary.

Abruptly, Alex remembered something, in that dream, the golden sword used by Arthuro, the black-haired young man's best friend, seems to be the same sword Leonardo has as a Gift.

Back then, when they had summoned their gifts, Alex felt a slight murderous aura directed at Leonardo's golden sword. He dismissed it, thinking that it was his imagination, however, he was sure that something happened back then (Between the previous owner of his Gift and Arthuro). Alex almost asked Silveria some questions about it. Fortunately, he managed to restrain himself in the end. Alex then decided to check his status before continuing.


[Alexander Touch]

Class: Magic Gunman

Age: 17


「 Rank 1」

Level 5

Experience Value (XP): 30/600

Magic Power: (1030) ? 1050

Magic: None

Attack: (120) ? 130

Defense: (95) ? 115

Agility: (130) ? 150

Intelligence: (130) ? 150

Luck: (80) ? 100

BP: 40

Gift: Two Guns * Semi-sealed*

Skills: [Normal Appraisal Level 1] [Language Comprehension] [Item box Level 1] [Swift Fingers Max] [Presence Detection Level 1] [Throwing knife Level 3]

Titles: [Otherworlder] [The one who can't use Magic] [The one whose fingers are faster than Flash] 』

A lot of things changed when Alex looked at his status window. There is still a long way before he can advance from Rank 1 to Rank 2.

In Mysthia's world, Cultivation is classed by Rank. It is said that Rank 15 is the highest rank attainable in this world. Those who are in this rank are considered like Demi-god in Mysthia world.

Alex was still extremely far from that level, he should focus on what is within his current reach. Alex had finally gotten a class, Magic Gunman. Even though he doesn't know what it really means, it sounds a little bit cool.

Alex chuckled at his childish thinking. He started to think about how he should use his 40 BP.

Suddenly, Silveria who didn't talk since a while ago finally spoke.

?Master, I would suggest you add all your 40 BP to your Magical Power stat.?

Alex didn't immediately respond, he stayed silent for a moment before asking,

''Sil, Why did you suggest that? Don't you see my status? I can't use magic. What uses more MP can have?"

There was a temporary silence before Silveria burst in laughter ?Hahaha, As expected of Master, he even started planning to worm his way into my maiden heart by acting intimate, shortening my name. What a pervert.?

Silveria says acting innocently like she was afraid of the big bad wolf. Damn it, this shameless divine weapon. Alex roared in his


?Fufufu, Thanks for the compliment?Silveria replies shyly.

Not being able to endure any more Alex shouted ''Silveria, answer my question before I become angry and decide to ignore and not use you. For your information I can survive without you.''

Feeling Alex's determination through these words, Silveria sighed and decided to stop teasing him.

?You are right when you said you can't use magic. Although you can't use magic, there is a reason why you still possess Magical Power like everyone else?

Alex stayed silent while waiting for her to continues.

?As your class suggests you're a Magic gunman. Your needs Magical Power to be able to fire bullets or did you thought that you could create bullets by yourself??

Alex was dumbfounded when he heard her question, he had never thought about that.

Everything falls in place now, no wonder he had Magical Power. Alex wants to know more about it, still, he chose to allocate his free BP before continuing to question Silveria. The answer to his would come after.

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