I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The Villain 1

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The lady wanted to take a picture of Su Jiu and share it with her friends. After all, they would definitely want to have a child after seeing it. However, Su Jiu turned her head around at that moment, and the lady’s phone could only capture the back of Su Jiu’s round head that held two tiny, tied braids.

However, even the back of her head looked extremely adorable!

The lady’s motherly instincts took over her. Suddenly, she thought that Su Shengjing looked familiar as if she had seen him somewhere before. After racking her brains, she recalled him!

What the heck? Isn’t… Isn’t he the nation’s crush who was super popular on the internet? 

As Su Shengjing had suddenly become an uncool uncle who looked a lot older than he actually was, the lady had failed to immediately recognize him. She now remembered how utterly charmed she had been by his pictures in the past. However, she realized she had not heard any updates about him recently.

She did not expect him to have a child!

Oh my God! 

Did this ex-male celebrity secretly marry and have a child? 

This is such a big piece of news. I must post it on Weibo! The girl immediately opened her Weibo, drafted a post, attached the photo, and published it.

Shocking news! This former popular male celebrity actually has a daughter! She’s super adorable!


Su Shengjing was completely oblivious to this, and even if he knew, he would not care about it. With his popularity having reached rock bottom, nothing would happen even if someone posted something about him on the internet.

When he reached home, he had Su Jiu wash her hands. Then, he grabbed a towel and cleaned her face for her.

Su Jiu’s fair and tender face was as smooth as tofu, and her eyes were big and bright. When she smiled, they looked like the stars prettily sparkling in the night sky.

Enjoying this fatherly love for the first time, Su Jiu shot a sweet smile at him. “Thank you, Daddy. You’re the best! I like you the most!”

These words made Su Shengjing elated. He stroked her tiny head, carried her, and sat her down on the sofa. Then, he washed the baby bottle he had just bought, picked up the can of powdered milk, and started to read its instructions.

This kid has not eaten anything for a long time. She must be starving. I’ll give her a bottle of milk first.

Following the instructions, Su Shengjing clumsily prepared a bottle of milk for Su Jiu. He passed it to her and said, “Drink up. I’ll cook for you.”

Su Jiu took the baby bottle with a complicated expression.

She felt embarrassed to use a baby bottle.

“Daddy, I don’t use this. I want a cup.”

Her words left Su Shengjing speechless.

Don’t children at her age like to use a baby bottle? 

Why is my daughter so different? 

He decided to not think any further about it. He gave her a cup since she did not want to drink from the baby bottle.

After taking the cup, the hungry Su Jiu immediately gulped down the milk. Although she did not like to drink powdered milk, she knew that she desperately needed to replenish the nutrition in her skinny body.

When Su Shengjing saw how eagerly Su Jiu was drinking, he felt satisfied. Even though he had not taken care of children in the past, he was glad that he hadn’t become too flustered. I’m not so useless after all, ain’t I? 

As he thought about it, Su Shengjing felt motivated. He left for the kitchen to cook food.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

Su Jiu jumped down from the sofa, carried her cup, and ran to the door. When she opened the door, she saw the boy who was picking trash downstairs earlier.

“It’s you?” Su Jiu was a bit shocked.

As he glanced at her adorable face, the boy’s expression became awkward. He stuffed a piece of paper in her hands, then turned around and dashed down the staircase without saying anything.

Su Jiu was at a loss for words.

She opened the piece of paper and saw that it was an acknowledgment of debt!

On the paper, it was written that he owed her and her father fifty dollars. He had even included his name and the date.

Wait, Rong Si?

When she saw this name, Su Jiu was stunned.

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