I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Long Time No See

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She immediately commented, “Ahhhhhh!” on the post before sharing it and attaching the caption, “Su Shengjing, long time no see. I miss you.

“Even though you’re not as handsome as before and you lost your figure, I still recognize you. No matter where you go, you’ll still shine like a star, and I’ll always be your shield.”

After drafting her post, she sent the photo to the inactive group chat. “Su Shengjing has appeared! And he even has a daughter!”

Even though she sent the message, she only received a reply after a few hours.

“What the heck? This group chat is alive again?”

“Is this Su Shengjing? Why does he look so different?”

The fan replied, “It’s definitely him. I’ll never mistake someone else for him. After leaving the entertainment industry, he must have married. His daughter is already so big.”

When she talked about him marrying, she felt a bit disappointed. Many of the female fans hoped that their idols would remain single and not be allured by other vixens. They even imagined their idols to become their husbands or boyfriends. Hence, when she saw that Su Shengjing had a daughter, she felt very conflicted.

Another fan commented, “This man’s back doesn’t look like Su Shengjing’s. Even if it’s him, the girl might not be his. Perhaps, she’s his niece.”

“Who’s the mother? Could it be one of her rumored girlfriends?”

The original fan immediately rebuked, “Do you believe those rumors? Someone must have spread malicious rumors about Su Shengjing. How can an innocent man like him be such a disgusting playboy?”

The group chat fell silent again. When the rumors about Su Shengjing had spread, a lot of people had criticized him online. His fans kept defending him, arguing with others, and moderating the comments. Unfortunately, he had been forced to leave the entertainment industry and disappear from mainstream news.

His fans did not believe that Su Shengjing was such a shameless man. However, if the child was his daughter, there was a chance the rumors in the past could be true.

He had actually slept with many women…

At this time, the moderator of the chat appeared and told the girl not to spread the photo. As Su Shengjing had already left the industry, she should not push him into public attention and instead let him live a peaceful life.

The members in the group chat thought that the moderator was right, and they quickly reached an agreement. The girl also deleted her post.

However, the original post had gotten into the Top Searches list. Even though it was only in the twentieth position, many netizens clicked on it to find out who the ‘former popular male celebrity’ was.

“What the heck? How can he be a popular male celebrity?”

“Su Shengjing? He used to be very handsome, and he was even the nation’s crush. How did he become like this? He looks like an uncool uncle from the back. So unkempt!”

“Can someone so ugly be called a celebrity? My idol’s the true handsome one, okay? My idol is the most handsome person ever. Don’t argue with me! @Qin Feng.”

“This uncle must be extremely unpopular. I’ve never heard of him before. The nation’s crush? I might vomit!”

“How adorable can the daughter of such a sloppy uncle be? She must be ugly! I’d advise you to check your eyes at the hospital!”

“She must be ugly. Take a picture of her face to prove it.”

“Su Shengjing? Wasn’t he the playboy who was scolded out of the entertainment industry? He had a relationship with multiple women at once! Don’t think that everything is fine after leaving the entertainment industry. The internet will always remember!”

“His daughter is really pitiful. She probably doesn’t even know who her real mother is.”

When the girl who had posted the Weibo saw the netizens surging into her post and leaving all sorts of insults and mocking comments, she became so scared that she disabled the comments. However, many people still shared her Weibo, and it became even more popular. Things spiraled out of her control.

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