I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: God-like Man

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Someone dug out a photo of Su Shengjing from a few years back. Back then, when he was barely twenty years old, he was a youthful and pretty boy. Even though the picture was unedited and taken by a stranger, he looked extremely handsome.

He lived up to his name as the nation’s crush.

However, after the scandals and the rumors about him had spread, the public collectively said that they were disgusted by him. How could such an immoral man who treated women like toys exist? They said he was just a beast driven by lust.

Other than that, there was also a user with a large following who had exposed him. The user had said that Su Shengjing had gotten the role of the main lead for a television show. At such a young age, he should’ve been humble and polite. He should’ve treasured this precious opportunity.

However, Su Shengjing had thought too highly of himself. He was extremely arrogant on the set. Not only did he ask the female actresses to sleep with him, he even had a conflict with Qin Feng, the second male lead. Su Shengjing had beaten him up and did not spare him even after he had begged for mercy. Afterward, Su Shengjing had been kicked out of the crew and was even sued.

The user had uploaded nine pictures, all of them depicting Su Shengjing hitting Qin Feng with a vicious expression.

Those pictures were proof that he was telling the truth.

After reading the post, everyone thought that Su Shengjing deserved it. Heaven forbid that such a man remained popular!

Now, another wave of criticisms surfaced online. Many people went to Su Shengjing’s Weibo account to scold him. Since he no longer had any fans, it did not matter how badly they scolded him. After all, they would not face any fiercely defensive fans that would persistently come after them.

On the other hand, Qin Feng’s Weibo account was completely different. Everyone left sympathetic comments there.

“You were bitten by a mad dog back then. How pitiful!”

“I feel so sorry for you. I want to get beaten up on your behalf.”

“Su Shengjing, that mad dog, went too far! Luckily, you’re becoming popular now, and you don’t have to be bullied anymore.”

“Feel so sorry for you +1”

“Feel so sorry for you + 10086”

“Feel so sorry for you +infinity”

“Qin Feng, everything will become fine after the storm! The difficulties that you faced will pave the road to success. To all of his fans, let us protect the best Qin Feng together!”


Qin Feng was a popular actor of the new generation, and he had a high net worth. Ever since Su Shengjing had left the entertainment industry, Qin Feng, who was equally handsome, had replaced him as the nation’s crush.

Besides his diligence and nice personality, he was humble and respectful to his seniors. He cared for his peers and treated women gently, while also staying within his limits. Due to this, he attracted a lot of fans. Now, his popularity had sky-rocketed, boosting him almost to the top.

Qin Feng gained a hundred thousand followers because of Su Shengjing. His fans frantically promoted him to the public, which made his follower count and popularity continuously shoot up.

The hashtags #QinFengWasBeatenUp, #God-likeManQinFeng, #DisgustingSuShengjing, and #SuShengjing’sDaughter surged up to the top ten most searched terms on the Internet.

In the fan group chat, when the five of them saw how badly Su Shengjing was being scolded even after a few years, they felt extremely bad.

No matter what, Su Shengjing was still their first love who they had treasured in the past. Even though he had changed and he did not look the same as before, they could not forget the mad feeling of falling in love back then.

They did not wish for him to appear in front of the public and become a dazzling star in the limelight. All they wanted was for him to live a good and peaceful life. Could the public just let him be?

Moderator Flower: “I’m crying. What about you guys?”

Su Shengjing’s Number 1 Fan: “I’m sorry, it’s my bad. I’m sorry, Su Shengjing…”

She was the person who had shared the post about his daughter. Now, she kept blaming herself and spamming apologetic messages in the group chat.

“It’s not your fault! Why are you saying sorry? It’s Su Shengjing’s fault. Who told him to be so disappointing?”

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