I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: They Liked the Wrong Person

“Yeah, I suddenly realized that I liked the wrong person. These few years have been really tiring. Well, sisters, I’m leaving. Goodbye.”

The fan who said that Su Shengjing was disappointing also replied, “I’m tired too. Goodbye. Isn’t it better to change an idol?”

Two people left the group chat, leaving only three members behind.

One of the five was a fan who named herself “Su Shengjing, I love you.” However, her status was constantly inactive, and she never came back online ever since Su Shengjing lost his popularity.

Hence, only two active members were left in the group chat.

If they called it a fan group chat, others would mock them.

Su Shengjing’s Number 1 Fan: “Flower, everyone has left. Are we going to disband?”

Moderator Flower: “What do you mean everyone has left? Aren’t we humans? I won’t and can’t stop you if you want to leave. But I will never disband this group.”

Su Shengjing’s Number 1 Fan: “Okay, Flower. I’ll accompany you. Even if the entire world is Su Shengjing’s enemy, we will still stay on his side. Let’s battle the rest on Weibo!”


Su Shengjing was oblivious to the criticisms about him on the Internet. Right now, he was standing in front of the pots and pans in the kitchen and using his phone to research how to cook.

The meal he had cooked for lunch had miserably failed. Although Su Jiu had happily eaten to be nice to him, he felt a bit guilty.

Suddenly, his phone rang.

When Su Shengjing saw that the call was from Sheng Tianci, a disdainful expression instinctively appeared on his face. However, since Sheng Tianci had lent him a lot of money, he picked up the call. “Hello?”

When Sheng Tianci heard Su Shengjing’s calm voice, he almost spat out his coffee. He angrily paced back and forth in his study room while holding his coffee mug. “Third brother, what are you doing?”

“I’m preparing to cook.”

“You’re still in the mood to cook? Didn’t you look at Weibo? Did you know that your scandals have been dug out again? Your Weibo is exploding with comments! What the heck… These people are crazy! Not only are they scolding you, but they are also criticizing your daughter!”

Since Sheng Tianci liked Su Jiu a lot, he was furious when he saw her also getting scolded. “Do you want me to buy some accounts to comment something nice? Or contact the user who exposed your scandals and pay him to delete the post?”

Even Su Jiu was scolded?

Su Shengjing’s expression darkened. A frown appeared on his face as he said, “There’s no need. I don’t have any fans left. It’d look too fake if you buy some accounts to comment nice things. I’d get scolded even more harshly. Don’t waste your money.”

“Then what should we do? We can’t just leave it like that, right? A majority of the people scolding you are Qin Feng’s fans. That bastard! They are the ones criticizing you the fiercest!”

Qin Feng?

Su Shengjing scoffed. “I’ll just turn off the comments. It’s better for my eyes if I don’t read them.”

“What? Can you stop being so peaceful? You should go to Weibo and warn them with a lawyer’s letter!”

Su Shengjing said, “How troublesome.”

Firstly, he did not have enough money to hire a lawyer to sue the netizens. Secondly, even if he published a lawyer’s letter as a warning, it would be useless. He had the lower hand, and he could not logically argue his way out.

Sheng Tianci became angry that Su Shengjing was not planning to do anything. “You… Never mind. Whatever. If you want to turn off the comments, do it quickly. I get so angry when I see them scolding your cute daughter!”

After hanging up the call, Su Shengjing downloaded Weibo, which he had deleted long ago, and logged in again.

Indeed, his Weibo was exploding with comments.

His account, which had been inactive for a few years, looked like it had just returned from the dead. Under the sponsored posts he had pinned at the top, he saw more than ten thousand comments. Almost all of them were scolding him for being a useless piece of trash and a despicable man. Some even told him to die.

He also saw some comments scolding Su Jiu.

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