I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: She Was An Angel

After reading through the criticisms, Su Shengjing turned his head around and glanced at the little girl who was sitting on the sofa and drinking her milk. Rage suddenly bubbled up in his heart.

These people could just insult me. Why must they hurt a child who is barely four years old?

She’s an angel who is untainted by the world. Why are they so relentless even toward a child?

Su Jiu had heard Su Shengjing’s call from the living room. Her father was right. It was useless to argue with the antis right now. How could he oppose them single-handedly?

She had witnessed how vulgar the antis were when she had used Weibo in the past.

When Su Shengjing read the criticisms, he was not too affected by the comments directed at himself. However, when he saw how they were scolding his daughter alongside himself, he could not bear it anymore.

They had said that she was an ugly illegitimate brat who did not have a mother.

That’s going too far.

Whenever he saw such a comment, Su Shengjing would report and block the user.

However, as he watched the comments on his Weibo constantly increase, he could not help it. After thinking for a while, he published a post. “You can scold me however you like, but my daughter is innocent. Don’t hurt her, thank you.”

After publishing the post, he turned off the comments function and logged out of Weibo. When he had calmed down again, he continued researching how to cook. That was his current priority.

When he published the post, the netizens became abuzz with excitement again. A user with a large following discovered that Su Shengjing had turned off the comments function, so the user shared the post. All the netizens surged on that post to leave their comments.

“What the heck? Did the bastard, Su Shengjing, admit that the child is his?”

“Haha! Is she really his daughter? Something happened because of how he kept playing around, right? He’s so unpopular now. He probably can’t even sustain himself. Yet, he’s even a father. His child is so pitiful.”

“With such a father, she should just get reborn.”

“The bastard Su is a single father? He won’t take advantage of his daughter, right? It sounds very possible. Ew, I feel disgusted just by thinking about it.”

“She’s probably his illegitimate daughter. Su Shengjing is so despicable. Not only did he sleep with many women, he even had a child. The mother is so unlucky to have a child with a man like him.”

“Since she was involved with a man like Su Shengjing, the woman is probably not a good person either, okay?”

However, other than the comments like these, people had other opinions as well.

“The back of the baby’s head is so cute! Look at her two little braids! How cute!”

“Everyone says that daughters look like their fathers. Su Shengjing is quite handsome. With such genes, his daughter should probably be very cute, right?”

“Requesting for a photo of her face!”

“Same here! I can’t believe that I’m struck by how cute the back of her head is!”


After a lot of effort and more than an hour, Su Shengjing finally finished cooking two dishes and a soup.

He had prepared stewed chicken wings, shredded fish and pork, and egg drop soup with seaweed. It was food that children usually liked. When Su Jiu sat down at the dining table and saw how the dishes looked quite appetizing, she raised her head and happily praised him, “They look so yummy! Daddy, you’re amazing!”

This little girl did not hold her praises back at all. For some reason, Su Shengjing felt that he was very useful.

If the netizens knew how obedient and cute my daughter is, would they still say such vulgar words?

“Take a bite and see if it’s yummy.” Su Shengjing suppressed the unhappiness in his heart and placed a chicken wing into her bowl. He then looked at her with an anticipating and nervous gaze.

Su Jiu picked up the chicken wing and took a bite. Then, she flashed a bright smile at Su Shengjing, and her eyes narrowed into crescents. “Daddy, this is so yummy!”

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