I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Little Demon Fighting For A Livelihood

When he thought of Su Jiu, Rong Si felt better. “Sixth floor. I did thank her.”

The woman nodded and said, “That’s good. You must remember people who are nice to you. We are not capable of repaying their kindness right now, but this might not be the case in the future. You should remember their kindness and be grateful toward them.”

Rong Si seriously replied, “I know.”

When I grow up, I will properly repay her kindness.


After Su Jiu sat inside Sheng Tianci’s car, they started traveling. Soon, they reached a city area on the mid hill that had a lot of rich people.

The scenery here was nice, and there was a good view of the sea nearby. The bright blue sky and the cool, refreshing sea breeze were a pleasure to experience.

This atmosphere was the complete opposite of that in the old city area.

A black Maybach moved on the road filled with the French trees.

When a three-story bungalow with a garden, red roof, and white walls appeared in his vision, Sheng Tianci slowed down. He looked at Su Jiu from the rearview mirror, smiled, and said, “Little girl, this is your uncle’s house. Is it nice?”

Su Jiu looked out the car window, gazed at the bungalow that looked like a castle, and sighed. This is totally capitalist ideology!

When Dad returns to the top, I can also live in such a place!

Although she thought like this, she still made a shocked face and replied, “Wow! Uncle’s house is so beautiful. It looks like a castle!”

The security guard at the gate opened the metal door. Sheng Tianci drove in and laughed even more happily, “If you like it so much, do you want to stay here?”


“Then just stay at Uncle’s house. Don’t go back to that old house anymore, alright?” Sheng Tianci tempted her.

He thought Su Jiu would agree, but she touched her chin and rejected his offer immediately. “No.”

This surprised Sheng Tianci, and he asked, “Why not? You just said that this house is beautiful.”

Su Jiu answered, “Because I want to live with my dad.”

Sheng Tianci was speechless.


Alright, I have finally understood this little girl. To her, her dad is her everything. Even if she has to suffer with him, she will stay with him.

The car drove inside, and Su Jiu saw that the bungalow had a really big garden that was like a golf course. The garden was filled with expensive plants, a water fountain, and even a huge man-made lake where a few black swans were swimming around.

As she marveled at the sight, Sheng Tianci parked the car at the space beside the water fountain. He opened the car door, unbuckled her seatbelt, hugged her, and brought her out. He then went to marble stairs near the door of the bungalow with her.

His heart was beating with excitement. He knew that when his family would see that he had brought back a cute child, they would be elated. He could finally make himself proud!

Su Jiu allowed him to hug her and looked at his excited face. She did not know why he was so excited and thought that this person was a little silly.

Sheng Tianci opened the door and told her, “Little girl, after going in, remember to praise Uncle more often, okay?”

Su Jiu obediently agreed, “Okay, Uncle.”

Her cute expression made Sheng Tianci feel like kissing her. When he opened the door, a little shadow came straight at them. It shocked him so much that he stumbled a step backward.

After recognizing the kid who had banged into him, Sheng Tianci said with a disdainful look, “You little bastard, haven’t I told you a lot of times to not run around? Why don’t you listen?”

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