I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Little Demon Fighting For A Livelihood

The kid lifted his head. He wanted to call Sheng Tianci uncle, but the little girl Sheng Tianci was holding on to attracted his attention instead.

Who is she?

A maid followed him out with a glass of milk. She sighed and said, “Little Master, don’t run around. Finish your milk first.”

Seeing Sheng Tianci, the maid quickly greeted, “Third Master, you’re back.”

“Yes.” Sheng Tianci then used one of his hands to rub the little boy’s head and said, “You can’t even finish breakfast quietly. Why are you so naughty?”

The maid could not do anything but say, “Exactly! I have been chasing after him half the day. Boys are just hard to serve.”

Mistress Sheng had given birth to three boys. Other than the youngest Sheng Tianci who had yet to form a family, the two elder ones had already got married and had kids.

Sheng Tianci was ranked third in his family just like Su Shengjing. Both of them had become good friends when they had first met because of their similar ages.

The eldest son of the Sheng family had two boys, while the second eldest son also had two boys. The whole family had not seen a female child for a few generations. Old Master Sheng and Mistress Sheng’s hope for a grand-daughter had been diminishing after their grandsons were born.

This little boy, Sheng Zhiyan, was the youngest of all the kids. He was only five, and of course, he was the most well-taken care of. It also made him the most naughty one. He did whatever he liked, and nobody could do anything to stop him.

Sheng Zhiyan did not care about the maid. He continued to judge the little girl Sheng Tianci was holding onto. She was clad in a white dress and two braids. Her fair and white skin looked as soft as tofu, giving him the urge to pinch her.

He seriously asked her like a young adult, “Who are you?”

Sheng Tianci was unhappy with the kid’s manners. “How rude! You should be nicer to this younger sister. Otherwise, I won’t easily let you off!”

“Hmmph! I’m not scared of you. I will ask Grandpa to scold you.”

Su Jiu could tell from one look that the kid was a spoiled one. Moreover, since Sheng Tianci’s threatening did not work, it meant that acting like this was ineffective toward the kid. She realized she should be nice to him.

Su Jiu asked Sheng Tianci to let her down. She then stood right in front of Sheng Zhiyan and shyly said with a pinkish face, “Hello, brother, I’m Su Jiu. You can call me little jiu.”

She appeared cute just like a white, soft little rabbit. Sheng Zhiyan was not as angry as before. He raised his eyebrows to ask, “What’s your relationship with my uncle? Why are you here at my house?”

“My dad is a good friend of Uncle. My dad was not free to take care of me, so Uncle brought me here,” Su Jiu replied with a soft and cute voice. She then embarrassedly asked, “Brother, can I play with you?”

Sheng Tianci looked at her with a face full of softness as if he were her father. However, inside his mind, he was screaming, “Play with her! You must play with her! If you don’t, I’ll beat you up!”

Sheng Zhiyan’s original plan was to act as if he were a proud boy and say, “I don’t play with girls. I hate girls!”

However, the Su Jiu pitifully looked at her with her long and closely-packed eyelashes. Sheng Zhiyan saw her eyes that looked like black grapes. As he continued to look at those watery and beautiful eyes, he could not bear to scare her.

He looked away and awkwardly replied, “Alright!”

“Thank you, Brother. You’re so nice.” Su Jiu smiled at him. Her smile was as sweet as dessert, and her dimples at the side made her look even more adorable.

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