I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Talk Over Tea 1

Su Jiu’s cute face instantly amazed Sheng Zhiyan. He thought that she was more beautiful than any other girl in the kindergarten. She was also so obedient, unlike some other fierce girls who made him now want to play with them.

He lifted his chin and proudly said, “That’s for sure!”

When the maid saw that he was in a good mood, she said, “Little Master, finish the milk first. Then you can play with your younger sister.”

Sheng Zhiyan immediately rejected her. “No, milk tastes so bad!”

Su Jiu blinked and said, “Brother, my dad says that drinking milk will allow you to grow taller. The only good kids are those who listen to their parents.”

Sheng Zhiyan was speechless.

The maid smiled and said, “Yes, Little Master, even she, who is younger than you, knows that milk is good for you and that you should be obedient. You’re the elder brother. You should be more obedient than her.”

Sheng Zhiyan was unconvinced. He stared at the maid. However, when he turned around and saw that Su Jiu was looking at him, he felt embarrassed. As his face turned red, he hesitantly said, “Since when am I not obedient?”

Su Jiu smiled and said, “Brother, you’re the most obedient one.”

These words embarrassed Sheng Zhiyan even more. To prove to her that he was obedient, he turned and finished the glass of milk in the maid’s hands.

The maid heaved a sigh of relief. She started to like Su Jiu. She could not hold herself back and asked, “Third Master, this little girl is your friend’s child? You’re helping him take care of her?”

Sheng Tianci nodded and replied, “Yes, give her a bottle of milk, and have the cook make some desserts suitable for kids.”

The maid was amused by the words of this young master who did not have a decent image at all. It seemed that he had the potential to be a good dad.

Before leaving, she looked at Su Jiu. She’s such a cute and lovable baby. Her parents are so lucky to have her!

Su Jiu walked to the living room. She did not run around; she obediently sat down instead and looked around. “Brother, your house is so big and beautiful.”

Sheng Zhiyan proudly replied, “Of course! Is your house not big and beautiful?”

Su Jiu looked down. She made a disappointed and sad face as she shook her head and replied, “No, my house is small and old. My dad has no money to afford a big house. Brother, you won’t despise me right? Will you still play with me?

Su Jiu felt that she was a b*tch as this was exactly how a b*tch talked.

However, for the sake of her dad and her own future, she needed to gather all her strength. It was better to make more friends than to make enemies.

Right now, she looked very nervous and uneasy. Her pitiful appearance triggered Sheng Zhiyan’s urge to protect her. He immediately replied, “Of course not. Younger Sister, you can live in my house from now on. I have a lot of rooms in the house. You can just choose any one of them!”

Sheng Tianci sat down beside Su Jiu, gently touched her soft hair, and said to Sheng Zhiyan, “If you can convince her to stay in our house, I will buy you anything you want.”

Su Jiu shook her head once again and said, “No, Uncle, this is your house. I can’t stay here. My dad said that I should not trouble you.”

This reply left Sheng Tianci speechless.

She’s indeed a little angel!

At this moment, the maid came to the room with a glass of milk and passed it to Su Jiu. Su Jiu took the glass, sweetly smiled at the maid, and said, “Thank you, Elder Sister.”

Sheng Zhiyan stared at her. His heart started beating faster, and his ears turned red.

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