I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Talk Over Tea 2

Watching her finish the glass of milk without saying anything, Sheng Zhiyan felt embarrassed.

His younger sister was indeed more obedient than him. Since he was older than her, he decided to not be willful again when drinking milk the next time!

The old couple from the Sheng Family was having a walk beside the artificial lake. When they heard from the maids that Sheng Tianci had come back with an adorable little girl, their eyes lit up.

Did our third son fulfill our wish of having a grand-daughter?

The two elders became excited as they rushed back to the house. They saw a little girl with two braids sitting on the sofa. Sheng Tianci had sat on her left. He had never been soft and gentle before, yet he was looking at her as though he were a loving father.

The little demon of the family, Sheng Zhiyan, was sitting on her right. He gave her a chocolate and gently said, “This is for you, Younger Sister.”

Younger sister!

The two elders looked at each other and became even more excited. Old Mistress Sheng instantly walked over and said with a seemingly angry but excited tone, “Tianci! You brat! How could you have a kid without getting married? Why did you not tell us?”

Old Master Sheng also gave him a nasty look and scolded, “Exactly! Good job, you’re going from bad to worse. How did I have such a useless child like you!”

Old Mistress Sheng stared at him and said, “And you only brought her back when she has grown so old. Are you even a human? You can’t do anything but make everyone angry!”

Sheng Tianci was stunned. He tried to explain after realizing that his parents had misunderstood the situation, “Dad, Mom, this child—”

Before he could finish his sentence, he saw his mom turning to Su Jiu with brightly lit eyes and a big smile. “Aiyo, this little obedient kid is so cute. Come, let Grandma hug you!”

As she talked to Su Jiu, she hit Sheng Tianci’s head and continued scolding him, “D*mn brat, since you have a daughter, you should’ve brought her back when she was just born. How could you leave her outside? How are you doing your job as a father? How did my granddaughter live outside? You’re driving me mad!”

Sheng Tianci was speechless.

“Little sweetheart, come to grandma. Aiyo! You have finally arrived!” Old Mistress Sheng was so immersed in the excitement that she could not hold back anymore. She reached out for Su Jiu, lifted her from the sofa, and hugged her in her arms.

When she looked at the cute little face and those watery, beautiful eyes, she found the little girl so lovely that she did not want to let her go.

Old Mistress Sheng asked Su Jiu in a loving and gentle tone, “Baby, what’s your name? How old are you? Who’s your mother?”

Su Jiu knew that the old lady had mistaken her for Sheng Tianci’s daughter. She politely replied, “Hello, Grandma, I’m Su Jiu, and my dad is Su Shengjing.”

“Little Jiu, why did you have this name? Hey, how did you name her? Such a low standard of naming…” Old Mistress Sheng was complaining to Sheng Tianci when her eyes went wide. She asked in surprise, “Wait, Baby, what’s the name of your father?”

Su Jiu innocently looked at her and replied, “Grandma, my dad’s name is Su Shengjing.”

“What? She’s not your daughter?”

The speechless Sheng Tianci did a facepalm. “Although I always fool around, it does not mean I will make a woman pregnant and even have a daughter outside.”

In the end, Old Mistress Sheng despised him even more. “You’re indeed a useless person who is even more useless than Su Shengjing! Although he’s bad, he at least has such a cute and lovable daughter. What about you? You have nothing!”

Sheng Tianci had no words to refute her.

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