I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Talk Over Tea 3

The two elders were mad thinking of having a grand-daughter!

Su Shengjing was now a wanted man. How could he be less than him?

Old Master Sheng sighed pitifully.

Why is she not my grand-daughter?

As he looked at Su Jiu’s cute face, he could not hold back. He reached out toward her face and said, “Let me hug you and get the feeling of having a grand-daughter. The Old Li living near us knows that I don’t have a grand-daughter, and he always shows off his grand-daughter to us. It makes me so angry!”

“Who asked us to not have the fate of getting a grand-daughter? Go away! It’s not your turn yet. I haven’t hugged her enough.”

Old Mistress Sheng did not let go of Su Jiu. She sat on the sofa and let Su Jiu sit on her legs. The more she looked at Su Jiu, the more she liked her. “Little Sweetheart, why don’t you just stay here. Don’t go home anymore, okay?”

The two of them had heard of Su Shengjing’s situation from Sheng Tianci. With how Su Shengjing was right now, him properly raising a child was a questionable prospect.

Su Jiu seriously looked at her and replied, “Grandma, I’m sorry but I can’t stay here.”


“I can’t abandon my dad. He doesn’t have anything: money, a beautiful house, a car, or a wife. He only has me. If I’m not with him, he would be very sad.”

This answer stunned and touched Old Mistress Sheng.

The world of a child was so simple. They were easily content, and they didn’t care much about the materialistic conditions. As long as they had their parents with them, they would be happy.

Old Mistress Sheng looked at Sheng Zhiyan, who was sitting at the side. Before this, she found this grandson very lovable. However, when compared to Su Jiu, he was a little bastard.

“Look, how obedient this little sister is! How about you? You just fool around like a monkey every day. You should learn from her!”

Sheng Zhiyan sat up straight and placed his hands on his knees. “Grandma, I know and I will learn from Younger Sister.”

Old Mistress Sheng was speechless.

How could this be? This little girl can change this little bastard?

Looks like we have really found a treasure!

Old Mistress Sheng closely hugged her and said, “Little Jiu, Grandma likes you a lot. Can you come over to play frequently?”

Su Jiu bit her lip and showed them an uneasy expression. She then replied in a soft voice, “Grandma, how can Dad earn a lot of money?”

This question surprised Old Mistress Sheng. “This… why did you ask this question?”

This shouldn’t be a concern for a child!

Su Jiu looked down. With a disturbed look, she answered, “If dad is rich, then he would not have to work so hard. He could accompany me more often, and I won’t have to worry about him anymore. Then, I can come and play with Grandma, Grandpa, and Brother frequently.”

Sheng Tianci smiled and thought that this little girl was filled with great ideas. Her main concern was not about playing but how to help his dad.

Old Mistress Sheng heard her reply and said to Sheng Tianci, “Don’t you have good ties with the third son of the Su family? He had a tough life before, but it was fine. Now, he has a child. He can’t do without money. Why don’t you get him to come and work for our company?”

Sheng Tianci shook his shoulders and said, “I told him, but he said that he went into the entertainment industry after graduating from high school, and thus, doesn’t have high qualifications. Our company only hires those who have an education level higher than a researcher. He did not want to be gossiped about as someone who entered the company using connections. Moreover, he doesn’t like relying on others. That’s why I couldn’t do anything.”

Su Jiu blinked and innocently asked, “Uncle, does Dad not like the entertainment industry?”

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