I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Doted On By Everyone (1)

Sheng Tianci rubbed the back of his head and said with uncertainty, “Probably‚Ķ After what happened to him back then, he left the entertainment industry. He must be unwilling to accept his fate. He told me before that he wanted to become a top star, so maybe, he still dreams of being a celebrity.”

Midway through his speech, he changed his mind. “Well, why am I telling you this? A little girl like you probably won’t understand it. What I’m trying to say is that your father might still like working in the entertainment industry.”

Su Jiu struck while the iron was hot. “Uncle, can you let Daddy enter the entertainment industry?”

Old Mistress Sheng felt her heart ache when she saw how worried Su Jiu was about her father.

Such a young child, yet she’s so concerned for her father. Why aren’t my naughty kids so obedient? They only know how to create trouble and anger others.

Thinking of something, she immediately said to Sheng Tianci, “Doesn’t your second brother own an entertainment company? Talk to him. See if he can promote Su Shengjing again. Su Shengjing is still young, after all. He can’t continue like this.”

Sheng Tianci said with a sigh, “Will someone as opinionated as Second Brother listen to me? He looks down on me, okay! Plus, Su Shengjing’s reputation is so bad now. Which company will accept him? Wouldn’t that be akin to digging a pit for themselves and planting a time bomb that can explode at any time?

“No company wants to incur a loss or spend so much effort to promote a person tied down with scandals. They might as well groom a newcomer with loads of potential. It’ll save time and effort, and it won’t be so risky.”

Su Jiu’s face fell.

Sheng Tianci was right. In the condition his father was in right now, only a madman would sign him into their company.

Su Jiu pouted and miserably asked, “Uncle, is there no other way? If Daddy really dreams to become a celebrity, will that dream never come true? He’ll be very sad.”

Old Mistress Sheng could not bear to see the little girl’s disappointed look. She immediately slapped Sheng Tianci on the back and said, “Did you hear that? Look at how thoughtful Little Jiu is. You should help her. Don’t disappoint that child!”

Sheng Tianci’s lips twitched. “Of course, I don’t want to disappoint her. But, Mom, I think that you should talk to Second Brother instead. He listens to you and Dad more.”

Old Mistress Sheng thought about it and agreed. Her gaze fell onto Su Jiu’s face again as she stroked her soft hair. In a loving tone, she said, “Little Jiu, don’t be unhappy. Grandma will help your Daddy.”

“Really? Thank you, Grandma!”

Old Mistress Sheng’s eyes lit up when she saw Su Jiu face flush with excitement. She got an urge to tightly hug Su Jiu and dote on her. Her desire to have a granddaughter of her own grew stronger.

She couldn’t help but glare at her disappointing son again.

Sheng Tianci could only avert his gaze, pretending not to notice her.


Su Jiu stayed at the Sheng Family for a day and successfully became the target of everyone’s affection. She enjoyed the treatment fit for a princess. However, Su Shengjing did not come to pick her up. Even though the sky was turning dark, he had yet to arrive.

Old Mistress Sheng tried to coax Su Jiu for the hundredth time. “Little Jiu, it’s almost night time. Why don’t you stay for the night? I’ll ask the cooks to prepare something yummy for you. Sleep with me tonight, okay?”

Sheng Zhiyan, who was at the side, agreed with the sentiment. “Yeah, little sister. Don’t go back. You can sleep with me tonight. I’ll give my favorite toys to you!”

He offered what he thought was a tempting offer, but Su Jiu fidgeted with her hands. As a conflicting expression about making a difficult choice appeared on her face, she firmly asserted, “No, I can’t. Since Daddy said that he would pick me up, he’ll definitely come.”

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