I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Doted On By Everyone 2

Old Mistress Sheng sighed.

This child is too obedient. Other children wouldn’t want to return home if they got the chance to stay in such a large house filled with good food and toys.

At that moment, the doorbell rang.

“It must be Daddy!” Su Jiu became energized. She jumped down from the sofa and ran toward the door. After much difficulty, she managed to unlock the door with her tiny hands. When the door opened, she saw that it was indeed Su Shengjing.

“Daddy!” Su Jiu happily called out.

Su Shengjing lowered his head and looked at Su Jiu. Her bright eyes looked right at him, and she even flashed such a sweet smile at him. His heart instantly melted as if all the gloominess in his heart had disappeared.

He realized how much he missed her after a day without her.

Su Shengjing took her in his arms and rubbed his cheek against hers. “Did you miss Daddy?”

“Yes!” Su Jiu forcefully nodded and said in a soft and cute voice, “I thought about you all day, Daddy. I missed you when I was drinking water, eating, and playing… Anyway, I really, really, really missed you!”

She tried her best to express herself in a manner that matched a kid her age. All she wanted to do was make Su Shengjing aware of how important he was to her.

In Su Jiu’s opinion, a person could pull themselves back together if they felt that they were valued. They needed someone to miss them so that they would have the motivation to strive on!

Su Jiu’s words were very effective on Su Shengjing. He had not expected her to miss him so much.

She should’ve been elated in the Sheng family. She should’ve been having so much fun that she should’ve felt reluctant to go home. Yet, she still thought about me all the time!

“Daddy, why did you come to pick me up so late? I thought that… you didn’t want me anymore…” As she said this, Su Jiu pouted. She made a face as if she were on the brink of tears, just like a pitiful child.

Su Shengjing hurriedly replied, “Why would I abandon you? I like you the most.”

“I also like you the most, Daddy!” Su Jiu exclaimed as she hugged Su Shengjing’s neck.

My relationship with Su Shengjing is constantly improving, which is good progress. If my relationship with him deepens further, he won’t abandon me. Then, I won’t be adopted like the character in the novel, right?

In short, I must not follow the original storyline.

Surviving is more important.

Isn’t it better to think of a way to make Daddy a top star, while I become a billionaire heiress?

While thinking about it, Su Jiu suddenly noticed that Su Shengjing’s neck was a bit red as if he had been sunburned. She immediately asked, “Daddy, what happened to your neck?”

Su Shengjing averted his gaze, looking a bit guilty. He then laughed and dismissively said, “It’s nothing. The sun was too bright today, so I got sunburned.”

Is it really a sunburn?

How long has he been under the sun? How did he become like this?

At that moment, Old Mistress Sheng walked over. Su Shengjing nodded and greeted her, “Ma’am.”

“Shengjing, it has been a long time. You even have a daughter now.” Old Mistress Sheng did not mention the scandals about Su Shengjing. Instead, she enviously watched as Su Shengjing carried Su Jiu. “Little Jiu is so obedient and cute. How did you have such a good daughter? If I get such a good granddaughter, I won’t have any regrets in my life!”

Looks like Su Jiu is very lovable. With how affectionate Old Mistress Sheng’s gaze is, she probably wishes to raise Su Jiu as her own granddaughter.

For some reason, a sense of pride surfaced in Su Shengjing’s heart. He smirked and said, “Ma’am, your wish will come true. Isn’t your third son unmarried? When he gets married, he’ll definitely have a beautiful and cute daughter. You’ll have a granddaughter then.”

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