I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Doted On By Everyone (3)

The words immediately made Sheng Tianci angry. He glared at Su Shengjing and snapped. “Hey, just speak normally. Don’t drag me into this, okay? I don’t want to marry so early and have a woman control me.”

Sheng Tianci’s reply disappointed Old Mistress Sheng, and she angrily said, “A rascal like you needs someone to look after you! Plus, don’t you want a daughter like Su Jiu?”

Sheng Tianci glanced at Su Jiu, coughed, and weakly said, “Of course, I do. But, who can guarantee that I’ll definitely have a daughter after marrying? What if I have a son instead?”

Old Sheng mistress was at a loss for words.

It was indeed a problem.

If instead of a girl, her family got another two or three boys, she would be rendered helpless.

Sheng Tianci felt delighted. Very good! I successfully dodged the topic of my marriage.

When Su Shengjing was about to leave with Su Jiu, Sheng Zhiyan ran out and longingly looked at her. “Little sister, will you come over to play tomorrow?”

His eyes were filled with anticipation. After thinking for a while, Su Jiu turned around and whispered to Su Shengjing, “Daddy, let me down. I have something to say to Big Brother.”

When Su Shengjing saw how serious Su Jiu was, he found it amusing.

What does this little girl have to say? She sounds so mysterious.

He placed Su Jiu onto the floor. Su Jiu grabbed Sheng Zhiyan’s hand and dragged him to the side. It looked like they were going to have a secret conversation. This stunned Sheng Zhiyan at first, but he became overjoyed that his little sister was holding his hand. Hence, he followed her and ran to the side.

Old MIstress Sheng watched as the two children left, and an extremely loving expression appeared on her face. She casually said to Su Shengjing, “Shengjing, I like your daughter so much. She seems to be having a lot of fun with my grandson. Why don’t we let them get engaged?”

If Su Jiu can’t become my granddaughter, she can still become my granddaughter-in-law. Anyway, she just needs to become part of my family!

Old Mistress Sheng applauded herself for this great idea.

Su Shengjing immediately felt awkward.

The first thought that popped into his mind was, How is it possible for them to get engaged!

He had just reconciled with his daughter. How could he hand her over so quickly? Naturally, he had to leave this matter for the future. Moreover, Sheng Tianci had always complained to him about his nephews, especially this one, who was spoiled rotten. The kid always had his way at home and didn’t even respect Sheng Tianci.

Thus, how could he allow Su Jiu to marry this brat? Wouldn’t she be bullied by him?

Su Shengjing could only display an awkward yet polite smile. “Ma’am, my daughter is still young. Let’s talk about this in the future. Everyone advocates for the freedom to love now. If I arrange an engagement for her, she’d hate me if she falls in love with someone else in the future.”

Old Mistress Sheng smiled and said, “It was just a casual remark because I like your daughter too much. To be honest, I hope that my grandson can do better. If Little Jiu and he can become a couple in the future, I’d be absolutely overjoyed.”

“That’ll depend on fate.” Although Su Shengjing said that, his thoughts were different.

For some reason, the more he looked at Sheng Zhiyan, the more he disliked him. To him, it seemed as if he would lose his daughter to this rascal out of the blue.

He wanted to hear what Su Jiu had to say to the kid, but she was so secretive and far away that he could not hear her.

When Sheng Zhiyan looked at Su Jiu holding his hand, his face flushed in excitement.

Su Jiu blinked and looked at him. Moving closer to him, she softly asked, “Big Brother, do you want me to come tomorrow?”

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