I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 44 - Moved By The Little Brat

Chapter 44: Moved By The Little Brat

Sheng Zhiyan immediately nodded and replied, “Yes!”

“I’ll come and play with you then. However, can you do me a small favor?”

Her fair and tiny face was right in front of him. Moreover, she spoke in a soft voice and with a beseeching and embarrassed look in her crystal-clear eyes. It seemed as if she were pleading with him.

Sheng Zhiyan’s protective instincts exploded again. He patted his chest and exclaimed, “Of course!”

Su Jiu embarrassedly said, “Big Brother, Grandma said that she would ask your daddy to help my daddy. If your daddy doesn’t agree, can you do me a favor and convince him?”

If he could be convinced, she would even be willing to accompany this kid for three days and three nights. It was all worth it!

Sheng Zhiyan agreed without hesitation. “No problem. I promise you!”

“Thank you, Big Brother!” Su Jiu flashed a bright grin at him. Then, she continued whispering, “Also, this is our secret. You must not tell your daddy that I asked you to say that.”

It would be too suspicious if a four-year-old child knew how to manipulate others for a favor.

“Yes! This is our secret!” Sheng Zhiyan proudly declared. After thinking about it, he asked the little girl, who was a head shorter than him, “What should I say?”

“Just say‚Ķ Just say that my daddy is very pitiful. He’s jobless and constantly gets insulted by others. On top of that, he and I live in a run-down house. When I went out with him to buy buns in the morning, we even got beaten up. Can you do me this favor, Big Brother?”

To pave a bright future for her father and to avoid the original character’s demise, Su Jiu was ready to give it her all.

She was teaching a five-year-old child how to do these shady things, just like an evil villainess.

However, if the child had any requests, she would do her best to fulfill them as a form of repayment.

When Sheng Zhiyan heard that Su Jiu did not have a proper house to live in, he felt a sense of pity for her. Her words left a deep impression on him. He even wanted to ask her to stay in his house.

However, when he heard that someone had beaten up her, he became furious. “Which evil person hit you? Tell me? I’ll beat them up for you!”

Sheng Zhiyan was very skilled at fighting at kindergarten. Other children would burst into tears after fighting with him, and they would insist on looking for their parents. However, he never cried nor turned to his parents.

He looked all intimidating and aggressive, but in reality, he was just a small kid. Su Jiu felt very amused. “That person is an adult who’s really good at beating up others. Don’t fight with her, Big Brother. It won’t be good if you get injured.”

Sheng Zhiyan angrily rebuked, “But she hit you! She deserves to be beaten up!”

Su Jiu laughed and said, “Big Brother, how about this? You drink more milk and eat more food. That way, you can grow taller and stronger. Then, if someone tries to hit me in the future, you can help me fight back.”

As a child who was picky about food and disliked milk, Sheng Zhiyan hesitated for a few seconds. However, as if he had made up his mind, he firmly nodded and promised, “I’ll grow taller and stronger quickly! Little Sister, I’ll protect you then. No one will dare to bully you.”

Su Jiu was speechless.

Oh my God, I was actually moved by this little brat.

Usually, this child is mischievous and arrogant like an untamed puppy. However, in reality, he’s a kind person who’s just a little proud.

Su Jiu sincerely said, “Big Brother, you’re the best.”

Sheng Zhiyan felt embarrassed again. He lifted his chin and proudly declared, “I’m not nice to everyone! I won’t be nice to someone I dislike!”

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