I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 45 - Working As A Construction Worker

Chapter 45: Working As A Construction Worker (1)

Su Jiu could not help but burst out laughing.

Alright, he’s indeed a proud child!


The Sheng family enthusiastically invited the father and daughter duo for dinner. After dinner, Su Shengjing got into the Sheng family’s car with Su Jiu and headed back home.

Although the Sheng family did not want Su Jiu to live in a run-down house with Su Shengjing, they were father and daughter after all. Moreover, Su Jiu always clung to him, which meant that Su Shengjing was probably a good father. Hence, the family did not voice out any opposition.

Su Jiu obediently sat at the back with Su Shengjing. The chauffeur in the car was a middle-aged man who kept stealing glances at Su Jiu through the rearview mirror. In the end, he could not help but exclaim, “Mr. Su, your little girl is so cute.”

“Thank you, Uncle,” Su Jiu cutely replied.

The man found her utterly adorable. “You’re welcome! Mr. Su, I really envy you. I just have a son and no daughter. After seeing your child, I really want a daughter.”

Who wouldn’t want to have such a cute child?

Su Shengjing stroked Su Jiu’s tiny head, feeling a bit proud. Other than the people who were prejudiced against Su Jiu because of him, everyone instantly loved her.

He seriously said, “Well, that depends on fate.”

“Yes, this child is fated with you! There’s a saying that daughters are a father’s precious gems. Mr. Su, you’ll be so lucky in the future!”

“I’m not sure if I’ll remain lucky or not. People always say that daughters drift apart from their fathers after they grow older. I’m just afraid that when she grows up, she’ll run away with other boys and abandon me,” While speaking, Su Shengjing looked at Su Jiu. He heaved a sigh, pretending to be disappointed.

Su Jiu giggled and hugged his arm. She sweetly said, “Daddy, I won’t run away with other boys. I want to be with you. I like you the most.”

Even though he was not the target of these words, the chauffeur found Su Jiu’s words extremely sweet.

Su Shengjing became elated. What he had heard were the most beautiful words to enter his ears. He lowered his head, gazed at Su Jiu, and stroked her hair. “Daddy also likes you the most.”

Su Jiu rubbed her face against his palm like a kitten and flashed him a bright and sweet grin. His heart softened even more.

By the time they reached home, the sky had already darkened.

“Thank you for sending me and my daddy home, Uncle. Thank you for your hard work.” Su Jiu politely waved at the chauffeur.

The chauffeur chuckled and drove away. All he could think about was to eagerly go home and discuss with his wife the prospect of having a daughter.

Su Shengjing carried Su Jiu up the dim stairway. Su Jiu curiously asked, “Daddy, have you found a job?”

Su Shengjing had not expected Su Jiu to ask this question, so he was surprised. He quickly regained his senses and flicked her nose. “I found one. I’ll have money to support you. Don’t worry!”

Su Jiu asked, “Then, what job did you find?”

She was indeed curious. Her father had no educational qualifications or job experience. Furthermore, everyone online hated him. How was it possible for him to find a job?

Even if a company were willing to hire him, it would be troublesome if he ran into paparazzi. Hence, if they had other potential candidates to choose from, why would they hire him?

After opening the door, Su Shengjing placed Su Jiu down. He casually said as he closed the door, “I’m working as a construction worker.”

“A construction worker?” Su Jiu was surprised. She tilted her head as she gazed at him, not knowing whether he was joking or being serious.

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