I Become A Burdensome Child After Transmigrating

Chapter 46 - Working As A Construction Worker

Chapter 46: Working As A Construction Worker 2

Su Shengjing bent down and smiled at her. “Yes, a construction worker. Do you know what it means to be a construction worker?”

Su Jiu was speechless.

Is Daddy telling the truth?

After all, his body is sunburnt.

Su Jiu met his gaze for two seconds. Pretending to be oblivious, she then asked, “Daddy, is being a construction worker exhausting? The director of the orphanage said that if children don’t study hard, we’ll have to become construction workers when we grow up. She said that it’s a really exhausting and difficult job.”

When Su Shengjing saw the worry on Su Jiu’s face, he silently sighed.

He did not expect her to know what a construction worker was. He had assumed that she did not know anything about it. However, in order to calm her down, he had no choice but to explain himself.

Su Shengjing thought about it and said, “I was lying to you. I’m not a construction worker. Instead, I got an extremely good job with a large office where I can enjoy the cool air conditioning. It’s really comfortable. I’m not tired at all.”

Su Jiu immediately knew that he was lying.

However, she did not expose him. She just heaved a sigh of relief and exclaimed, “That’s good! Don’t be too tired, Daddy. I’ll be sad.”

As she spoke, she hugged his leg.

Su Shengjing gulped. He felt his heart ache as if something had pricked his heart.

In his current situation, it was good enough that he could find a job. As long as he had the means to support Su Jiu, his exhaustion didn’t matter.

Su Shengjing acted as if nothing had happened. He carried Su Jiu again, placed her onto the sofa, and softly said, “Darling, play on your own for a while. I’ll prepare a cup of milk for you.”

“Okay. Thank you, Daddy!”

As she watched Su Shengjing walk toward the kitchen with the cup, Su Jiu thought that he was becoming more and more like an experienced dad.

At the very least, his attitude toward children was commendable. In the beginning, Su Jiu had been worried that Su Shengjing would have a bad temper and would be hard to get along with. She feared that he could be the type of man who scolded and abused children. However, it now seemed that her worries were unnecessary.

Luckily, the original author had not treated this character too harshly. Even though she was an evil side character, she had a good father.


The next morning, a while after dawn, Su Jiu vaguely heard a commotion. She dazedly woke up. When she opened her bleary eyes, she saw Su Shengjing already dressed up, ready to go out.

“Daddy…” She rubbed her eyes and sat up on the bed.

When Su Shengjing heard her voice, he immediately turned around and looked at her. “You’re awake?”

“Daddy, are you leaving?”

Since she had just woken up, Su Jiu’s voice was extremely cute. Moreover, she was staring at him with her watery eyes, like a newborn fawn. Su Shengjing could not withstand her cuteness. He sat down at the edge of the bed and combed her messy hair with his fingers. “Yes, Daddy is preparing to go to work. I’ve already called the handsome uncle to pick you up. Go and play at his house today, okay?”

Su Jiu nodded. “Okay! Daddy, you can go to work. I’ll be obedient.”

As she spoke, the doorbell rang. Su Shengjing stood up and opened the door.

Before Su Jiu could even see Sheng Tianci, she heard an excited voice.

“Little Sister, I’m here to pick you up!”

Su Jiu was speechless.

Isn’t this the voice of that brat, Sheng Zhiyan?

Sheng Zhiyan indeed appeared at the entrance the very next second. He excitedly ran in and asked, “Have you not woken up yet?”

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