I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Someone Came to the Camp (1)

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At this moment, in the pigsty of the logistics company.

“Ah! Oh my God, platoon leader, these pigs! How long has it been since we last cleaned them?”

“Yup! There’s sh*t all over!”

“How long will this take?”

A row of more than ten soldiers looked at the hundreds of pigs eating in the pigsty.

They all frowned, the pungent smell made them wail.

“We’ve been in emergency training for the past few days. Every time, we either collapse on the training ground or faint!

“There’s no time to clean this place!” Lu Zhengtao said helplessly.

“Hurry up and wash up!”

“If we don’t handle it well, we’ll have to face physical punishment later!”

The dozen of them had no choice but to walk into the pigsty while trembling.

“Ah! Wu Yanzhu, what the hell are you doing? I’m covered in sh*t now!”

One of the soldiers shouted.

“Hahaha! I’m sorry! I didn’t notice! I didn’t notice!” The soldier said apologetically.

“What kind of lives do we have? The daily training is killing me! I still have to give these guys a bath. I don’t even have the time to clean myself!”

“Don’t say anymore! Just accept your fate!”

“It is! It’s our fault for having such a company commander.”

“I can’t even compare to these guys now!”

“You guys, hurry up! What are you mumbling about?” Lu Zhengtao shouted.


After that, the group of people started washing the pigs’ bodies.

The soldiers of the 2nd platoon were the same.

When they arrived at the vegetable field, they were also shocked by the scene in front of them.

“Platoon leader? Are you sure this is the vegetable field we used to grow?”

“Yup! The platoon leader? Where’s the… the… vegetables?”

The two soldiers in front said.

The vegetable field was overgrown with weeds and some small branches! Some of the little flowers were still swaying in the breeze, shaking their heads at them.

“What are you guys looking at? The vegetable field we planted a few days ago is over there!”

“This is a wasteland! You guys haven’t been here for only a few days! Have you gone stupid from training?” Zheng Xiaohu shouted.

“Ah! I’m sorry, platoon leader, it wasn’t our turn to manage this place before!”

“Don’t dawdle, move forward another 100 meters!”

After saying that, everyone hurriedly walked forward.

A minute later, they arrived at their destination. However, the scene in front of them was almost the same as before.

The weeds also surrounded the planted vegetables.

Zheng Xiaohu looked at the scene in front of him helplessly and immediately ordered, “Hurry up, everyone, move faster.”

“I want this place cleaned up by this afternoon!”


“Understood, platoon leader!”

Everyone didn’t say anything else and hurriedly threw themselves into the “battle.”

“Platoon leader, it’s only been a few days! This vegetable field is about to turn into a wasteland!”

Geng Hu was pulling out the grass as he spoke to Zheng Xiaohu, who was behind him.

“It’s been almost a week since we last cleaned up!”

“This is normal.” Zheng Xiaohu replied.

“During this period of time, company commander’s training is getting crueler and crueler!”

“Almost every day, everyone comes back lying down!”

“That’s true, but don’t you think this is what we should do?”

“I came to the Army to train hard! In the future, if there is a war, we will be able to survive in this cruel war!”

“You’re right, platoon leader!”

“During this period of time, I feel that my endurance and explosive power are much stronger than before.”

“Who doesn’t feel that way huh!”

“Ever since the company commander joined the logistics company, the entire company has changed!”

“In the past, it could be said that anyone could bully and laugh at the logistics company!”

“As long as you’re a soldier, you’ll look down on our logistics company.” Zheng Xiaohu continued.

Geng Hu looked at Zheng Xiaohu and continued, “Back then, going up against any of our company’s platoons was a piece of cake.”

“The company commander’s training method is too brutal! There’s no way we won’t become stronger.”

“It’s brutal! But it’s effective.”

“The company commander won’t harm us, hurry up and get to work! Let’s try to finish this today.”


After that, the two of them quickly started to attack the vegetable field!

At this moment! A group of well-trained soldiers was running over from the logistics company’s camp in an orderly line.

“What’s our slogan?”

“6th company, 6th company, march forward bravely.”

“Train hard and kill the enemy bravely!”

A series of roars echoed through the sky above the logistics company’s camp!

At that moment, the commander of 6th company, Feng Guanghua, was leading all the soldiers of 6th company.

He was heading to the sea training ground at the logistics company’s base for phase training.

The 2nd platoon’s soldiers were also attracted by the roars and looked over.

“Eh? Which company are they from? What are you doing at our logistics company’s encampment?

“Didn’t you see that company’s flag? I think they’re from the 6th company.”

At this time, the soldiers of the 2nd platoon who were weeding in the vegetable field heard the roars of the soldiers of the 6th company and began to discuss.

“What are you looking at? Hurry up and weed! If you can’t finish today, you’ll be punished by the company commander when you go back!”

Zheng Xiaohu saw that the soldiers had stopped what they were doing and looked in the direction of the 6th company.

“I’ll go over and ask. You guys hurry up and get to work.”

After saying that, Zheng Xiaohu got up and walked towards the 6th company.

Zheng Xiaohu walked up to one of the officers.

“Hello, commander. May I know why you’re here at our logistics company?”

Zheng Xiaohu walked forward and saluted as he spoke to Feng Guanghua, the commander of the 6th company.

“And you are?”

Feng Guanghua asked when he saw Zheng Xiaohu walking over.

“I’m the platoon leader of the logistics company’s 2nd platoon. My name is Zheng Xiaohu.”

Feng Guanghua saluted back and explained, “Hello, platoon leader. We are from the Fierce Tiger 6th company.”

“I’m the commander of the 6th company, Feng Guanghua.”

“I’m here today to bring my team to your logistics company’s sea training ground for training!”

“May I ask if your company commander is here?”

“Reporting to company commander Feng! Our company commander should be in the camp right now. You’ll see him when you enter the camp!” Zheng Xiaohu replied.

“Alright, thank you for your hard work! Then we’ll head over first!”

After that, Feng Guanghua led the soldiers of the 6th company and ran quickly to the camp of the logistics company.

It didn’t take long for the soldiers to start whispering.

“The soldiers of the logistics company can only farm and rear pigs!”

“Yup! Who was the one who told me that they had a conflict with the 9th company?”

“They even beat up the 9th company?”

“Now you see! All they do is plant vegetables and rear pigs.”

“How can the soldiers of their logistics company be compared to our regular company?”

“Yup! Next time you want to brag, you have to get your facts right first!”

At this moment, the soldier who had bragged in the 6th company the last time was red in the face.

After all, he merely listened to what his childhood friend in 9th company had told him.

“What are you guys chatting about huh?”

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