I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 37

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Have to Stay Here For Three Days

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Feng Guanghua suddenly heard people chatting at the back.

Then, he roared.

“Hurry up!”


After that, no one said anything and followed the team to the logistics camp.

At this moment! Qin Yuan and Zhou Qing were in the camp office!

“Company commander Qin, we just received a notice from the regiment headquarters. The 6th company has applied to bring their team to the sea training ground under the jurisdiction of our logistics company for training. They should be on their way now.”

“6th company is going to undergo a three-day special training! For the next three days, they’ll be staying in our training ground. The commander asked us to make arrangements!”

Zhou Qing said to Qin Yuan.

“6th company?”

“Their company commander is called Feng Guanghua, right? I think I met him at the headquarters last time!”

After hearing Zhou Qing’s words, Qin Yuan thought of the company commander of the 6th company.


“How’s 6th company’s overall strength?” Qin Yuan continued to ask.

“The 6th company’s strength can be considered above average in our Fierce Tiger Regiment.”

“It’s a little better than the 9th company that we had a conflict with before.” Zhou Qing explained.

“They should be here soon!”

“Alright! Then Old Zhou, come down and arrange dormitories for them!”

“Get our soldiers to prepare more meals for the next three days.” Qin Yuan said.


Just as the two of them finished speaking, a series of slogans came from outside the camp gate.

“It seems that they’re here. I’m here too, anyway. Let’s go out and take a look!” Qin Yuan stood up.

The two of them quickly left the office and walked towards the camp gate.

As soon as they reached the gate, Feng Guanghua walked up to them.

“Commander Qin, Instructor Zhou, long time no see!”

Feng Guanghua immediately greeted them.

“Long time no see, commander of the 6th company!” Qin Yuan also responded politely.

“This time, I’ve brought a company of soldiers to your logistics company’s sea training ground for training!”

“I’ve already applied for three days’ time with the regiment commander. I’ll have to trouble you two for the next few days of training!”

Feng Guanghua told him his intention.

“Yes, it’s fine. We’ve also received a notice from the headquarters.”

“You can train here for the next few days. I’ve already discussed the logistics support with instructor Zhou.”

“He will take full responsibility!” Qin Yuan said.

“Then I’ll have to trouble you all!”

“I’m fine! Let’s have instructor Zhou bring you to the camp dormitory!”

“Old Zhou, take the 6th company’s commander and the others to arrange their dormitories first.” Qin Yuan said to Zhou Qing.

Zhou Qing nodded his head. “Company commander Feng, follow me!”

“Good! Commander Qin, I’ll be going with Instructor Zhou first. We’ll catch up later.” The commander of the 6th company laughed.


After speaking, Zhou Qing led the 6th company’s commander and the others back to their dormitory.

At this moment! Liu Ye was supervising the cleaning when he saw Zhou Qing leading a group of people toward them.

“Deputy company commander, aren’t they from the 6th company?”

“What are they doing here?” A soldier of the 3rd platoon asked curiously.

“I don’t know. Just do what you guys are doing. Why bother about others?” Liu Ye said.

“You guys, clean this place up. It hasn’t been cleaned yet!”

“If you dawdle any longer, you won’t be able to eat tonight!” Liu Ye roared.


After that, the soldiers of the 3rd platoon did not say anything and began to do their own work.


The soldiers of the logistics company had finished their hard work for the afternoon.

At this moment, everyone in the logistics company had also returned to the camp.

As for the 9th company, after tidying up their dormitories, they also headed to the logistics company’s sea training ground.

The sea training ground of the logistics company was about five kilometers away from their camp.

“2nd platoon leader! Make arrangements for the soldiers to cook tonight.”

“Oh right, the comrades of the 6th company have come to our logistics company for a three-day training.”

“We’ll be in charge of their logistics for the next three days.”

“Ask the soldiers to cook more food.”

Zhou Qing saw Zheng Xiaohu and the others returning and immediately gave them instructions.

“Yes! Instructor!”

Zheng Xiaohu replied and immediately led the soldiers of the 2nd platoon to the cafeteria.

“AI! It’s too difficult for us!”

“It’s been a tiring day, and we still have to cook for them when we’re back.”

“That’s right! In the past, they always looked down on our logistics company.”

“Every time we meet, they’re always laughing at us!”

The soldiers also began to complain.

“Stop talking! It’s almost time for lunch, so hurry up and do the work assigned by the instructor.”

“Besides! We’re a logistics company, and this is our job.” Zheng Xiaohu continued.

“That’s true, but they don’t even think for us…”

“Without us, how can they train so comfortably?”

“That’s right!”

“You guys should hurry up. At least for this period of time, we’ll be cooking by ourselves.”

“Don’t tell me you still want the company commander to cook?” Zheng Xiaohu said immediately.

“Company commander?”

“Forget it!”

“Let’s do it ourselves. At least we can eat our fill.”

“Hahaha! Exactly! We can finally eat our own cooking.”

After that, the soldiers all laughed and got busy.

To them, it was a luxury to be able to eat their own cooking during this period of time.

It was hard to imagine how afraid they were of Qin Yuan’s dark cuisine.

At this moment, Qin Yuan, who was 300 to 400 meters away, was still sneezing violently in his office.

“System, are you blaming me for always saying that you’re cheating?”

The system was speechless.

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