I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Those Who Can Fight Won’t Talk Back

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The sky was gradually turning dark.

The soldiers of the 6th company who went to the sea training ground for training dragged their exhausted bodies back to the logistics company’s station.

The commander of the 6th company, Feng Guanghua, organized his troops and led them into the logistics company’s cafeteria.

The soldiers of the logistics company had already prepared a table full of food for the soldiers of the 6th company.

After an arduous afternoon of training, the soldiers of the 6th company were already famished.

They were just waiting for Feng Guanghua’s order.

“Everyone, let’s eat!”

After the commander of the 6th company gave his orders, he turned around and walked out of the cafeteria, heading in the direction of Qin Yuan’s office.

“AI! Why do you think the soldiers of the logistics company are always so embarrassing during the military exercise every year?”

“Do you still need to ask? The logistics company is a gathering place for cowards.”

“It is! How can there be any good soldiers in a place like this!”

“I really don’t know what they’re thinking.”

“Since you’ve chosen to be a soldier, why don’t you have any dreams or pursuits?”

“Sigh, don’t talk about it anymore. Look at how weak they are. What else can they do other than raising pigs and growing vegetables?”

“Just look at how tanned they are when they’re just growing vegetables!”


The canteen was instantly filled with the gossip of the 6th company’s soldiers.

And they did not know that the soldiers of the logistics company had all gone through this period of brutal training to become so tanned.

Geng Hu, who was walking past them, heard their laughter and asked, “What are you guys talking about?”

The sudden voice behind them also surprised the soldiers of the 6th company.

They all turned to look at Geng Hu.

One of the soldiers from the 6th company, who had just been discussing, looked at Geng Hu, whose face had turned cold, and teased, “We? We said you are a bunch of cowards!”

“Otherwise, you guys wouldn’t be here in the logistics company!”

At this moment, Geng Hu’s face was dark, like a ferocious beast about to explode. He stared at the soldier of the 6th company.

“If you have the guts, say what you just said again!”

At this moment! When Zheng Xiaohu heard Geng Hu’s voice, he felt that something was wrong and immediately walked over.

“Geng Hu, don’t be rash!”

Zheng Xiaohu immediately stopped Geng Hu, who was about to explode.

The soldiers of the 6th company saw that Geng Hu was about to make a move.

“What’s wrong?” he immediately asked angrily. “Do you want to fight with us? We’re not like that bunch of trash from the 9th company…”

“Didn’t you guys get kicked out by the other companies, and ended up here?”

The soldier from the 6th company did not hold back and spoke out loud in front of everyone.


“Platoon leader, get out of my way! Don’t stop me!” Geng Hu glared at the soldiers of the 6th company.

Hearing the soldier of the 6th company say those words once more…

Zheng Xiaohu’s eyes flashed with a cold light. He was furious after hearing this.

His comrades in the logistics company had put in so much effort for them.

Even after such tough training, they still had to take care of them, but in the end, they still received ridicule.

“My comrade! I don’t understand. Have our brothers in the logistics company slighted you?”

“Do you have to mock our comrades in the logistics company like this?” Zheng Xiaohu’s face darkened as he coldly asked.

The 6th company soldier didn’t pay any attention to him.

He then said to Zheng Xiaohu,

“Am I not telling the truth?”

“You guys can go ask the other companies.”

“Who doesn’t know that you’re a bunch of useless soldiers!”

“You people, your previous training didn’t work! Now, even the food they cook tastes so bad!”

“What right do you have to lose your temper?”

At this moment! All the soldiers of the 6th company in the canteen heard the argument and looked over.

However, no one went up to stop the soldier.

This was because, in their eyes, the logistics company was just like that.

Weaklings would be laughed at wherever they were.

Especially in a place like the Army, where strength spoke for itself.

Perhaps when they were on the battlefield, they would be comrades and brothers, and they could leave their backs to each other without worry.

However, in the camp, in daily life training, this so-called competitive relationship still existed at all times.


A black shadow flashed past and a heavy punch landed on the face of the soldier from the 6th company.

Two of his front teeth flew out along with blood. The soldier covered his mouth and fell to the ground.

“Platoon leader! There’s no need to waste your breath on someone like him!”

“If you can fight, then don’t talk so much nonsense with him.”

“We can only use our fists to teach them how to respect others.”

Geng Hu retracted his fist and said to Zheng Xiaohu.

The soldier of the 6th company who had fallen to the ground finally reacted. It turned out that Geng Hu had attacked him without him knowing.

He immediately got up and roared, “F*ck, you actually dare to attack me.”

After he finished speaking, he clenched his fist and punched Geng Hu.

Geng Hu did not panic at all. He turned around and raised his leg to kick.


A figure was sent flying. Geng Hu kicked the soldier of the 6th company and sent him flying. He knocked over a few tables and fainted.

In just a few short seconds, that soldier from the 6th company was completely defeated.

Moreover, Geng Hu received special care from Qin Yuan every day.

If he still didn’t have such strength, then he would be letting down the brutal training he had undergone during this period.

The jaws of the soldiers of the 6th company dropped when they saw this scene!

Although Geng Hu’s body was very big, it was not that terrifying!

The soldier on the ground was not the toughest soldier in the 6th company.

But no matter what, at the very least, he would still be in the top twenty in the 6th company!

He should be more than able to deal with a soldier of the logistics company.

In just a few seconds, he had been sent flying by Geng Hu’s kick.

Just as everyone was still immersed in what had just happened.

A soldier of the 6th company had a look of surprise on his face.

He did not expect that the logistics company, the Holy Land of cowards, would have such skilled soldiers.

He looked at Geng Hu and couldn’t help but say, “You’re pretty good, private!”

“But… You actually beat up one of our 6th company’s men, that’s just too much.”

Geng Hu also glanced at the person who had spoken. He had the same military rank as Zheng Xiaohu.

He should be a platoon leader of the 6th company.

However, Geng Hu still had a look of disdain on his face. Ever since he had become a soldier, he had not been afraid of anyone other than Qin Yuan.

“So what? People who talk too much deserve to be beaten.”

“Since you, as their platoon leader, don’t know how to teach them how to respect others, then I’ll help you teach them.”

When the platoon leader of the 6th company heard Geng Hu’s words, his face darkened.

He had not expected that Geng Hu would not even care about him.

Geng Hu’s disdainful attitude made him a little angry.

He did not expect to be looked down upon in such a place as the logistics company.

What right did this group of people have?

How could he speak to him like that?

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