I Told You To Manage The Reserve Unit For Me Instead Of Turning It Into A Special Troop

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Breaking the entire team’s cross-country record

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“Ah! I’m going to die! It’s fine if the company commander is a devil, but now the instructor is becoming one too!”

“Are all of you just stupid!”

“We’re a logistics company. This is almost like special forces training!”

Some of the soldiers complained helplessly.

They got up from the ground and continued to run forward.

At this moment!

Qin Yuan was already about 500 meters ahead of Liu Ye.

“Whoever told me that a military school graduate’s physical fitness isn’t good, I’ll f*cking beat him to death!”

Qin Yuan’s speed is much more impressive than the rest of the team!

Liu Ye looked at Qin Yuan in the distance and complained while panting.

Liu Ye, who had been accelerating with Qin Yuan almost the entire time, also felt that his physical strength was exhausted.

“I can’t, I can’t, there’s still 1.5 kilometers!”

“This is definitely the toughest run I’ve ever run since I joined the Army. How did that freak Qin Yuan train?”

“Maybe he doesn’t have 20kg of weight in his backpack?” Liu Ye could not help but doubt.

After all, with Qin Yuan’s current speed, it was impossible for him to run so fast while carrying 20 kilograms of weight!

In fact, there had never been such speed in the entire team’s history.

Another minute passed.

Although he was a kilometer away, he could still see a figure standing atop the mountain!

Qin Yuan had reached the finishing point!

Liu Ye subconsciously looked at the timer on his hand.

“What? 14 minutes and 38 seconds!”

“If Qin Yuan completed it within this time with a load of 20 kilograms…”

“That’ll break the team’s 5km cross-country training record!” Liu Ye could not help but exclaim.

It must be known that the standard of an armed long-range raid in the regiment was basically between 12 and 15 kilograms. The best result was more than 16 minutes.

Qin Yuan had exceeded the team’s record by nearly two minutes even though he had an extra 5kg!

“I wonder if he has 20 kg of weight in his backpack!”

Liu Ye was running with difficulty, and every step was difficult.

This short one-kilometer distance was definitely the farthest he had ever felt since he joined the army.

About five or six minutes later, Liu Ye ran to the finish line and collapsed on the ground, gasping for breath.

Qin Yuan, who was standing not far away from Liu Ye.

Now, other than some sweat on his face, there didn’t seem to be much of a problem with his physical strength.

Qin Yuan looked at Liu Ye, who was lying on the ground. At this moment, a set of data was sent to him by the system.

[ Name: Liu Ye ]

[ Stamina: 0%. Congratulations, you have been rewarded with 10 skill points. ]

[ Physique: 14+2 (Physique breakthrough) Congratulations, you have been rewarded with 300 skill points. ]

“There’s a reward for breaking through?” Qin Yuan asked the system.

“Yes! The rewards are based on the host’s training of the soldiers and the improvement of the soldiers’ various military qualities.

150 skill points gained for every 1 physique point increase.”

[ Name: Huang Tao ]

[ Stamina: 0%. Congratulations, you have been rewarded with 10 skill points. ]

[ Physique: 10 + 1. Congratulations, you have received 150 skill points.]

Name: Jiang Jun

[ Stamina: 0%. Congratulations, you have been rewarded with 10 skill points.]

[ Physique: 10+1. Congratulations, you have received 150 skill points. ]

“It seems like some people have fallen in front. Not bad, at least they’ve broken through their limits.”

“Deputy company commander Liu! Looks like you’ll have to treat us to this meal!”

Qin Yuan walked forward and pulled up Liu Ye, who had fallen to the ground.

With Qin Yuan’s help, Liu Ye continued,

“Commander Qin! Did you really just graduate from a military school? How did you train? with your speed, I can’t help but admit defeat!”

“Haha, I’ll go back at noon and get a few side dishes for you to eat and drink at my place.”


After more than ten minutes, a portion of the soldiers also reached the finish line.

Apart from Qin Yuan and Liu Ye, Zheng Xiaohu was the first to reach the finish line. He fell to the ground and couldn’t get up.

Not long after, Zhou Qing, Zhao Xiaowu, and the others also reached the finish line.

They were all like Zheng Xiaohu, lying on the ground and not moving.

Qin Yuan looked at the fallen soldiers in front of him as the system notifications kept ringing.

[ Name: Zheng Xiaohu ]

[ Stamina: 0%. Congratulations, you have been rewarded with 10 skill points. ]

[ Physique: 12+1. Congratulations, you have been rewarded with 150 skill points. ]

[ Name: Zhou Qing ]

[ Stamina: 0%. Congratulations, you have been rewarded with 10 skill points. ]

[ Physique: 11+1. Congratulations, you have been rewarded with 150 skill points. ]

[ Name: Zhao Xiaowu ]

[ Stamina: 0%. Congratulations, you have been rewarded with 10 skill points. ]

[ Physique: 12 + 1. Congratulations, you have been rewarded with 150 skill points. ]


As more and more soldiers fell at the finishing point, system notifications kept ringing in Qin Yuan’s mind.

About 20 minutes later.

The notification sounds in Qin Yuan’s mind gradually stopped after all 49 lines of the logistics company’s soldiers’ physical strength information had turned red and cleared to zero.

Qin Yuan knew that some soldiers had already fallen on their way here.

Qin Yuan looked at the 30 or so soldiers who had reached the finish line and was relatively satisfied.

Although some of the soldiers did not manage to make it to the finish line in the 20-kilogram 5-kilometer armed raid, and some even collapsed after running less than three kilometers, all the soldiers in the company had a certain improvement in their physique.

“All members of the logistics company! Take off the load and return to the camp with light equipment.” Qin Yuan immediately ordered.

Upon hearing Qin Yuan’s order, Zhou Qing hurriedly asked, “Commander Qin, aren’t we going to wait? There are still some soldiers who haven’t arrived.”

“I’m not waiting! Those who haven’t arrived have already fallen on the road. Everyone, throw away the weights and go back to the training ground.”

At this moment! The soldiers who ran to the finish line got up and poured out the bricks in their bags.

Just as Qin Yuan poured out the bricks from his bag, the surrounding soldiers’ jaws dropped.

“F*ck! Even the bricks in the long luggage must be at least 40 kg!”

“Oh my God, the company commander is running while carrying 40 kilograms of weight?”

“Look, that company commander has twice as many bricks as we do!”

“Yes! Do you have to be so perverted?”

At this moment! All the soldiers looked at the brick that was twice as heavy as their 20-kilogram weight and couldn’t help but be shocked.

Liu Ye, who was standing beside Qin Yuan, was so shocked that he could not speak. His eyes almost popped out.

He was the only one who knew that Qin Yuan had been moving at a very fast speed. He only took 14 minutes and 38 seconds.

That’s not just 20kg, it’s 40kg! He was once again shocked by the company commander Qin Yuan who had just arrived.

“Soldiers of the logistics company! Let me tell you something, do you know how long it took our company commander to finish this training?”

“Let me tell you, commander Qin, he only used 14 minutes and 38 seconds for this weighted cross-country training.”

Liu Ye shouted to the soldiers below.

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