Chapter 33 Dungeon Boss

Alex walked toward the poison blood hyena with a crazy plan; if it worked, he would create a trump card to help him take care of even strong bosses.

Alex planned to use [Death Whisper] to put the hyena into hallucination and then use the [Touch of Decay] skill for eight seconds to finish the creature, killing it without even needing to engage in a battle.

‘The problem is decay energy cause extreme pain, and I don’t know if the hyena will stay hallucinating while his muscles are getting destroyed.’

‘I will get the answer after I test my theory.’

The moment Alex entered the view of the hyena, the creature became alert and jumped back, creating distance from Alex, not attacking like a mindless monster.

‘I don’t have time to play the long game.’ Alex thought as he walked near the hyena, and the moment he was close enough, he used the Death Whisper skill, showing the hyena the illusion of his death.

Alex didn’t stop walking after using the skill; within seconds, he was standing face-to-face with the giant hyena.

Alex took his sword in his right hand as a precaution if the hyena broke the illusion from extreme pain and placed his left hand on the beast’s head using the Touch of Decay skill.

Alex used the skill for eight seconds, giving him enough time to observe if the hyena had any change as the decay energy was melting his skin and destroying the skull muscles.

After seeing no reaction from the hyena, Alex canceled the skill and made some distance from the hyena, still observing him for any valuable data he could collect from this experiment.

The hyena’s legs were shaking as he was still experiencing the illusion of death, not showing any indications that he was experiencing pain as the creature’s skull was cracking under the effects of decay energy.

In the next six seconds, the hyena’s skull was cracked open, and decay energy started decomposing the creature’s brain at a rapid rate, killing it and making the hallucination it experienced a reality.

‘The test was successful.’ Alex thought as he collected the loot dropped by the hyena.

‘Now I have a trump card to kill higher-level creatures quickly or at least do tremendous damage to them.’ Alex enjoyed his success as he drank mana potions.

‘I can turn this hyena into an undead, and with its strength, it will help me gain more exp.’

Alex thought about Reanimating the hyena, but after contemplating the idea, he decided against it because he didn’t have any more mana potion left to recover the mana it would use to Reanimate the hyena.

‘I have around 12 hours before I need to log out.’

‘I need to get some money quickly to buy an advance VR capsule, so I don’t need to log out every 30 hours not to get permanent brain damage.’

Alex made a mental note as to why he needed money quickly because there were so many problems in life, and the majority was because he had no money.

Alex wandered the place for ten more hours, not doing any more experiments and focusing on killing the hyenas to grind levels while also cleaning most of the hyenas in the dungeon.

‘It’s been half an hour, and I have not found a single hyena.’ Alex thought as he wandered the dungeon tunnels covered in hyena blood.

‘I don’t have much time left before I log out, so let’s kill the dungeon boss and leave this wretched place.’

Alex already knew where to find the dungeon boss, so it didn’t take much time for him to reach the boss’s chamber.

‘I have full mana right now; why don’t I test my trump card on the boss?’

‘This is the first good fight after all the upgrades; let’s enjoy it.’

Alex decided to fight the dungeon boss without using his broken skills to test his strength and enjoy the fight.

Alex entered the boss’s chamber, which was dimly lit, but he could see well enough because of the natural light.

The room floor was littered with different dead animal carcasses and bones that intensified the already bad smell in the dungeon, and at the end of the room, Alex could see the shining red eyes of the dungeon boss.


[Poison Blood Hyena Queen] (Epic)(Boss)

LVL: 50

Rank: First Rank

HP: 70000

Skills: [Bone Crusher] [Rapid Charge] [Poison Weaponry]

[Poison Blood Spear][Berserk]


‘Well, I can see that the hyena queen is waiting for me. Hopefully, she can give me a good challenge.’

Alex walked toward the hyena queen with complete focus as he knew she was fast and used her agility to her advantage, as every attack she did would deal additional poison damage.

The poison will affect players’ performance as they feel sluggish and in extreme pain while slowly losing their eyesight.

When the player was suffering from the poison effect, the hyena queen would attack the vital points killing the player.

The moment Alex reached the center, the hyena queen roared in anger as she charged at him with incredible speed, but when she was just some feet away from Alex, she vanished and appeared in front of him, swinging her razor-sharp claws.

‘I was expecting a bite attack, but a claw is the same thing .’ Alex thought as he jumped to the side, avoiding the claw.

Alex rolled on the ground to create distance, but as he got back up, he saw the hyena queen’s bloody jaws were milliseconds away from ripping his head off clean.

Alex used the Frost Slash skill to cut her jaw clean but met with resistance, and what he witnessed shocked him because the hyena queen had caught his sword in her teeth using the Bone Crusher skill. ๐˜ฃ๐‘’๐‘‘๐˜ฏ๐˜ฐ๐˜ท๐‘’๐˜ญ๏ผŽ๐‘œ๐˜ณ๐˜จ

Alex came to such a decision because even though the jaws of a hyena were strong, they were not strong enough to stop a sword that was moving very fast with tremendous momentum behind it.

‘Well, this is interesting.’ Alex thought as he used the Frost tide skill to freeze the area around him and pulled back his sword with all his might freeing it from the hyena queen’s jaws.

After getting his sword free, Alex immediately used the Three Fold Slash skill doing two sword strikes on the hyena’s face missing the last one because she broke the ice layer in no time, jumping back and creating distance.

‘I need to practice more to use the Three Fold Slash skill perfectly.’

The Three Fold Slash skill work on speed as every sword slash carries the momentum from the last slash, and to use the skill flawlessly, all three slashes need to flow like water without any pause.

Alex could do the first two slashes perfectly, but The last slash has too much speed and momentum to make any adjustment without disrupting the flow.

‘Let’s finish this fight.’

Alex sprinted in the hyena queen’s direction using the Dash skill, and when he was in attack range, he used the Death Slash skill, and the hyena countered the attack with her fangs covered in poison.

Alex didn’t stop and used the Ice Sword frenzy skill to attack the hyena with multiple slashes slicing the creature’s flesh, drawing first blood, and doing significant damage.

‘I need to dodge the poison spears.’ Alex thought, seeing the hyena queen create two poison blood spears using her blood.

Alex created a magic spear and waited for the hyena to attack, and he didn’t stay long as the moment two blood spears were formed, the hyena queen threw them at Alex with incredible speed.

Alex knew that if he dodged the blood spears, he would be vulnerable and would get attacked by the hyena.

Alex used the death magic spear to stop the first blood spear and then used the sword parry on the second blood spear, avoiding it easily.

After dealing with the distraction, Alex focused on the hyena queen whose poison-covered jaw was seconds away from him.

Alex was already ready for the attack bending his knee to lower his position and then using the death slash at full power, slicing through the hyena’s neck without any resistance.

Alex’s sword sliced through the hyena’s neck with incredible speed, and without any resistance, in the air, the hyena queen crashed into the ground face first as blood flowed from her half-cut neck.

‘I was aiming to cut the head off, but this is not bad.’

Alex thought, seeing the hyena queen losing blood rapidly as her HP was dropping at incredible speed, and if the blood didn’t stop, the hyena would undoubtedly die.

The hyena queen knew that blood would not stop, and sensing extreme danger to her life, she stopped thinking rationally and used the Berserk skill to go on a rampage to at least kill her enemy.

‘This is the most stupid choice you could have made.’ Alex thought after seeing that the hyena queen’s body had grown in size as veins became visible and her speed and strength increased significantly.


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