Chapter 34 Assassins’ Cave Guardian

The hyena queen’s body size grew, and veins became visible because of the effect of the berserk skill, but with all the advantage the berserk skill brought to the hyena, it also became the reason for her death.

Alex watched blankly as the hyena queen’s blood flow became faster by the second, and she lost all HP in seconds, dying because of her skill.

In the berserk state, the monsters will lose reasoning and fight on instinct, and blood will flow through their veins at a fast rate, increasing strength and speed for a short duration.

The creature’s muscles will increase in size and become dense, protecting the monster from serious injuries.

In the case of the hyena queen, things were different as her neck was already cut too deep, and in her berserk state, the faster blood flow just caused the hyena a quicker death.


[Congratulation Player Hidden One]

[Hyena Queen is killed]

[Hyenas Den Dungeon Cleared]

[EXP Gained]




“The fight end was lackluster, but at least I Leveled up twice.” Alex thought, looking at the dead body of the hyena queen.

‘I Leveled up a total of ten, and now I have 50 unassigned stat points; let’s put them all into agility which is lacking compared to other stats.’


Player Name: Hidden One

Class: [Death Disciple]

Title: [Monkey Killer][Conqueror][Limit Breaker]

[Death Disciple][Prehistorian]

Legacy: None

LVL: 44

Rank: First Rank


AGI: 304. VIT: 492.

INT:317. STA: 442.

STR: 518.

HP: 4460/3180

MP: 3170/2310

Unassigned stat points : 0

Hidden stats

Luck: ???

Charm: ???

Reputation: 600

Condition: Exhausted

Equipment: [YETI King Armor Set?(Peak Epic)]

[Disaris Ring ? (Low Unique)] 𝑏𝑒𝑑𝘯𝑜𝘷𝑒𝑙.𝑐𝘰𝘮

Weapons: [Frost Moon?(Peak Epic)]


-Class Skill:

[Death Slash][Dash][Death Contract][True Death]

[Executioner][Reanimation][Life Drain][Death Whisper]

[Death Judgement][Death Incarnate]


-Equipment Skill:

[Ice Sword frenzy][Ice Meteor Crash][BERSERK][Frost tide][Frost Slash][Wood Control][Wood Dome][Wood Golem]


-Learned Skill:

[Parry] [Three Fold Slash][Death Magic Spear]

[Touch of Decay][Shadow Summon]


‘I can challenge a level 80 epic monster with my stats and skill combination.’

After collecting, the loot, Alex left the dungeon and returned to the town back to his hotel room to log out and rest as he was mentally exhausted, not because of time but because he was using the crappy capsule to its limit for more extended periods.

Alex left the capsule, took a shower to freshen up, and then searched the game forums for any new events that could benefit him.

After searching, Alex found an auction that would be happening in Gold kingdom, but the problem was that it was a private auction held by the Duke family, as only players with the title of Baron or above were allowed to attend the auction.

‘A private auction held by a Duke of the richest kingdom will have many good items that could benefit me but becoming a Baron of the Gold kingdom will be impossible in one Week.’

‘Let’s keep this in mind and ask the Frozen Flower Guild leader if she could help me enter the auction.’

Alex searched the game forums for some more time but did not find anything of interest, so he went to sleep.

After sleeping till midday, Alex woke up feeling refreshed and then did some random thing to help his mind relax from all the stress he had been going through because of the rush to earn money.

‘My sleep schedule is messed up, but I can’t do anything about it.’

As he entered his VR Capsule to log back into the game, Alex thought about different things he wanted to change in his life.


After returning to the game world, Alex checked his stat window as a precaution to see if he could handle a higher-level monster.

‘I forget my Death Incarnate Skill is on Cooldown period.’ Alex realized this after seeing his best skill on cooldown.

‘The skill still has more than 50 hours before it could be usable.’ Alex felt stupid for not remembering such a critical thing.

Alex didn’t know what to do at this point as the only skill that could give him a sure chance at victory was on Cooldown period, and things may go terribly wrong without being able to use it.

‘I could still fight a higher-level monster with my current state. Let’s hope things don’t go too wrong.’ Alex made the decision not to waste time and get the Mask today.


‘I will need some Medium quality Mana potion if I want to beat the Assassins’ Cave guardian.’

Alex left the hotel after eating his meal and went toward the Alchemist shop to buy Medium quality Mana potions.

He didn’t use them before because each potion cost 20 gold coins but to get the Unique Mask, he was willing to sacrifice all his gold coins.

After preparing all the things, Alex left the town toward the mountains where only low-level monsters spawned, but the Assassins Cave was hidden in the lower-level area with illusion magic.

In Alex’s previous life, a player searching for herbs for potion-making accidentally found the cave guardian and was killed by it.

At first, he was confused as to why a higher-level monster was present in the lower-level area, but he thought deeply and knew that the beast must be protecting something precious.

The Player didn’t tell anybody, and after killing the beast, he found no treasure but a note that said, “WE SERVE IN THE SHADOW.”

The Player could not find what the clue indicated, so he sold the clue and the location for a small amount of money to a guild.

The guild spent some time and found that It was a part of the quote that a mercenary organization used as their brotherhood symbol.

The guild members searched the location using an artifact to detect illusions and found a fake wall; they wrote the full quote on the wall deactivating the illusion to uncover the Assanin’s cave and found the Assassin’s dead body and his loot.

‘Hopefully, this story doesn’t have surprises for me.’ Alex considered this because of all the lies he found that he believed to be the truth.


After navigating through the wilderness and killing many low-level beasts that attacked him on his way, Alex reached his destination.

The area was at the base of a mountain inside the forest, but what Alex saw was not pretty as the whole place was covered in big broken trees as if a big battle had happened here, and in the middle of the destroyed stumps, a giant black bear was sitting.

‘This is the worst thing that could have happened to me.’

The black Bear was at least 15ft tall or maybe even bigger; his whole body was pitch Black, but his hands were Red like they were covered in blood.

The Bear looked strange to Alex because a normal bear would not have red hands and a giant body with a small face with big fangs protruding like a saber tooth.

Alex checked the Bear stat window, and after seeing it, it would be an understatement to say he was shocked.


[Short Face Magma Bear] (Rare Epic)

Title: [Superior Species][Half Breed]

LVL: 80

Rank: First Rank

HP: 142000

Skill: [Magma Boulder Shower][Dominating Roar][Magma Smash][Raging Charge][Berserk]

Description: A rare creature born from the parentage of two closely related species, but one parent has a higher bloodline Ranking and power.


‘Well, that explains why this Bear looks like a normal bear and a Third Rank short face Magma Bear.’

Half Breed creatures were not stronger than variants or other abnormalities, but these monsters were still way stronger than their regular Species member.

Half Breeds are rare creatures with more potential for growth than the regular monster, and in some rare cases, these half-breeds will even surpass their parents in talent.

‘I can’t fight this monster without putting my life on the line.’

Alex knew his chances of killing this monster were close to zero in normal circumstances, but if he could use all his skills at perfect timing, he may have the opportunity to win this losing battle.

Alex usually would never fight a losing fight, but there was too much on the line this time.

He didn’t want to use the last option of paying a higher-level player to kill this monster or waiting for his Death Incarnate skill Cool-Down to get over.

After thinking for some time, Alex made a plan which may give him a slim chance to win the fight, and if it failed, he would die in the first thirty seconds of the fight.

Alex’s plan was simple: use his trump card to put the Bear into hallucination and use the decay energy to do enough damage to the arms so they would hinder the Bear in the fight.

If the first part of the plan is successful, he can use both berserk skills to fight head-on and hope he can survive and will the battle.

‘I may be a lunatic to fight a battle with a Crossbreed monster twice my level, but if I want to get things done quickly, this is the only way.’


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