Chapter 35 Pure Blood

‘I will gain a 30% stat boost against this monster because of my [Conqueror] title, and combine that with the Additional 50% boost from berserk Skill all my stats will be close to double.’

[Title]:[Conqueror] (Evolvable]

Grade: First Rank

(Increase All Stats by 30% against opponents that are Ten Levels higher than the Player)

Restriction: [Title Effect only works against First Rank Monster.]

‘I have a chance to win this fight.’

Alex steeled his nerve and decided to act on his plan before his rational side made him not act on his stupid decision.

Alex left his hiding spot and walked toward the Bear, who was dozing off while sitting, but the moment he entered the clear area, the Bear opened its bright yellow eyes.

‘Its eyes are bright and clear; that’s bad news for me.’ Alex knew that bear was an intelligent monster, and fighting it would be a problem.

Alex stopped walking after reaching 50ft from the Bear, but the Bear didn’t attack and just watched Alex with a curious look.

“You want some honey in exchange for not brutally attacking me,” Alex said, knowing the Bear did not attack him because the creature knew Alex was not a threat to him.


The Bear roared at Alex standing on all four legs releasing a bloodthirsty aura and a tremendous amount of heat from its hulking body.

“Well, let us decide which of us will die today,” Alex shouted at the top of his lungs to boost his own morale because he may die in the next 30 seconds.

The Bear didn’t like the energetic Alex, and in just a single second, the bear reached him, bringing his giant paw covered in flames at him, trying to smash him in meat paste.


Alex felt fortunate to have dodged the attack after seeing the cracked and burning ground where the fiery paw of the bear landed.

‘This Son of Gun can cover his front Paws in Elemental Flame?’

Alex felt like running away to save his life after seeing both of the bear’s front paws burning in intense crimson flames.

Alex was amazed after seeing Crimson elemental flame because those flames only belonged to a creature of Fourth Rank, as not even a genius at Third Rank will be able to control the Element flame, let alone a weak First Rank Beast with the Intelligence of a ten-year-old Child.

The Elemental Flame is not a normal flame that one will use for attack or defense but a unique flame that fourth Rank warriors or creatures will use to help refine their body and turn it into a Mana Body.

A complete Mana body was a borderline requirement for a living being if he ever wanted to reach the fifth Rank.

‘Things are getting interesting. This Bear may be the son of a Beast King, a failed offspring left in the jungle to die.’

Alex now has more motivation to kill this bear than ever, as he will get too many benefits and may get some fantastic loot from killing the bear.


The Bear roared angrily, seeing Alex safe, and charged at him with more speed the before, but Alex was ready this time.

The moment the bear entered his attack range, Alex used the skill Death Whisper, putting the bear into illusions of death, stopping the charging bear in his track.

Alex didn’t waste a single second and sprinted toward the bear and used the Touch of Decay skill on the bear’s front arm.

‘I am lucky that elemental flame is not raging around his arms; otherwise, the decay energy will get burned off without resistance.’

The Bear Elemental Flame may be weak, but it still has the properties of the original flame; purifying low-level decay energy will be easy.

After using the skill on the bear’s arm for ten seconds, Alex switched to the other arm while constantly watching the bear for any reaction, as one little mistake would cost him his life.

After another ten seconds, Alex was done with the first stage of his plan of making the arms of the bears useless, and the bear was still trapped in illusions of death.

The bear’s right arm skin was melted by decay energy as muscles and tendons were decomposed, while the left arm was also going through the same fate.

Alex made some distance from the bear and started gulping medium-quality mana potions, which would help him recover mana while fighting the bear in the berserk state.

Alex didn’t have to wait much time as after he finished his fourth bottle of mana potion, the bear opened his eyes, and its eyes were filled with fear.

The bear regained his conciseness, and the first thing he felt was extreme pain coming from its arms, and after seeing their condition, he roared toward the sky with rage, and then he looked at Alex with boiling Anger.


The bear roared at Alex angrily and smashed his already damaged arms on the ground with such power that it cracked the ground around him like spider webs, and then flames started to engulf his whole body in a cocoon.

The bear’s body size increased as the flame burned around his body, covering it like fire armor, while the destroyed arms got covered in bright red ancient symbols, completely changing the bear’s appearance.

‘This is not a part of my plan.’

Alex got shocked after seeing the bear’s transformation, and when he checked the state window, he got an even bigger surprise.


[Short Face Magma Bear / (???)] [Pure Blood](Rare Epic)

Title: [Superior Species][Half Breed]

LVL: 99

Rank: First Rank

HP: 210000/170000

Condition: [Berserk][Blood Ignition]

Important Info: A Offspring of a mighty creature in the state of evolution. If the beast could evolve successfully, he may break his Bloodline Shackle and become true superior Species.


‘This is BULLSHIT’

‘This F***KER is not a failed offspring but intentionally left in a harsh jungle to experience the danger to learn his strengths and weakness.’

In his previous life, Alex had read some books and knew that Strong Creature would have many offspring and would not treat them like humans.

The children will be left to defend themselves and live in harsh enrichment, and most of them will die, but those who survive will achieve their true potential and become the apex predator.

‘Why don’t any plan work accordingly.’

Alex was frustrated with his luck because finding such a rare creature at such a low level was super lucky, but it was more of an unlucky thing in his situation.

‘I can still win this fight.’ Alex thought of a plan after seeing the bear ready for a fight but not attacking him.

‘The bear is going through an evolution, and that’s a critical moment for every living being, and even a little disturbance in the evolution process will cause it to fail.’

‘If I can do enough damage to disturb the massive amount of mana that is gathering inside his body, it will cause the evolution to fail, killing the bear.’

‘I can stay in the berserk state for at least five minutes before my stamina gets depleted fully.’

Alex made a simple attack plan without thinking of any details and entered the Berserk state as he knew that if the bear completed its evolution, he would become a Second Rank monster, which would be a massive problem for him.

After entering Berserk State, Alex sprinted toward the bear, seeing the human charging toward him; the bear roared at him with such tenacity that Alex felt shivers run through his spine.

[Player is affect by [Dominating Roar]]

[Player is in a state of Fear]

[Agility is decreased by 50% for 5 Minutes]

‘This Bastard thinks he could scare me by shouting loud?.’

“F**K YOU,” Alex shouted at the top of his lungs, not stopping his charge toward the bear.

[Player has overcome the Fear]

[Agility Debuff Negated]

After reaching close to the bear, Alex used the Ice Meteor Crash skill jumping high in the air, and then ice gathered around him, taking the shape of a solid ice ball.

In mere seconds, the skill preparation got completed, and now Alex, protected by solid ice around him, smashed straight into the bear. ๐˜ฃ๐‘’๐‘‘๐‘›๐˜ฐ๐‘ฃ๐˜ฆ๐˜ญ.๐˜ค๐‘œ๐‘š

The bear didn’t even budge from its position as he blocked the attack by smashing his head into the thick ice shield around Alex destroying it like glass.

In a split second, the ice shield around Alex was crumbling; he took his sword out, pumped a crazy amount of mana into it, and slashed his sword covered in death mana directly through the creature’s skull.

Alex Sword’s tip sliced right through the bear’s hard skull without resistance, cutting his right eye and giving the bear a nasty wound in the first exchange.

After Alex sliced the bear’s head and eye, the ice around him was already gone leaving him with no protection and mere inches away from the injured bear.

Alex used the bear’s body as the ground to push himself backward, creating distance from the stunned bear that he knew would go on a rampage after he felt the pain from his cracked skull.


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