Chapter 36 First Skill Unlocked

‘The Sword slash was not deep enough.’

‘If I had the proper time to aim the sword, this fight could have become easier.’

Alex was not frustrated because he knew that even if he could slash the sword at the right angle, he wouldn’t have been able to cut the hard skull of the bear, and his sword would get stuck, resulting in him receiving more damage than the bear.


Alex watched the bear roaring in pain and anger, looking at him with a bloody face as blood started flowing from the sword cut, covering half of the bear’s face and giving him a more menacing look.

The bear finally moved from his position and charged at Alex incredibly fast like a mad dog.

Alex was surprised to see the bear not affected by his injured arms, but after looking carefully, he realized that his arms were less damaged than before and were healing rapidly.

‘He is healing faster because of the ongoing evolution.’

Alex knew there was not much time left before the bear entered the final stage of evolution and got covered in a hard cocoon that would protect it from the outside predator.

When that happens, Alex’s chances of winning this fight would be absolute zero, as after the bear completes its evolution, it would become a Second Rank Pure Blood Monster with enough Strength to kill Alex in a heartbeat.

Alex waited patiently, and when the bear entered the attack range, he used the Frost tide skill to freeze the ten-meter area around him, stopping the raging bear’s charge.

The skill only stopped the bear for a second, and the next moment, the bear smashed the ice around him with brute force.

The skill didn’t immobilize the bear, but it stopped the momentum and gave Alex enough time to prepare an attack from the bear blind spot.

The moment Alex used the skill to hinder the bear’s charge, he sprinted toward the bear’s right side to take advantage of the blind eye and used his Frost Slash skill on the bear’s neck.

The sword sliced right through a part of the bear’s neck as Alex had planned but right after making the attack when he was going to make some distance.

The bear swung its massive claw at Alex with incredible speed, connecting the attack on Alex’s ribs and sending him crashing through the trees.

‘What the hell just hit me.’ Alex felt terrific pain from his left side, and all he saw around him were broken trees.

Alex’s head had gone blank for a moment, but then he returned to his senses and immediately stood up, gripping his sword, ready to receive the next attack from the bear.

Alex found the bear standing still with its neck and face covered in blood at the exact location he previously stood.

‘I didn’t even see the attack coming at me, and why is standing still and not attacking me?’ Alex thought, and After observing for a second, he found the answer.

The Mana around the bear was more concentrated than before, and the speed at which more mana was gathering around him was also getting faster, indicating the bear was close to the final stage of evolution.

‘I only have the time to make some minor attacks that will do nothing to disturb the process of evolution.’

Alex was in a dilemma because he didn’t have a strong enough attack to cause a significant injury to the bear, which would be enough to disturb the flow of mana in the bear’s body, driving the mana to go out of control and destroy the body from inside, killing the bear.

Alex knew that this was his only chance to kill the bear and get the loot from the assassin’s cave because after the bear evolved and became the Second Rank Pure Blood monster, things would be much more difficult.

Alex knew if he failed right now, his only option would be to hire mercenaries to kill the bear.

He would never choose that option because even a new player would understand that there is something valuable here that the creature is protecting after seeing all the abnormalities.

‘If I don’t have a strong skill to kill this monster, then I will create one right now.’

Alex had enough experience of these kinds of situations from his previous life, and he understood one thing very clearly if he gave up now, he would regret it later, and don’t want to have any regrets in this life.

‘I have around one minute left before my berserk skill effect gets over, and looking at the mana density around the bear, he will be entering the final stage of evolution in one minute.’

‘The Three Fold Slash Skill will work if I can evolve it.’ Alex got ready to make one final attack and decide the end of this battle.

The bear stood still on two feet with no intention to attack because the monster was more focused on gathering and stabilizing the excess amount of mana inside its body.

Alex walked toward the bear, and after reaching the proper distance, he took his sword stance, relaxed his mind, and stopped thinking about the failure, only concentrating on evolving the skill.

Alex cleared his mind, only recalling every little detail he could remember about the Three Fold Slash skill from his previous life and his experience of evolving the skill.

Alex covered his sword with death mana, but he didn’t let the mana go wild but controlled the mana, only covering the blade’s edge and refining it into a sharp mana blade.

‘Time to end this battle.’

Alex used the Dash skill, covered the little distance between himself and the bears in a second, and slashed his sword with full strength, cutting the fire around the bear along with his hard fur and flesh.

Alex used the momentum from the last sword slash to boost the attack’s speed and strength and slashed at the exact location of the previous slash, cutting the unprotected flesh deep and injuring the beast.

After doing two sword slashes while continuously using mana to hold the mana edge on the blade, Alex was almost out of mana, and as he was going for the final sword slash to cut deep enough to damage the organs of the bear.

The bear was not standing still after getting his flesh slashed as he retaliated by bringing his burning claw at Alex with uncanny speed.

‘I am not going down without killing you.’ 𝘣𝑒𝑑𝘯𝘰𝘷𝑒𝘭.𝑜𝘳𝘨

Alex saw the bear’s burning claw covered in crimson flames coming at him in slow motion as his sword was only inches away from delivering the final blow.

Alex used every bit of mana he had left to enhance the sword’s edge, making it sharper, and slashed his sword through the bear’s stomach, cleanly cutting the organs and doing tremendous damage.

Alex’s plan was successful, but before he could celebrate the successful execution of the skill, the firey claw of the bear smashed him on his chest and sent him flying back, crashing into the trees.

‘This bastard hit like a truck.’

Alex’s face was covered in blood while many of his bones were broken; his mana was depleted, and HP was almost over, but he smiled as he watched the bear go through more agony than him.



The bear roared, feeling tremendous pain as the mana inside his body went out of control, destroying organs and blood vessels as blood flowed from the bear’s ears, mouth, and nose uncontrollably.

‘I won.’

Alex closed his eyes to rest, knowing that the bear would die, but his body condition was not good as the berserk state, and the effect from the adrenalin rush was over, and now he felt light-headed and only wanted to rest.

After some minutes, the bear died an agonizing death as all his organs were destroyed by the excess amount of mana inside his body gathered because of the evolution process.


After four hours of sleep, Alex woke up feeling the pain of his destroyed bones and damaged muscles.

‘I won the battle.’

Alex sat down and started drinking HP potions to recover his body condition while happily looking at the dead body of the bear that was lying inside a pool of his own blood.

“Now I feel much better.”

Alex recovered to full HP after drinking the HP potions, and in just half an hour, all of his broken bones were mostly healed, and the pain was almost gone.

“Let’s check the system notification.” Alex grinned ear to ear in anticipation as he opened the system notification to check his gains from this battle.

[System Notification Log]


[Congratulation Player Hidden One]

[Short Face Magma Bear / (???) [Pure Blood] is killed]

[EXP Gained]









[Congratulation, Player Hidden One, on Evolving a Skill]

[Three Fold Slash Skill Successfully Evolved to (Three Slashes of Death)]


[Blood Essence Collection (100/100)] [Completed]

[Ancient RED GEM First Seal] [Unlocked]

[Skill (Appraisal)] [Unlocked]



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