Chapter 45 New Deal

“Guild Master Aster, I can’t tell you anything until Lady Hecate comes here and allow me to share the secrets of [ Ladon Vyndrassi ],” Alex answered vaguely, hinting at the importance of two simple words to Aster.

“Try to act mysterious as you want, but I will get the answer when Hecate arrives here,” Aster didn’t insist on finding the truth.

“Sir Eldrid, It was a Pleasure meeting and doing business with you,” Aster said as she placed three heavy bags on the table.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you as well,” Alex replied formally, but all his focus was on bags filled with more wealth than he had earned in his previous life, five years playing the game.

‘I have thirty Million Dollars worth of coin on me right now.’ Alex wanted to cry tears of joy and celebrate his wealth, but it will break his stone-cold image.

Alex wanted to do nothing but leave the game and celebrate his success with his family, but he needed to get prepared for the real big deal.


After waiting for some minutes, the room door opened, and a world-class beauty entered the room with hurried steps.

‘Why are all the ladies with strong influence have to be stunning beauties?’ Alex thought, seeing the breathtaking lady enter the room.

“Hecate, Did you race through the city to reach here this fast?” Aster asked the lady, who smiled, seeing Aster.

“Your message is the reason for that,” Hecate replied.

After taking a seat, she greeted both ladies like long-lost friends and said a rough hello to Alex without even sparing him a glance.

‘Arrogant, but let’s see if you show the same attitude in some minutes.’ Alex didn’t feel good for being treated like air in the presence of two beauties.

“Aster, How did you find out about [Ladon Vyndrassi]? Did Elva tell you about this?” Hecate asked the question that Alex was waiting for.

“Aster, We need to discuss this matter privately,” Hecate whispered.

“If Sir Eldrid left, then we will have nothing to discuss,” Aster replied.

Aster’s reply confused Hecate as she knew Alex was just a low-level player, but she was sensible enough not to say anything in this situation and waited for Aster to answer and clear her confusion.

“Sir Eldrid is here representing his organization “Shadow Oblivion,” and the message I sent you was also on his request.” Aster’s reply cleared Hecate’s confusion, but her expression said she didn’t like it.

“Sir Eldrid, How much do you know about [ Ladon Vyndrassi ] and Who gave you that information?” Hecate asked with a serious tone.

“Hecate, You need to ask politely when requesting information from our Guild Guest.” Lady Rosalba said, reminding her of Alex being their guild guest.

“Lady Rosalba, I don’t mind her rudeness, as I would be angry if someone knew about a well-guarded secret of my organization,” Alex said.

“Elder Rosalba, the secret he is talking about is not a big deal,” Hecate said.

“If it’s not a big deal tell me about it.” Lady Rosalba asked.

“[ Ladon Vyndrassi ] is a word inscribed on a broken disk that I got after completing an [S] Rank quest, and I think it may be related to a [S] Rank Legacy, but we have no information to confirm if it is true,” Hecate replied.

“You honestly have no clue what [ Ladon Vyndrassi ] means,” Alex said, trying to act surprised.

“If I don’t have any clue, why don’t the Great Sir enlighten me?” Hecate said, trying to make fun of Alex.

“[ Ladon Vyndrassi ] is a word of the Dragon language that translates to “Monarch Of The Night Sky,” and you can confirm that from a book on the first floor of the Royal Library,” Alex’s words created total silence in the room.

“Aster inform Violet to stop anything she is doing and search for the book immediately and confirm the information.” Lady Rosalba said while giving Hecate a disappointed look.

“Sir Eldrid, can you please tell me the book’s name? The search will be easy.” Aster asked.

“The book’s name is Ancient Myths,” Alex told the name without hesitation as he wasn’t expecting them to believe his words without evidence when they were related to a Monarch.

Monarchs were the most influential entities of any era because only the strongest being in a respective field could have the Monarch Title.

Anything related to them was valuable, but something related to a Dragon Monarch was totally different, as dragons only collected the finest of treasures making the broken disk a guaranteed treasure.

After waiting in silence for ten minutes, Aster received the message, and her reaction told that the information she received was very unexpected.

“Big Sis, The information is correct,” Aster said while reading the message with a shocked look.

“Did Violet find any other information on who or what is [ Monarch Of The Night Sky]?” Lady Rosalba said.

“It is confirmed that “Monarch Of The Night Sky” belongs to a dragon clan, but there is no information about the era he belongs to his clan,” Aster said.

“Sir Eldrid, I apologize for my behavior.” Guild master Hecate said with her head down as she was getting a death glare from Lady Rosalba.

“I don’t mind your behavior, as I am here just to execute the order from my organization,” Alex replied with a cheeky smile feeling well after hearing the apology.

“Sir Eldrid, How much money will your organization require for the information about Monarch Of The Night Sky?” Guild master Hecate asked, understanding that Alex knew about the information. 𝚋𝚎dno𝚟𝚎l.n𝚎𝚝

“The organization doesn’t require money, but in exchange for the information, Ravenglades Guild needs to fulfill one request of my organization,” Alex replied.

“What is your organization’s demand?”

“Ravenglades Guild just needs to Sell its 30% Share at market price and make the buyer a guild Elder,” Alex stated his demand without sugarcoating it, and the reaction he got from the three ladies was what he wanted.

“Do you have the slightest idea of what you are asking for?” Hecate asked as she had just heard an idiot mumbling.

Hecate’s reaction was reasonable as the Ravenglades Guild was ranked thirsty first in the top one hundred guild Ranking, and asking for 30% shares for just a piece of information was laughable.

Ravenglades was the only guild in the top forty guilds that Alex could make a deal with by using his future knowledge in the short time he had left before the two-week deadline he promised to Badger.

The completion of this deal was the key point that would make his fake organization into a shadow giant that he could use as a backer to utilize his future knowledge properly and build major connections with influential people.

“Sir Eldrid, Your request is very demanding, but I think you will not make an unreasonable request.” Lady Rosalba said to clarify things and get more information about Alex’s unreasonable demand.

“The deal you are proposing has equal value for both parties?” Lady Rosalba Asked.

“Ravenglades guild will profit massively from this deal while losing almost nothing in caparison,” Alex replied, knowing if he said something wrong, the deal would be over before it could start.

“Please explain.” Hecate knew she didn’t want to accept the deal under any circumstances, but seeing as Lady Rosalba gave Alex so much respect, she was willing to hear the offer.

“The person who will buy your guild shares is our organization’s client, so I can’t disclose his name or the deal he had with my organization.”

“The person who will buy your guild shares will join your guild with two of his companion, and all three players have [SS] Rank legacies.”

“My Organization will give you all the information on the broken disk and its real value and use, and after getting it, you could decide if you want to accept the deal or reject it.”

After hearing the deal, all three ladies were shocked as [SS] Rank legacy holder players were a rarity even amount high Ranking guilds.

Ravenglades Guild only has Four [SS] Rank Legacy holders, while even Frozen Flower guild only has Eleven players.

The deal Alex proposed was good but needed to be more lucrative for Hecate to accept as the three [SS] Rank legacy holders player will give her guild a massive boost in strength, but it was not worth sacrificing one-third of her guild to acquire them.

“You are proposing I sell my guild 30% share for three [SS] Rank legacy holders, and how do I trust those three players are even real?” Hecate’s words put a big smile on Alex’s face.

“We could Singh an agreement that if three players with [SS] legacies didn’t join your guild within a short time frame after you accept the deal, then the deal will be nulled, and we will be penalized for breaching the agreement.”

Alex replied, knowing that Hecate was concerned about the authenticity of Alex’s words as having three [SS] Legacy holder players join her guild was too good to be true.


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