Chapter 46 Manipulating Truth

“Your offer is good, but I don’t see my guild befitting by sacrificing one-third of the guild ownership to acquire three [SS] Rank legacy holders.”

“I am not disrespecting the offer as I know the worth of three [SS] Legacy holder players and how much my guild strength will improve after they join, but the price of 30% of my guild shares is just too steep.”

SS Rank Legacy holders may not be the strongest, but they were still scarce, and at a point where the world was changing rapidly, every such player was worth more than gold to any guild.

The great powers from the real world were trying to establish their foothold in the game world by offering lucrative offers to Legacy holders to leave their guild and work for them.

It was already hard enough for the big guild to retain their existing strong players from leaving the guild, let alone find new players with a high-Ranking legacy to join their guild.

Badger and his family were also trying to make a foothold in the game world using their massive wealth and influence in the real world.

Hecate didn’t reject the offer outright as she knew that three [SS] Players were not worth 30% of the guild share, but if she could negotiate a deal with a lower percentage of guild shares, then the deal would really benefit her guild massively.

“We Both Know that just three [SS] Rank Legacy holder players are not worth 30% of my guild, so if you want to make this deal happen, we can negotiate on a lower percentage of shares my guild would sell.”

After thinking about all the pros and cons of the deal, Hecate offered the counter deal showing her willingness to accept the offer.

“Guild master Hecate we can discuss the deal after I tell you about the broken disk and the Monarch Of The Night Sky,”

Alex replied, not even considering lowering the Share percentage as anything less than 30% would break his promise with Badger and make his fake organization look bad.

“Sir Eldrid, are you serious about making a deal with my guild?” Hecate said, not looking pleased.

“Lady Hecate, you forget why I invited you here in the first place?” Alex didn’t reply but asked his question.

“The reality about the broken disk and Monarch Of The Night Sky is way deeper and valuable than you could imagine.”

“The three [SS] Rank Legacy players are just a bonus gift from the buyer, and the information about the Broken disk is the real bargain chip that my organization is offering you for selling your guild share.”

After hearing Alex’s explanation, Hecate has a blank face, and it turns to shock as her brain process what Alex is implying.

“The broken disk is worth more than three players with [SS] Rank legacies?” Hecate asked in a shaking voice.

“The Broken disk you have is worthless as it is incomplete, but the complete version is indeed worth more than three players with [SS] Rank legacies,” Alex replied, enjoying the show he was creating.

“If the information is even close to the value you are saying, then I promise you that I will accept the deal, and your organization will have my eternal gratitude.”

Hecate replied after taking some deep breaths to calm her racing heart and lower her expectation as she understood not to count her riches before she had even acquired them.

“I will tell you all the information I know, and you can decide if it’s worth more or less,” Alex replied, making the information he would reveal larger than life.

The information was worth more than three measly players with [SS] Rank legacies, so he was not laying but was merely controlling the flow of the conversation in a way that best served his goals.

Guild master Aster wanted to ask something desperately but was holding herself back not to interrupt the conversation between her friend and Alex, who, in her eyes, was getting more mysterious by the passing minutes.

Lady Rosalba was more interested in the secrets of the broken disk that gave Alex the confidence to demand one-third of a top-Ranking guild.


“I will start by explaining the origin of the Monarch Of The Night Sky and then tell you how the broken disk relates to him and its utilization.”

“The Monarch Of The Night Sky was a Dragon King born an unknown period ago, hailing from the Orpheus Dragon Clan.”

“Orpheus Clan is one of the three Royal dragon clans that rule the continent of Dragons Mainland.”

Alex looked at the three ladies to see if anyone wanted to ask any questions, but to his surprise, they were sitting focused like kids listening to their favorite story.

“The Monarch Of The Night Sky’s real name is “Oberon,” and he was the strongest creature to live in his era on the Dragons Mainland, giving him his title of the Monarch.”

“Oberon has another title that is not documented in any book as the dragon removed every writhing of that title so the world may never know about their dark history.”

“There is even a myth that when he was at the peak of his strength, he untied all three Royal Clans under his rule.”

“The unification of the dragons is rare, but it happened sometime in the long history of the dragons, so it’s not a big deal, but he did one thing that gave him that forbidden title.”

After seeing that the ladies were eagerly waiting for the title’s name, Alex announced the name that even gave even him goosebumps after remembering what Oberon did to acquire the title.

“The forbidden title of [The Calamity of Extinction].”

“The majority of the dragons alive in this era have forgotten that such a title was given to one of their proud ancestors as there are no written records present and only higher ranking members of each clan know the truth.”

“Oberon didn’t obtain the title for any heroic deeds but for a crime that left permanent scars on the dragon race for all eternity.”

After revealing such sensitive information, it was ludicrous to claim that even dragons, who were known for their rich history and knowledge about the world, didn’t know the truth about the title.

Alex knew his story would raise red flags for even an idiot, let alone the intelligent and highly influential ladies to whom he was telling the story.

After Alex completed his sentences, he waited, knowing that many questions were coming his way to prove he was telling the truth, and that was precisely what he wanted.

“Lady Rosalba, you want to ask a question?” Alex asked, seeing she had raised her hand in the air.

“I want to ask the obvious question.”

“How did your organization find such sensitive information that has no records and only dragon clan higher up should know about?” Lady Rosalba asked politely, not accusing Alex of lying or making a story.

‘Now I have you ladies where I wanted from the start.’ Alex thought as his plan was a complete success.

“As you said in your question, dragon clan higher-ups know the whole truth about the title and history of Oberon,” Alex replied, vaguely knowing the follow-up question.

“Sir Eldrid, We all know that dragons are proud creatures; they will never share their secrets with even their trusted comrades, let alone outsiders.”

Guild leader Hecate pointed out the biggest flaw in Alex’s story, and that’s what Alex wanted them to do so he could create a mighty image of his fake organization.

“I don’t think revealing some of the truth on how the organization gained this information to you ladies will do any harm,” Alex said after pretending to think. 𝘣𝘦𝘥𝘯𝘰𝑣𝘦𝘭.𝘰𝘳𝘨

“An organization elder with a [SSS] legacy belonging to a dragon king discovered the information.” Alex deliberately mentioned the Legacy Rank.

“Because of his legacy, he could freely roam the Dragons Mainland, and in one of his adventurers, he discovered the information after completing a quest.”

The Dragons Mainland teleportation was locked, making it impossible to use it to reach the dragon continent, even for highly influential players.

However, there was some special method to reach the continent, and one such method was to own a dragon’s legacy, making you worthy to walk the lands of Dragons Mainland.

“Before you ask for any more information, please be aware that I can’t give you any sensitive information about the organization.”

Alex said to make them more curious about the unknown and create a mighty image of his fake organization in their minds.

“I just have one question about your organization that you don’t need to answer if you feel the information is too sensitive.” Lady Rosalba asked, giving Alex a captivating smile.

“The Elder who is [SSS] Rank legacy holder, is he the second in command of the organization?” Lady Rosalba asked the simplest question that could give her the most information about this shadowy organization.

‘I will give you the answer you want, and I hope you like it.’ Alex thought.

“The Elder is second in command but not for the whole organization,” Alex replied like the information was not even a big deal.


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