Chapter 47 Monarch Legacy

“Sir Eldrid, can you please explain what you mean by the Elder not being second in command of the whole organization?” Lady Rosalba asked with a startled look.

“I think you already guessed it.”

“The organization is composed of several Chapters, and each Chapter has two Elders.”

“I can’t tell you anything related to the organization chapter name or any Elders name.”

Alex very vaguely answered the question knowing that the ladies would fill the blank information with their wildest theories making his nonexistent organization a shadow colossus.

“Does the organization have a leader, or does the Chapter Masters have the most authoritative position?” Lady Rosalba asked the question with maybe the most significance.

Alex knew that his answer would decide the importance of his fake organization among these top-ranking guilds.

“I am sorry, I can’t answer that as I don’t even know if the organization has a leader or not,” Alex replied, neither denying nor accepting.

Alex knew that if he denied that the organization didn’t have a leader, the frozen flower guild would do its absolute best to get into contact with the Chapter masters that don’t exist.

If he confirmed that the organization had a leader, something might lead to an unexpected situation, still exposing his lie.

Alex knew he needed to create a lie that he could control because people like Guile leader Aster and Hecate were not kids; they knew how to find out if someone was telling a story or stating the truth.

“I appreciate all the information you told me.” Lady Rosalba said with a charming smile, but she had a hint of worry in her eyes that Alex didn’t even notice.

‘He is not lying, or at least everything he told me he believed himself to be true.’ Lady Rosalba thought, making many plans as to how to use the information she had just acquired.

‘It is confirmed that this Shadow Oblivion has a leader, but why did Eldrid hide the truth about him.’

Unbeknown to Alex, he just escaped death as Lady Rosalba was using one of her best legacy skills the whole time he told her about his organization.

Lady Rosalba has the skill the “Eyes of Nature,” She can see many hidden things by using them, including seeing through lies and illusions.

Eyes of Nature didn’t have any major flaw in not detecting that Alex was lying, but the problem was with Alex as he had a true image of his fake organization in his mind making him tell his future vision like it was the absolute truth.

Alex already decided to create a powerful organization after entering the game and already selected the players he would choose and the legacy they would get to become powerful enough to surpass even the strongest players.

Alex was not lying but just telling the truth that would happen in the future, as he had absolute confidence to create the organization in his vision, and with him not telling any name or level, he didn’t lie about anything.

‘Hecate, Everything he said till now is true, so whether that disk has enough value or not, accept the deal.’ Lady Rosalba gave a message to Hecate with the help of the system.


“Now that the questions are over, can I start explaining about the broken disk?” Alex said, seeing no one asking questions about the organization or the dragon clan.

“Please explain why Oberon got the title of [The Calamity of Extinction],” Aster asked.

“Oberon Ruled the Dragon Continent for a long period, but as time went by, his behavior started to change, and after an unknown period, he went mad.”

“Oberon was also one of the wisest dragons to live, so he knew what was causing those changes in his behavior, and it is believed that he left the dragon continent to find a cure to his condition.”

“I don’t know the details, but Oberon just vanished for two decades, and as dragons have a long life span, two decades were not a long time for them, but after their ruler returned to the dragon mainland, he was just a monster.”

“After Oberon returned to the dragon mainland, he was just a mindless monster who was on a mission to slaughter every living creature on the dragon continent.”

“Oberon was already the strongest dragon on the continent, and with him going berserk, there was absolutely nobody to stop him from slaughtering dragons like a butcher.”

“Oberon rampaged through the dragon continent for two months, massacring 40% of the dragon population, and this deed gave him the Forbidden Title.”

“The Calamity of Extinction, a title owned by one of the dragon race’s greatest genius who gave the proud dragons their worst defeat.”

Alex again paused, seeing Lady Aster raising her hand, already knowing what question he would get asked.

“How did the dragons stop Oberon from rampaging when they could not defend their own lives?” Aster asked like an excited kid.

“Four strongest Dragon Elders and hundreds of dragons sacrificed their lives to kill Oberon, but the method they used to kill a rampaging Monarch is unknown.”

Alex’s answer was not what Aster wanted to hear as it was not epic, but the dragons never revealed how Oberon got killed.

Alex and many players believed that the story about the four elders sacrificing their lives was a lie made up by the dragon to save their dignity and Pride.

The Dragons were the ones to reveal everything about Oberon, and it was not because they felt like sharing their secrets, but because they knew if they didn’t, they would be doomed sooner or later.

The information was revealed when the “Devourer Curse” appeared on the dragon continent, the same curse that destroyed many Elven cities.

The “Devourer Curse” eats at the person’s sanity, slowly turning him into a mindless monster hungry for destruction.

The curse on Dragon Mainland was much worse than the elven continent, as the entire dragon continent was filled with high-ranking mindless monsters.

The curse appeared on the dragon mainland three months before Alex got sent back in time, so he had yet to learn if the dragon continent survived or not, as the curse was way stronger than it was on the elven continent.

The Dragon knew that if they wanted to survive, they needed to put their Pride aside and ask for help from other races to defend their homeland.

At such a desperate time, dragons revealed the consequences of the “Devourer Curse,” telling the world if they let it grow, nobody would survive.

Oberon was infected by a powerful version of the “Devourer Curse,” and in his sane life, he created many antidotes that slowed his curse but didn’t completely remove it.

The dragons promised to share all of the Oberon research making all the species agree to join the war against the vicious monsters on the dragon mainland.


“The story ending was not good and probably a lie made by the dragons, but everything else about the Oberon, the “Monarch Of The Night Sky” is correct, and that is the only thing that should matter.”

“Oberon’s story was essential to understand the value of the broken disk, and now that the story is over, I will explain the disk value and purpose.”

“The broken Disk you have is not complete, as the centerpiece is missing, but it will be in possession of my organization very soon.”

“The disk is not a treasure but a key to a tomb, and I believe you could guess whose tomb the key will unlock.”

Alex said with a big smile seeing the ladies’ faces turn from disbelief to shock and then turn to excitement.

“The key belongs to the tomb of Dragon Monarch Oberon,” Hecate said in a weak voice like she couldn’t believe her own words.

The reaction was not an exaggeration as every dragon tomb was filled with treasures that the dragon gathered in his lifetime, and some even have the dragon’s legacy.

Finding a Monarch’s Tomb guaranteed the monarch’s legacy a peak [SSS] legacy, but a dragon monarch tomb was different as other than the legacy, it would be filled with countless treasures of unimaginable value.

Alex waited for the ladies to digest the information before giving them a bigger surprise.

“Guild Master Hecate, Now you have two options to choose from, and you are free to choose any of them or simply reject the deal.”


①- The Organization gives you the final piece to complete the key, and you raid the tomb, but everything inside is divided equally among both parties.


②- The Organization gives you the final piece to complete the key, and you raid the tomb, but this time you could have the Monarch legacy, and the organization will choose one item of our choice and 60% of all treasures. 𝚋𝚎d𝚗ov𝚎𝚕.co𝚖


“These are the two options you could choose from; just to remind you, if you accept any of the two choices, you also need to accept the deal to sell 30% of your guild shares, as you can’t pick and choose in this deal.”


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