Chapter 48 Small Revenge

The ladies were shocked after hearing Alex’s offer, not because the offers were terrible but because both offers were too generous.

The [SSS] Legacy alone was more than enough to convince Hecate to sell 30% of her guild shares, let alone a part of Dragon Monarch’s collection of treasures.

After hearing the offer, Hecate looked at Alex with apparent disbelief as the offer was just too favorable to her even though she needed to sacrifice one-third of her guild in exchange for these benefits.

“Guild Master Hecate, you need some time to consider the offers?” Alex asked, seeing Hecate looking at him with a blank face, not giving any reaction.

The [SSS] Legacies were just too valuable and rare to be given away like Alex’s organization was offering, so the whole deal looked like a big fat lie.

The Ravenglades Guild didn’t even have a player with [SSS] Legacy, and even Frozen Flower guild, the world’s Ninth strongest Ranked Guild, only had two players with such a legacy.

A [SSS] Legacy alone didn’t represent the guild Ranking, but it massively contributes to the guild’s overall strength and fame worldwide.

Because of the [SSS] legacy rarity and the benefits it could give, it was idiotic even to imagine that some outsider guild or organization would ever offer an unallied guild a [SSS] Rank legacy.

“If I chose the second option, My guild could take the Monarch Legacy?” Hecate asked to clear her doubt.

“The organization knew that the offer would sound like a lie to you; that is why the organization promised to give the final part of the key and rights to explore the Monarch Tomb.”

Alex replied to the question in a way that gave the impression that the organization was trusting their guild and giving them complete control over exploring the secrets of the Monarch’s tomb.

“My Guild would accept the second option, but only after the key is completed and the information is proven right,” Hecate said after thinking over the whole deal.

“My organization would acquire the Final part of the key in less than two weeks, and then we could finalize the deal,” Alex replied.

“Now that the deal is finalized, I could tell you the buyer’s name so you could know each other better.”

“The buyer is Alden Gedeon, the Young master of [The Gedeon Family].”

Alex gave them Badger’s real-life identity because if he didn’t, then this whole meeting would be all talk, leaving a very poor image of his organization.

“The Gedeon Family?” Hecate asked with a clear surprise.

“You Don’t Like the Gedeon family?”

“I have no problem with the Gedeon family quite the opposite. I like them very much as they have massive influence and power in the real world.”

“I was just surprised, as there are rumors that Gedeon Family have made big offers to buy large stakes in all top twenty guilds,” Hecate replied.

‘I know that the Gedeon family took over the Doomsday Dragoons Guild and then turned it into a Ranked twelve Guild over the course of four years but other than that, I have no future knowledge about them controlling any high-ranking guild.’

Alex didn’t think about this rumor too deeply, as many rumors were floating around in these chaotic times, and most were lies.

“The Gedeon family is big, and there is a lot of competition between their young generation to prove their worthiness to become the next heir to the position of patriarch.”

“Alden Gedeon is making this deal alone, and the family is probably not involved, but I am not informed about that, so I suggest you meet with Alden so both parties can know each other better.”

Alex said knowing that Hecate would want to meet with Alden to confirm the information, and when they meet, she would also ask about how he acquired the Three [SS] Rank legacies.

The meeting would only benefit Alex’s plan and make his fake organization become more realistic in the eyes of Badger, Hecate and Frozen Flower guild removing any big doubt they have.

“The organization will inform Alden about the details of this meeting, and you will get informed when the organization acquires the key’s final piece,” Alex said to clarify his intention that he would not accept any of their friend requests.

“Alden’s game name is “Badger” you could send him a friend request or just wait for some hours, and he will do it himself.”

Alex talked with Hecate about some minor details, and then after wishing her good luck in her future adventure, Alex got ready to leave the room.


“Ladies, before I leave you alone, I have one final gift from my organization to Frozen Flower Guild,” Alex said as he stood from his sofa to leave the room.

“I give my thanks in advance for the gift.” guild master Aster said.

“There is a rat in your guild, but if you smartly deal with it, you could gain easy benefits.” Alex’s words were shocking, but the lady Rosalba and Aster didn’t react angrily but with angelic smiles.

“We Know we have a traitor in our guild, but we don’t know the identity of the traitor,” Aster replied.

“Sir Eldrid, Does your gift include the name of this Rat.” Lady Rosalba asked.

“It won’t be a proper gift without the Traitors Name.” Alex’s reply put a beautiful smile on Lady Rosalba’s face increasing her beauty even more.

‘This information would probably cause Hydra guild to lose the war, changing the future I know about, but who cares?.

‘The future may change, but major big events wouldn’t change, and I would have more than enough time to get my legacy and gather strong people by my side to challenge the unknown.’

“Your Guild Second Raid Party leader “Aella” She works for Hydra Guild, and I think beautiful and intelligent ladies like yourself know better than me how to handle the situation.”

After hearing the name, both ladies were genuinely shocked, like they had just heard the least unexpected name.

“Sir Eldrid, is your organization sure that Aella is the traitor?” Aster asked in a cold tone, struggling to control her boiling anger.

Alex knew why she was so angry, and Aster may think she was doing a good job controlling her anger, but she had unknowingly crushed the wooden armrest of the sofa. 𝚋e𝚍n𝚘ve𝚕.𝚘𝚛𝚐

“Aster, you need to learn to control your emotions.” Lady Rosalba said as a light green aura covered Aster, visibly calming her down.

“Sir Eldrid, Dose you have solid proof that Aella is a traitor?” Aster asked, not showing a shred of her previous anger, but Alex knew that if she didn’t like his answer, this act of trying showoff could backfire really hard.

“Aella Has a bracelet that has the appearance of a coiling twin-headed snake that she always has on her wrist.”

“You could find a video of a Raid by Hydra Guild from one and a half years ago, and in the live stream, there is a woman with the twin-headed snake bracelet, the exact same one that Aella has on her wrist.”

“That is the proof you have that gives you the confidence to say Aella is a traitor,” Aster said in a disappointed tone.

“This should never be concrete proof, but for that to happen, that young lady in the live stream needs to exist, and one and a half years ago was her last appearance.”

“She vanished like a ghost, and coincidently that was the time Aella joined your guild and rose through the ranks to achieve her current position.”

“I could give many proofs that Aella is a traitor and work for Hydra Guild, but I will leave it upon you to find the truth and see for yourself if Aella is a traitor or not.”

Alex was bluffing about having many proofs other than his future knowledge; the bracelet was the only solid proof he knew about that got discovered after more than a year of her betrayal.

The discoverer was anonymous, so many players speculated that it was done intentionally by Hydra Guild to remind the frozen flower guild of their defeat.

“Frozen Flower is in debt to Shadow Oblivion organization for giving us such valuable gifts. If one day the organization needs anything from our guild, you just need to ask.” Lady Rosalba said.

“It was a pleasure doing business with you ladies.”

After exchanging some pleasantries with the three ladies, Alex left the room.


‘This meeting was exhausting.’

‘I don’t want to do another meeting like this for some time.’ Alex thought, standing outside the hotel room.

Alex didn’t show it while talking to ladies, but he was very nervous the whole meeting talking to such big shots that he had never even dreamt of meeting in his previous life.

After finding a dark corner of the floor with no eyes watching, Alex covered his head with his dark cloak and removed the Daunting Reality Mask returning back to his original appearance.

‘The Daunting Reality Mask is perfect as it is. I wonder how good it would get if I could find its second half.’ Alex thought, walking toward the magic elevator.


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