Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 685 - 685 I Can't Accept This!

685 I Can’t Accept This!

The cosmos was silent. The ten Divine Kings’ mouths fell open, and their eyes were filled with shock.

Even the fanatical Divine King Morrow seemed to have calmed down a little. Those were two Divine Kings, Divine Kings who had comprehended the Principle, and they were crushed before they could even deploy their combat bodies.

However, they knew very well that even if the two Divine Kings had used their combat bodies, the outcome would not change at all. This was because even Lin Feng was “implicated”, and Lin Feng’s combat body was crushed alongside theirs.


Lin Feng gradually condensed his combat body again, and the aura on his body did not weaken at all. However, while he could recover, the other two Divine Kings could not.

The two Divine Kings had fallen!

Abnormal phenomena appeared in the cosmos, and the Principles wailed. At this moment, Lin Feng’s mental imprint was the only one left on the Principle of Destruction. The other two mental imprints also dissipated instantly.

As the Principles wailed, Lin Feng’s heart turned cold.

If these two Divine Kings had not come, they would not have been implicated. Unfortunately, their curiosity had doomed them. Or rather, they had assumed that having become Divine Kings, even the Divine King of Destruction could not do anything to them for the time being. How could they be in danger?

However, the battlefield outside Planet Morrow was clearly the most terrifying battlefield in the cosmic region now. Even Divine Kings could fall easily.

In a short period of time, three Divine Kings had already fallen on this battlefield. Abnormal phenomena arose in the cosmos, and the wails of Principles still seemed to echo. The entire cosmos was filled with an aura of lethality.

“Divine Heart!”

Lin Feng’s gaze was cold, but his killing intent could not help but leak out. What did these two Divine Kings have to do with Divine Heart? They were killed by Divine Heart just for being accidentally involved in the battlefield out of curiosity.

Lin Feng had also killed many, and even the Divine King of Destruction had died at his hands. However, he would never kill for no reason.

A figure gradually appeared in the cosmos. He had not even manifested his combat body, and was only of an ordinary size. Even his face was ordinary. The only highlight might be his eyes, which were as boundless as the cosmos. One could not help but be drawn in by them.

“Lin Feng, you’ve been pursuing my esteemed self all this time. You’re really persistent.”

“Esteemed self? Divine Heart, don’t tell me you actually see yourself as the Divine Emperor of Silence.”

Lin Feng’s gaze turned cold. He could tell that Divine Heart had already recovered, but he was definitely not a Divine Emperor. How could Divine Heart recover to the level of a Divine Emperor with only the Divine Emperor’s heart?

“Heh, am I not the Divine Emperor of Silence? Why don’t you ask them?”

Divine Heart looked at the Divine King Morrow and the others. These ten Divine Kings were all looking at Divine Heart now. With their insight, they could naturally tell at a glance that Divine Heart had far exceeded the level of a Divine King.

Divine King Morrow, in particular, had a look of elation as he said with a smile, “I had seen the Divine Emperor of Silence back then. Even his aura has no difference at all. How can this not be the Divine Emperor of Silence? Divine Emperor, please kill Lin Feng!”

Divine King Morrow might be the person who wanted Lin Feng dead the most now. He had held Lin Feng back previously, and later took the lead in asking the nine Divine Kings to attack Lin Feng together.

If Lin Feng did not die this time and really became a Divine Emperor in the future, his life would be difficult. Could Divine Emperor of Silence protect him for the rest of his life?

Hence, Divine King Morrow hoped that Divine Emperor of Silence could kill Lin Feng, and prevent future troubles once and for all.

“That’s right. Your Majesty, please kill Lin Feng!”

The other nine Divine Kings chimed in one after another. They had suffered heavy losses this time. Their combat bodies had collapsed, and their Principles had been shattered. There was no knowing how long it would take for them to recover.

Divine Heart had a smile on his face the entire time. When he saw the Divine King Morrow, the smile on his face seemed to widen.

“That’s right, Divine King Morrow. You’ve done a good job this time by holding off Lin Feng for so long. You’ve all done a good job. The promise I made back then shall be in effect.”

Divine Heart’s gaze swept across the ten Divine Kings one by one. Right now, the combat bodies of the ten Divine Kings were severely injured, and they had almost all lost their combat ability. Even an ordinary Divine King might be able to kill all ten of them.

Hence, now was the time when the ten Divine Kings were at their weakest.

“Thank you, Divine Emperor!”

“There’s no need to thank me. You will soon experience the power of becoming a Divine Venerable, because you are about to fuse with me!”


Almost without warning, Divine Heart opened his mouth and sucked the ten Divine Kings towards him like a terrifying behemoth.


“Divine Emperor…”

“Divine Emperor of Silence, you…”

The ten Divine Kings were very shocked. They never expected the Divine Emperor of Silence to attack them. Moreover, they did not even have the slightest ability to defend themselves now. The matter had happened so suddenly that they could not resist at all.


As Divine Heart opened its mouth and devoured, the ten Divine Kings were swallowed by him at once. Divine King Morrow was the last to be devoured. His eyes were filled with indignation.

“Divine Emperor of Silence, I can’t accept this…”

However, no matter how unwilling Divine King Morrow was, it was useless. He was devoured by Divine Heart, and quickly converted to energy to repair Divine Heart’s injuries.

“Oh… How delicious. To be honest, devouring delicacies is so enjoyable, I almost want to become a fiend. By the way, why didn’t you stop me?”

Divine Heart glanced at Lin Feng with some surprise. Just now, when he was devouring the ten Divine Kings, Lin Feng actually did not stop him? This was a little beyond his expectations. From his understanding of Lin Feng, Lin Feng was someone who adhered to principles, but was not pedantic.

He could recover from his injuries and increase his strength by devouring the ten Divine Kings. Why would Lin Feng not stop him?

Lin Feng’s expression was calm as he said indifferently, “They surrounded and tried to kill me just now. They deserved to die. I’m not an actual saint who wants to save others even if they tried to kill me. Moreover, you were too fast. I couldn’t save them even if I wanted to.”

Just like the two Divine Kings who had comprehended the Principle of Destruction just now, Lin Feng had genuinely wanted to save them, but he could not, because even his combat body had been crushed by Divine Heart.

“Moreover, the fact that you devoured them proves that your injuries have yet to recover completely, right?”

“Haha, so what if I haven’t completely recovered? I already have the strength of a Divine Venerable. The integration of your three Principles is indeed powerful, but your main focus is the Principle of Space. You have the Great of Space, while I’ve inherited the memories of the Divine Emperor, and even his comprehension of the Principle. I have the Principle of Space as well.”

Divine Heart threw its head back and laughed aloud. At the same time, the cosmos was shaking violently. Lin Feng could clearly sense that in the Principle of Space he had comprehended, there was originally only one mental imprint, and it was his own mental imprint.

But now, a new yet familiar mental imprint appeared in the Principle of Space. How could it not be the mental imprint of Divine Heart?

It was the imprint of Divine Heart, not the imprint of the Divine Emperor of Silence. The Divine Emperor of Silence had long fallen, so his mental imprint had naturally dissipated. Divine Heart had inherited the memories of the Divine Emperor of Silence, and even his comprehension of the Principle.

This situation was extremely unique. There were those who inherited memories, but inheriting comprehension of the Principle was very rare.

In a sense, Divine Heart was the Divine Emperor of Silence, but the Divine Emperor of Silence was not Divine Heart.

Hence, Divine Heart could be said to have comprehended the Principle of Space now.

“Lin Feng, what do you say?”

Divine Heart mastered the Principle of Space. The Principle was rumbling. It was as if he was stepping on a Principle of Space, like a true deity, and his aura was even stronger than Lin Feng’s.

In particular, Divine Heart had the strength of a Divine Venerable now, and Lin Feng was far inferior.

“Without the advantage of the Principle of Space, Lin Feng, how can a mere Grand Emperor like you contend against my esteemed self?”

Divine Heart was high and mighty, as if he was looking down on Lin Feng and everything. Standing at the top of the universe, he already had a hint of the majesty of the Divine Emperor of Silence from back then.

It had to be said that Divine Heart had inherited the memories of the Divine Emperor of Silence. It was really the most difficult opponent Lin Feng had ever encountered. Not only was he powerful, his schemes also made one despair.

Divine Heart’s calculations were flawless. From the beginning, Lin Feng had been countered at every turn, and was restrained by Divine Heart. The Divine King of Lightshower impeded Lin Feng, an Divine King Morrow gave his all to hold Lin Feng back. In the end, even the nine great Divine Kings were involved.

Even though Lin Feng had broken through at the last minute and crushed the ten Divine Kings, he still could not stop Divine Heart from recovering from his injuries and obtaining the strength of a Divine Venerable.

From the beginning, it seemed like Lin Feng had been schemed against Divine Heart, and his every step had been carefully planned for by Divine Heart.

“Divine Heart, you’ve calculated everything thoroughly and carefully planned every step. However, you’ve missed something. Do you know why I didn’t stop you from devouring the ten Divine Kings?”


Divine Heart was slightly stunned. Wasn’t this the question he had asked Lin Feng just now? but now, Lin Feng was asking him this question instead, and there was clearly a deeper meaning behind it.

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