Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 686 - 686 You Know Nothing About Life!

686 You Know Nothing About Life!

“Do you know why I could kill a Divine King as a Grand Emperor?” Lin Feng did not explain and went on to ask, as if he was speaking to himself.

Divine Heart’s frown deepened. He knew that Lin Feng’s strength back then was far inferior to now. Lin Feng could kill a Divine King above his level only because he had comprehended the Law of Life.

However, the Law of Life could only guarantee that Lin Feng would not die. Could it allow him to kill a Divine King?

Divine Heart had never thought about this question with care, but now that Lin Feng asked it, he felt that something was amiss. That’s right. How did Lin Feng manage to slay a Divine King back then?

“It’s because the North River Divine King was a fiend!”

Lin Feng’s voice suddenly became louder as he approached Divine Heart step by step.

“He’s a fiend!”

Lin Feng’s voice was drifting, and his speed increased exponentially, as if he was not afraid of Divine Heart at all.

“Fiend? So what if he’s a fiend? Besides, I’m no fiend!”

Seeing Lin Feng approach step by step, Divine Heart sneered. Lin Feng was playing tricks. Even if Lin Feng would not die, he was confident that he could suppress Lin Feng.

With his power as a Divine Venerable, suppressing Lin Feng was a piece of cake. How could Lin Feng possibly turn the tables?

Divine Heart’s strategy was flawless. He had calculated every step. He naturally knew Lin Feng’s advantages and weaknesses. Immortality might be very daunting to others.

However, when Divine Heart’s power was far stronger than Lin Feng’s, immortality did not matter that much. He had many ways to deal with Lin Feng.

“You may not be a fiend, but you have the heart of one!”

“Hmph, you’re deliberately mystifying things. Die!”

Divine Heart sneered. So what if he was a fiend? So what if he had the heart of a fiend? As long as he could recover from his injuries and reach the top again, he had nothing to fear even if he devoured the entire universe.

Divine Heart extended its huge palm and smacked Lin Feng forcefully. However, Lin Feng did not even look at Divine Heart. He did not even use the Principle of Space.

This was because there was no need. Just as Divine Heart had said, he had calculated every step and all of Lin Feng’s methods.

Even if Lin Feng used the Principle of Space, Divine Heart would also use the Principle of Space to interfere with Lin Feng. In the end, the outcome would not change at all, and Lin Feng’s combat body would be smashed into a bloody mist.

In terms of strength, Lin Feng was far inferior to Divine Heart, who was already comparable to a Divine Venerable.

The entire cosmos was covered by the huge palm of Divine Heart. It blotted out everything. The palm of Divine Heart seemed as if it could conceal everything.

This was what a Divine Venerable was like. Their strength was unparalleled. After losing the advantage of the Principle of Space, what was left for Lin Feng to contend with Divine Heart?

Nothing. It was not just Divine Heart. Any Divine King, Divine Venerable, or even Divine Emperor would not be able to think of any way for Lin Feng to counter Divine Heart at this moment.

The difference in strength was just too great.

Lin Feng stopped. He looked at the cosmos above his head. An overwhelming palm pressed down, as if it could blot out the sky. Even he felt as if he was about to suffocate.

This was an instinctive reaction. In terms of the combat body, he was far inferior to Divine Heart. In terms of the Principles, even if he had three Principles combined, the most crucial one was still the Principle of Space, but Divine Heart also had the Principle of Space. In fact, his comprehension of the Principle of Space was even deeper than Lin Feng’s, having inherited the memories of the Divine Emperor of Silence and his comprehension of the Principle.

Everything about Lin Feng was accounted for by Divine Heart.

Unfortunately, even Divine Kings, Divine Venerables, and Divine Emperors would not know how Lin Feng could resist Divine Heart. However, Lin Feng knew very well. He knew because of his understanding.

His understanding of the Law of Life!

Fear often stemmed from the unknown. Even Divine Emperors could not master and predict the unknown, let alone Divine Heart.

“Do you know why I didn’t stop you from devouring the ten great Divine Kings?

“It’s not just that these ten people deserved to die in the first place. More importantly, they would be your only weakness! Divine Heart, your calculations are flawless. But do you know the value of life? Do you know the profound meaning of life? Do you know the miracle of the Law of Life?

“You know nothing about life. Hence, you are destined to fail!”

Lin Feng’s words rang out like judgment.

Then, he aimed at the terrifying palm that blotted out the sky above Divine Heart and tapped gently.

“You are free!”


As Lin Feng’s voice fell, a great, vast, and mysterious power instantly enveloped the entire cosmos. The originally dead cosmos seemed to have become filled with vitality all of a sudden.

“This… This is…?”

The smile on Divine Heart’s face froze all of a sudden. There seemed to be a trace of fear in his expression. That’s right, fear. Under the intervention of this mysterious power, he actually felt fear.

The Law of Life. This was the Law of Life!

In the past, Divine Heart had assumed that he understood the Law of Life so well, because the Law of Life gave Lin Feng an immortal body, a true immortal body!

This was Lin Feng’s advantage, and this advantage was too great. An immortal body. He had always thought highly of Lin Feng’s immortal body, and was even very envious.

Unfortunately, even in the memories of Divine Emperor of Silence, there was no memory of the Law of Life, let alone comprehension of the Law of Life.

However, it was precisely because the advantage of the immortal body was too great that Divine Heart ignored the other advantages of the Law of Life.

The immortal body was not the greatest characteristic of the Law of Life at all.


As Lin Feng pointed, the originally silent cosmos seemed to be filled with a gale all of a sudden. There were faint cheers, roars, and deep voices.

Under the fearful gaze of Divine Heart, the huge palm that could hold up the sky also dissipated bit by bit. As if snowballing, it grew larger and larger, and finally collapsed completely.

This collapse was not just akin to being broken apart, but more like the loss of life force. The cells in his palm collapsed and were annihilated, and it spread to his combat body.

“Do you understand why I could kill the North River Divine King as a Grand Emperor now? It’s because he’s a fiend—a fiend!

“He devoured countless lives, and the Law of Life can awaken those lifeforms devoured by the North River Divine King. Therefore, I am the nemesis of fiends! You devoured the ten great Divine Kings and thought that your plan was flawless, and that you could recover from your injuries faster. Little did you know that this was your path to death. You will never understand why life is great.”

Lin Feng slowly walked towards Divine Heart step by step.

The insufferably arrogant Divine Heart just now retreated continuously, a trace of fear appearing on his face.

“No, no, impossible… Silence Combat Body!”

Divine Heart roared furiously. Then, he used his combat body.

Divine Heart was already a genuine Divine Venerable now. How strong was a Divine Venerable?

Divine Venerable was just a term for combat power. Like the Divine King, both had undergone nine life transitions. Although the essence of life was the same, the difference in strength was worlds apart.

There was a common saying in the universe that the combat body of a Divine Venerable could reach the size of a thousand galaxies.

How large was a galaxy?

Ordinary galaxies were tens of thousands of light-years in diameter, and slightly larger galaxies were 100,000 light-years in size. A thousand galaxies would be 100 million light-years in size!

In other words, a Divine Venerable’s combat body had to reach at least 100 million light-years before they could be considered a Divine Venerable.

Above the Divine King realm, combat bodies were measured in light-years. Even a combat body of 100,000 or a million light-years was already incredible. The Divine King of Destruction had a combat body of millions of light-years, and was already known as a near Divine Venerable.

The combat body of a true Divine Venerable was at least 100 million light-years! Hence, the so-called near Divine Venerable, the Divine King of Destruction, was still far from a true Divine Venerable.

Through slow accumulations, the probability of the Divine King of Destruction becoming a Divine Venerable was not higher than that of ordinary cultivators.

“I am Divine Heart. I was born with the unfulfilled wish of the Divine Emperor of Silence. I will go on to become a peak Divine Emperor, sweep through the world, stand at the peak of the universe as a Universal Supremacy, and dominate an era!

“My calculations were flawless. I have the greatest strength and am now comparable to a Divine Venerable. I can kill a Divine King with a breath. What can a mere Grand Emperor like you do to stop me?”

Divine Heart seemed to have gone mad, and his combat body expanded wildly, unrestrained and reckless. He cared for nothing at all. He would not hesitate to even shatter the entire Pelagios Domain.

However, Lin Feng shook his head and said, “Struggling is futile!”

Then, he pointed out with a finger. Without even manifesting his combat body, he calmly tapped on Divine Heart’s combat body.

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