Supremacy Games

Chapter 10 - Grandfather Arrival

Chapter 10: Grandfather Arrival

After hanging up the phone, Felix ordered room service to bring him his dinner.

He lay on the bed with one leg above the other while contemplating, 'Now Grandpa is coming tomorrow. How am I going to hold him on the island for over 10 days until the transmission passes?'

"Asna you are the expert when it comes to being sealed. Care to share some ideas on how to seal my grandfather on the Island?" He suddenly asked Asna.

The only reply he received was Asna holding her middle finger in the air, while cursing, "F*ck you, and don't bring me into your family problems."

Felix sighed helplessly as he knew for a fact, that his grandfather could not stay away from his retired drinking buddies. So he would leave in a heartbeat the moment he checks on Felix's well being.

This left Felix with three options, and none of them were good.

Firstly, he could lock him up in the suite forcefully. But that wouldn't work since the servants would listen to his grandfather's orders than Felix's.

Secondly, Felix could put him in a coma. But, the island trashy hospital wasn't able to handle two patients in a coma at the same time. After all, Kled was already there. Not to mention, he wouldn't be able to explain himself when his grandfather wakes up.

The last option and also the most feasible was for Felix to be the bad guy and use his grandfather's unconditional love against him.

'I will pretend that I have depression due to loneliness on the Island, and I need a family company or I will harm myself. If Grandpa saw this he will stay until he makes sure I am well.'

'Sigh, it's quite a screwed up plan, but to save him from dying anything is worth it.'


10 minutes later...

Felix ate his dinner and changed into his pajamas. He then covered himself with a blanket and entered deep sleep.

Sadly it was short-lived, as Asna kept her word and sung with a loud voice like before, "YAYA, DING DONG, DING DONG!! MY LOVE FOR YOU IS GROWING WIDE AND LONG."

Felix woke up with a roar, "ENOUGH! You witch I have a big day tomorrow! I need to be in my best shape, or my grandpa will assume I am taking drugs again."

"Why would I care? You kept insulting me and teasing me today. You reap what you sow." She said, humphing.

Felix sighed helplessly and apologized, "Alright I am sorry, can I sleep in peace now please?"

"Since you are sincere, go ahead I won't bother you anymore."

Felix relaxed after hearing that and closed his eyes again.


Morning 10:30 AM 9 days before The Great Chaos.

Felix turned the TV on and entered the Netflix menu.

Afterward, He clicked on every movie he saw about an alien invasion, from the classics like Independence Day to new ones that came out in 2024.

His plan was to watch an alien invasion movie each day until the transmission arrives. So his grandfather subconscious would register that the alien invasion was no big deal.

This would slightly lower the emotional instability that would force his blood pressure to rise and gives him a sudden severe heart attack.

He didn't know if it was going to work or not, but it was worth the try.

After creating a movie playlist full of them, he turned off the TV and opened his phone to scroll the internet, and see the current news. He had absolutely no idea what was happening in the outside world.

Look and behold.

The crisis in the Middle East had reached a new peak during 2024, as the war between Saudi Arabia and Iran had already reached the point of using armed troops.

The war had truly blown between the two.

Worldwide citizens followed each update about the current situation of the war, due to their fear of nuclear war erupting between the two.

Since Iran had them and America that was supporting Saudi would not hesitate to use them as well in retaliation.

"Your war will turn to an absolute joke nine days later during the Alexander Kingdom arrival. So enjoy it while it last, as a new battleground for the entire planet to fight is about to arrive."

He then switched to the entertainment section that was booming and chuckled in amusement after remembering that the entertainment platform was going to get completely uprooted.

Hollywood, Bollywood, Animation, and game studios, everything had to shut down when the Universal Virtual Reality (UVR) arrived.

Since everything that one wished for or desired was there with 100% realism.

Not to mention the greatest Fighting platform that was supported by multiple races, The Supremacy Games.

Who would want to watch a movie, when you can live it?

Who would want to play a role-playing game, when you could be your own self inside a boundless magical world?

Finally, who would want to watch sports or martial arts competitions which were filled with rules and limitations for the safety of the players, when The Supremacy Games gave jack shit about them? No one would give a crap if you died in the games, as it was part of the rules.

He quickly got bored from what he was seeing and turned his phone off. Then, he changed into a sports outfit and left the suite, heading to the gym.


2 hours later...

Felix stood in front of the mirror composedly, fixing the business suit that he wore to welcome his grandfather.

After all, regardless if the hotel was a lost cause in the eyes of the public, Felix still had to show that he was taking this project revival seriously when he meets his grandfather. Otherwise, he would never hear the end of it.

After admiring his handsomeness for a while, he left the suite and ordered Jack, "Drive me to the airport; my grandfather is landing there soon."

"The legendary Robert Maxwell is arriving on the Island; this visit must be accompanied by a banquet," Jack said with admiration while hastily chasing after him.

After getting out of the elevator Jack suddenly asked, "May I have your permission to make the servants prepare one for the evening?"

"Do as you wish. Just keep in mind not to add alcohol, you know my grandfather's condition."

"You have nothing to worry about young master! As I will supervise the banquet personally."

"Alright hop in and drive, it won't be long before he lands."


After driving for half an hour, they reached an old Airport that was covered in rust and growing moss, making it appear like an abandoned building that was about to collapse on itself.

If not for the security guard, who seemed more like a homeless person sitting next to the entrance, the entire view would have looked even more desolate and grim.

A couple of minutes later...

Felix and Jack were squatting next to the guard with a can of beer in their hands. They chatted and played cards to spend time before the arrival of his grandfather.


At 02:15 PM

The deafening noise of a private jet landing resounded in the entire airport.

The guard, Jack, and Felix approached the jet while wearing a noise-canceling headset. As they arrived near it, the door of the jet slowly opened, followed by stairs coming down until they touched the ground.

In front of the door an old man wearing a black suit, white shirt, and blue tie stood sternly with his hands behind his back.

His bald head shone each time the sunlight passed near him. His eyes were solemn, showing that he came here for serious business.

Too bad that image was ruined after they saw a long thick belt that was coiled around his hand like a boxing glove.

Felix who just about to rush with joy and hug his old man stopped immediately after noticing the exact belt that was used to discipline him in his childhood.

So, he stepped back with a cold sweat covering his forehead, not daring to move forward anymore.

Memories of his days living at his grandfather's mansion, after his parents' death, flooded his head with images he could never erase.

He could already hear in his mind his grandfather's voice, 'How dare you steal your cousin Olivia underwear when she was taking a shower?! You bastard forced her to walk around wearing nothing underneath. Her parents came to complain to me that she cried the entire day!'

Then His voice weeping and wailing from the pain of his ass being whipped by the belt, 'I am sorry, please stop; I will never do it again, awaaaa'.

He was 12 years old at that point.

Felix ejected those memories back in the deepest part of his mind and sealed them again. He truly felt that his young self was a bastard that needed a beating.

"You are still a bastard though." Asna murmured under her breath. 

Felix ignored her and walked towards his grandfather with a stiff smile. "Grandpa, I missed you to death, welcome to Sky Pearl Island, the most beautiful Island in the world."

Unfortunately, his claim would have sounded more believable if it was not for the dirty airport behind his back, making loud rusty metal noises from the wind.

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